Digital marketing is a modern way of selling products. not using it only holds you back at your business.

Use more hashtags, put location on picture, write interestin and/or funny description. Just be creative

I won't suggest you obvious things like " create quality content" or "use as many hashtags as possible"
My advise is to find an accounts which are also only at the beginnig of their journey and offer them to collaborete , simply advertise each other

Use special tool for it, there are many of them working pretty well

it depend of what type of business you run, if it's sneakers store , targeting younger audience , i'd reccomend to use instagram more often.
So basically if your targeting audience is 40+ use facebook, if its more 30- then use Inst

Analytics allow marketers to be more efficient and minimize wasted marketing budget. Nowadays it has crusial role in marketing. Analytics first of all helps you find your targeting audience