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Ha ha. I deserved that.

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Edit title. please

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In an earlier Discussion post, I complained about MS changing my preference settings with each update. Since, I have found many more changes. One was, I had gone to CMD Properties and set CMD to always open with elevated privileges. You guesses it. It was switched back.

With the 1909 Cumulative Update we lost our ability to search within folders. After trying eleven 'fixes' touted on the Internet, I had to uninstall these latest updates to get my search option back. I do wish MS would spend more time correcting errors such as this rather than on inventing witty and meaningless terminology.

Case in point:

I use to spend a lot of time developing my Speech Recognition dictionary. In the past two years, I haven't devoted any time to it. Today, I decided to pick it up again. I was greeted with this heading:

Configure your Speech Recognition experience

In essence, Configure an experience.

Is there any one of you who can tell me just how you can configure an experience?

Me thinks I will need hip boots for future 'new' terminologies.

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I think MS is getting a bit shifty in how it coerces you to have an MS account.

It's finding more and more ways to get you on the inside. One example of many...Diagnostics collected about your device and how you use it.

By default,this diagnostics collecting is turned on. When you discover this, information has already been collected about you.

You opt to turn off this collecting. MS tells you that you can view the collected data by turning on the Diagnostics Data Viewer. When you click on this option, you are told you will need a new app to open this ms-windows-store link. (and of course, you will need an MS account to get that link).

Surely, having an MS account is not such a bad thing, but the methods MS uses to get your membership, in my opinion, is.

I was not required to have an MS account in order for MS to collect this data. Why should I be required to have an account to see that collected data?

This tactic reminds me of the MyLife scheme where it collects data on you and assigns you a reputation score. Then, you are asked to pay to have that low score changed to a higher score.

I will have little faith in MS as long as it relies on the assumed ignorance (and in many cases, complacency) of its customers to achieve many of its goals.

"Optional diagnostic data also includes information about the websites you ...

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What with limited formal education and an IQ score only moderately above average, I have no trouble discerning the manipulative tactics of Microsoft. Their kindergarten psychology used to keep you attached to, and dependent upon, their proprietary products is less than amusing. This tit for tat, childish approach Of MS at keeping you 100% 'in the fold' is becoming quite tiresome, to say the least.

My issue today is file type association. As far back as XP (and possibly before) file type associations were set in the Control Panel. Once set with your preferences, they had a tendency to stay at those desired settings.

Windows 10 uses Settings instead of Control Panel as a place to make changes to file type associations. While I see no benefit in this change, I have no problems with it. I don't care where I designate my preferences as long as I'm able to make them and keep them.

In the good old days, when I set my file type associations, they stayed the way I set them. Update after update, they stayed the way I set them.

Now, with Windows 10, things are different. Every time MS has the occasion to tinker with my machine, updates and such, I find I need to reset associations all over again.

MS, do know this. I chose VLC and MPC-HC as my media player for most formats simply because WMP would not play them, or at least not  without third party codecs.

I chose (free) VLC ...

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I don't understand. This method worked for me and helped 115 members of the Microsoft Community. I found it here


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Thanks all

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I downloaded an app that was supposed to revert the file management to Window 7 version. It did not work. Nothing changed.

I searched the Internet. This is what I found. It works: When selecting 'Name' in the 'Sort By' options, hold down the Shift key while selecting 'Name'. It works beautifully and instantly.

Too bad MS didn't see the benefit of putting this shift/name option in the View options. Or maybe they just didn't have room after filling the menu banner with all sorts of junk.

rproffitt commented: Thank you. Will have to read up more about this feature. What else is there? +0

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This is strange. I don't have the 'None' option in either category. I did earlier. I know because I used it as an option.

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I tried sorting by name. That doesn't work, at least not for me.


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I was mistaken. Quick Access within File Explorer can be disabled, but not File Explorer, itself. To those sharing my problem, Explorer ++ is not an option. It mixes the sub folders with the single files throughout the folder.

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Thanks. This is good to know. I would have done the research, myself. I was not aware there were third party solutions.

My understanding is that File Explorer can be disabled. I wonder just what that would leave.

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Unless I've missed one, I have selected every combination of Sort By and Group By for displaying files and sub folders in a given folder. I cannot seem to get the default display as was in previous versions of Windows

That default display was: All sub folders first, in numerical, then alphabetical order. Then, all single files displayed in numerical, then alphabetical order.

I am losing a lot of time with the display as it is now. Does anyone know the correct settings to achieve this particular display?


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"There are so many other reasons to not trust Microsoft".

Thank you

I focused on what I did because it was of interest to me. I hoped to open a dialogue pertaining to matters with which I have issues.

Cortana is only one problem. As my post title indicates, I am concerned that my privacy settings are changed with each new update and that my app settings are changed as well.

I was in hopes of hearing from others as to whether they had this problem, how they felt about it and what, if anything, they did about it.

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I'm sure the forum experts can give some very good feedback in response to this question. Due to the fact I'm beginning to feel somewhat paranoid over my privacy concerns, I'd like to hear from others as well. I need some assurance that I haven't gone off the deep end.

I've noticed in the past, and yet again today, that many of the privacy settings for Win 10 that I had turned off are on again. This happens with every new update. My question: Does that mean Microsoft is not to be trusted? (I don't expect many to stick their neck out on this one. That's OK).

And after all I did to remove Cortana, it's back. I will never want this app and one 'No' should be enough.

There are some wonderful third party apps out there that will, free of cost, help you undo much of the bovine excrement Microsoft loads to your computer. I'm so hoping someone is in the process of writing software that with one click will reset all your settings, particularly privacy settings, back to the way you had them.

...Or maybe someone knows of a way to save all settings and execute them after each update? I'm no programmer and may be asking for the impossible. I can dream, can't I?

And while I'm ranting.... I have chosen which apps I want to open all my files. After each update, I am asked which one I want to open them. I have to ...

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I got an email notification that there had been another reply to this thread. The reply was from matthewaker1. I don't find that reply anywhere in this thread.

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Perhaps I should familiarize myself with Daniweb's policy on retracting posts, if indeed there is such a policy.

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HP 8200 Elite SSF
Windows 10 pro 1909

I suddenly developed boot issues. The monitor stayed black but the power supply fan would run. After about a full minute, the fan would rev up to full speed and continue until I forced a shutdown.

I may have solved this problem on my own. I will post one way or the other when I know for sure. Til then, I need some help in understanding how bad RAM affects the performance of good RAM.

I searched the Internet looking for a solution to the boot issue. Most sites were in agreement that with my particular set of symptoms, more than likely, bad RAM was the cause of the problem. They suggested testing RAM before any other troubleshooting.

I have four sticks of RAM. I removed the first. There was no change in the boot issue. Leaving the first out, I removed the second stick. There was no change in the boot issue. Leaving the first and second stick out, I removed the third stick.

With only the fourth stick of RAM in place, the computer did boot normally and ran OK (although I did not test for performance or speed). I concluded the third stick was bad. While leaving it out, I replaced sticks one and two. Again, I got a normal boot.

There seems to be no doubt that the third stick is the problem. Later today, I will return the third stick to its slot. If I then get ...

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Yes, EVERYTHING is good. I have used it.

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I have a free software named Quick Search. It is much better than the built in search app. It is much faster, particularly when searching over several drives at one time. It finds files Windows can't find. And it shows you a preview of the file. I will be using Quick Search more often, I suppose.

I bought my first computer when Vista came out. I thought Windows Media Player was the best thing I had ever seen. I couldn't understand why so many people on the Internet were complaining about it.

I was nieve. I soon learned why they were complaining. For starters, WMP would play only the few file types MS wanted you to play. I couldn't even import flac or png. Then I learned I had to download codecs as a workaround. And the list goes on. I found most free media players would play most any type file you threw at it.

To this day, Notepad doesnt have Spellcheck. The better and free Notepads do have it. Every third party app I have is free and everyone of them is better than its MS counterpart.

If I start a file search from the folder within which the file resides, it should be much faster than calling up and using a third party app. With Windows, I find that isn't true much of the time.


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I don't like the way my Win10 file search results are displayed and I can't find out how to change the settings. I've made changes to the 'Sort by' and 'Group by' options but can't seem to get the results I want.

An example: I type a search word in the Search bar on any given Windows 10 page and the results are shown. I may have 50 files in the A-H group, 50 in the I-P group, and 50 in the Q-Z group.

Only 10 (more or less) files in the A-H group are displayed with an option to 'Show all 50'. It's the same with groups I-P and Q-Z.

I had rather have all 150 files shown in one continuous A-Z grouping as this would make the particular file I'm looking for much easier to find. How do I go about changing the Sort by and/or Group by options settings to get the search results to display asI have described?

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I appreciate all the replies though I guess I'll never know for sure. And keep in mind, this has happened several times before and on different machines which would probably rule out virus, damaged drivers, etc.

After I do a reinstall and after I cut and paste all my personal files from Windows.old to the new installation, Windows.old is 'empty'. There is nothing to be seen in the folder.

Yet, when I attempt to delete this 'empty' folder is when I see hundreds of files being deleted. If it were a matter of permissions, I doubt I would have been able to cut files from the folder.

There is really no problem here as I am able to retrieve all the files I need before deleting the folder. I was just curious as to what all the files shown in the progression bar during deletion were. I have never missed anything important after deleting the Windows.old folder with all its mysterious files, which makes sense as files stored in Windows .old would not be used by the new system anyway.


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I think you answered my question even though I did not phrase it properly. When I said 'back up my settings', I meant as part of the entire disk backup, not separately.?

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Sorry, I forgot perhaps the most important information to help you answer my question. The OS is Win 10 Pro.

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I try to keep a list of all my tweaks and personal settings so I will have them all at hand and ready to apply should I have to do a reinstall. Unfortunately, I forget half the time to make entries to the list.

I've recently started using Macrium Reflect to keep an ongoing image of my disk. Not knowing the difference between an image, a mirror image and all the other terms used, a question arises.

I've read that certain types of whole disk backups include all your personal tweaks and settings while other types do not. Is Macrium Reflect one of the types that keeps these tweaks and settings?

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Thanks. Your information is very helpful. I think I've been sold on an SSD regardless of what the Task Manager says about RAM usage.

That does leave a question, though, as to size of the SSD. I store little on my hard drive. I have 3 external drives for all the heavy data. I'm sure I would do the same if I had an SSD.

So my question, which I mentioned earlier was that I've read of lots of people using the SSD just for Windows and keeping their data on an internal HDD.

If it is agreed here that this is good practice, then I would go with a smaller SSD. If it is not a good idea, I would buy a larger SSD with room for my most used data and for some room to spare. What do you think?


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If I understand the replies correctly, I should get more speed with an SSD, while more RAM would help my computer handle more items more efficiently at any given time. Whils this computer is running OK, I could benefit from both.

From Crucial, 16 GB Ram (2x8GB sticks) will cost $100.00, while Crucial MX500 500GB SATA 2.5" 7mm (with 9.5mm adapter) Internal SSD is only $67.00. (Am I wrong in finding a 500GB SSD is cheaper than 2 sticks of 8GB RAM, a bit strange?)

Anyway, at these prices, I think I would go with the SSD for speed first. I have considered SSD ever since it came on the market, but never got one because of what's involved.

If I do get one, I would need step by step instructions for installing it and a lot of questions answered. I have swapped out RAM and motherboards but that's about the extent of my workings inside a computer.

  1. Does my computer have space to accomodate both an SSD and an HDD?

  2. I ask the first question because I've read that many people found it best to put Windows on the SSD and all their personal files and documents on the HDD. Is this true? If it is, I could get an even cheaper SSD with 250GB.

  3. I'm sure I could put a copy of Windows 10 on an SSD but I don't know how to handle the HHD with just my files only. Would I have to ...

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I have several computers. This is one of the older ones. As there are to be no more new Windows, just new versions of 10, I plan to keep it until such a time the hardware can't handle the latest version of Windows 10. When that will be, for now, is anybodies guess.

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OK, this helps a lot. As I said, I don't do gaming but I do keep a lot of windows open at one time drawing from all of them and several things are going on in the background. And too, I sometimes make videos with many effects lasting as little as one one hundredth of a second. One video may have a thousand of these effects and transitions.

Quite often my video editor stalls. Should I expect to see an improvement by upping my RAM to 16GB? Would I see even more improvement by upping it to 32?