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Yes it is free tool sponserd by Google.

Which helping me and so many with all good features.

It is a tool we can study about behaviour of customers who are entering in to our website.

These tool will help you study about customers like

  • What type of customers are coming
  • What age people are spending time on your site and there gender
  • How much time they are spending on which page they are spending
  • What are there Categories of interest. What they are looking for.
  • what type of mobiles they are using
  • How many of them coming to landing page and spending how much time on each page.

Like this you will get more information abiout the customer who is reaching your site. So that you can have idea on customers what they are looking for and by taking all this data you can write a blog to attract people who are reaching your site. Share your blogs in evey social media sites.


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You all well answered with brief explanation.

I think this is very helpful for beginners who are learning Digital Marketing.

And me as well.


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Yes always keep your business strategy.

how to implement them in Digital marketing. In this Internet marketing if you go by planing according to the customer needs, then you will be reaching to them to fuulfill there needs and also you ca have your ROI.

Use every part of Digital Marketing in your business strategy to rech the customers through internet which is very fast and available with every one who are using smart phones.

Plan accordingly and spend some budget on Google Ads. It's depends upon you about money. If not it is free in all social media sites to promote your business.

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SEO is a part of Digital Marketing which helps you to optimize your site to reach higher rankings in Google search engine results page. Actually in Digital Marketing youaz have types first you need to know that mate. They are
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SEM - Search Engine Marketing
PPC - Pay -Per - Click
Email Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Lead Generation
Viral Marketing
SMO - Social Media Optimization


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Cool Buddy.

First do a research on keywords. Which are relevant to your website. There are many free research tools. Select long tail keywords aslo they will have less competition. Do Research on your local competitors. Share your thoughts and blogs in all social media sites. Make sure you website speed is fast. Make some paid social media marketing depending upon your budget locally. Make sure your title and description attractive and give suitable heading tags. In one line you wont learn anything mate you need to research and get the knowledge so that you will get answer for your questions.

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Digital Marketing can help you to promote your business through online. Digital marketing make your business come top of the Google's Search engine results page. In this process your site will be optimized so that your audiece who will reach your site will get satisfied and spen more time on your website. By this you will increase your website traffic and increase your sales and services. It will use social media channels to promote your business to reach for your target customers.

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Both are Great Experience tools mate. You know more about your visiting cutomer and prepare target to reach them.
Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

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The best and the top social media sites after Facebook
and more if you research in Google you can get more new.

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rproffitt but still they are useful topics for every Digital marketing professionals...They are not dgging just they are sharing their knowledge
lets encourage through different topics. May be I will go with them.

Sorry mate

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There are 4 types of Meta tags

  1. Meta keywords Attribute
  2. Title tag
  3. Meta Description Attribute
  4. Meta robots Attribute

1.Meta keywords Attributes they are not useful now a days.

  1. Title tag is very important for every seo they are display on search engine results page, you need to decide your title for ranking. It is aHTML element.
  2. Meta description Attribute is a 155 characters content which tells about your website. Under the meta title it will appear in the search engines results page.
  3. Meta Roobots Attribute works as a guidence for Google robot, what to crawl and what not to crawk on web pages of a websites.

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There is a new update from Neil Patel Ubersuggest 5.0, it will generate 1 million keyword suggetions in 7 seconds. It is toltally free, youmay go through it.

Also you can go through Google keywords planner. For better ideas.

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As per me the answer is "NO"

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I would highly recommend you to use Google free tools i.e Google Analytics. Because most of the fortune 500 companies rely on GA which shows the complete metrics of your website users and on which pages users are landing.

Please don't rely on third-party tools as they don't show accurate data.

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I'm very happy to answer your questions because when we share knowledge we can get different thoughts on the topic. So addressing your questions

A. You'll be charged for when someone clicks you ads. So, that is the reason it is known as PPC (pay per click).

B. It depends on your budget (what is your daily budget) and which type of bidding strategy you have selected. If you're account is new I would like you to go with maximum clicks.

C. We (iConquerors) provides best service as per your requirement. We worked for different portfolios such as Educational sector, Healthcare sectors of different domains and LMS.

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Good question my friend. I'm happy to share my experience with you because I worked for one of the Singapore client for a transport department i.e taxi.

A. First you have to know the two-end destinations i.e (pickup & drop point locations)
B. Select keywords which are of famous places in that area (also you need to provide service)

Important note: The way you select the domain is also very important and I would like you to go with exact match domain.
Example: If you're providing taxi service in Singapore you're domain should be singaporetaxiservice.

Hope you got my ideas.

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  1. Content of the website is one of the most important point for changing your ranking in search engine results page. Write your content related to your site which satisfies customer query. Make customer to spend more time on your site so that he wont come out from the website.
  2. Ranking also depends on how much time a user is spending on your website. Maintain your site speed is also one of the ranking factor.
  3. Optimize to mobile friendly.

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May be this question asked few years back but still now every website need this in 2019 and also it will continue. When a content of any website wether it is services page or blog page contains countless number of your keywords using repetedly to increase your website ranking in Google search engine results page then that leads to Keyword stuffing. This keyword stuffing process is breaking the rules of Google terms and conditions.

By doing this keyword stuffing your website will be penalized or Banned from the Google. Keyword stuffing come under Black Hat SEO. Which is totally Illegal in Google terms.

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For 2019 the important Off-Page Techniques which are very useful for your website to get high quality backlinks. They are

  1. Forums Submission
  2. Business profile listings
  3. Image sharing
  4. Infographics submissions
  5. Classified postings
  6. Blog commenting
  7. Blog post
  8. Q & A

To get high quality backlinks your site must be with useful information which satisfies your target customers. " Content is King". Content will change the total "Game".

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First you expand your business locally then automatically you'll be recognised world wide.

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Upadate your website content by adding your keywords. But don't add as much as you can, if you do so it will becomke stuffing and Google may ban your website.

  1. Make sure your website should contain unique and original content don't copy.
  2. Use popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin to share your website blog.
  3. Use longtail keywords for blogs they will have less competetion traffic you will get is genuine audience, in future your traffic will increase.
  4. Contet is always King. Make sure your content is readable for your target customers.
  5. Perfect onsite Optimisation which includes Title, Description, usage of keywords without stuffing, add LSI keywords, Tags such as
    H1, H2, H3
  6. Cover he keyword in first 100 words
  7. Add creatives ( Images, Infographics and videos )
  8. Always speak with numbers or facts or proofs.

And coming Off page, do submissioins such as

  1. Social bookmarking
  2. Forums submission
  3. Blog commenting
  4. Profile listing
  5. Image sharing
  6. Infographic submission
  7. Classified postings
  8. Content sharing
rproffitt commented: Don't reply to repeaters. Repeating your question over and over doesn't help. -3

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As starting from keyword research, I want to share some free tools

As always I will go with my first choice Google keyword Planner

  1. Keywords Everywhere
  2. Google Trends
  3. Adword & SEO keyword Permutation Generator
  4. Google search console
  5. Answer the public
  6. Wordtracker Scout

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Facebook Ads Plan

  1. First analyze what you want to post.
  2. Make your post should have information and looks attractive with your words.
  3. Without content the post may look dull. Add content always to your post.
  4. Optimize tabs this acts as a navigation bar for your business page.
  5. Set up a community page
  6. Create a group
  7. Keep a thoughful group name
  8. Always update your story
  9. Plan with small budget which is convinience for you.

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PPC extends to Pay-Per-Click, In PPC a advertiser or a business person pays some amount of money to google to show his website at the top of the results page. After showing his website at the top it will come up as ad and here it's starts the process of PPC, when a customer click this Ad the advertiser who is the owner of the site must pay some amount to the Google.

All this process done through online. So when for one click you need to pay for it. This is the process of PPC where you spend some budget for your website marketing.

And now cominig coming to email marketing

Email Marketing is a process where you promote your products or services through email to your trageted customers. In this email marketing you can develop your relationship with your audience and clients by sending your Blog posts, New arrivals, Offers and more useful information to customers by emails. It is easy to send through email ratheer than sending by postal letters or mobile messages. This process of sending emails to your target customers are free.

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Internet marketing also callede as Online marketing, web marketing or emarketing, it is process of marketing your products or website through Internet that is using social media channels and optimizing your site to reach targeted audience.

Internet Marketing includes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketin (SMM)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
Email Marketing
Local SEO

Above all Processes they have different techniques to increase traffic for a website.

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Though the question is very old as 5 years ago, but i am intrested to answer this question, because as a learner I am seeing lot people are still asking this type of questions to increase their business profit throiugh online.

Well, Coming to the point....

Just i want to give some keypoints which may be useful for your business growth.

As a learner of Digital Marketing i will always prefer to go with Digital Marketing, which will develop your website to bring more traffic and generate leads.

Why Digital Marketing?
At present Technology is growing very fast, every has the smart phones and making most of the transactions through shopping, buying food, Banking and more in mobile only. Most importantly most of them are spending time on social media sites in mobiles. So Digital marketing will help businesses to attract customers by using different process in Social media channel to get more traffic to website.

It will also make your site to rank higher in the search engine results page by that you will get more traffic to your site. It make your site user mobile friendly, increase your website page speed.

And most importantly your site will have a very usable information which is relevent to your website. Content plays a very cruscial role in Ranking your site. User query relevent and usefull information will keep customers to spend more time on your website.

From my side I will go with SEO.

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The latest most important trends in Digital Marketing are

  1. Digtial marketing trends 2019
  2. Fundamental of Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing affiliate programs
  4. Leading Digital Marketing Agency
  5. Digital Marketing write for us

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Hi Friend, It's 1 year old question but i am interested to answewr your question.

In this Digital Marketing field every day is a new day, you have to know new things and research new things.

I like yoiur question because this question and answers given your qustion are very helpful for beginners in this forums. As a learnre i am also learning lot of new things by participating like this forums and questions like you people are asking are interesting to asnwer.

Ok Thats's fine.

Now coming to answer I want to add some more information which may be useful for some people related to your question.

I agree with the what everyone saying That FACEBOOK is the largest visiting site all over the world from which you will get more traffic.

But there are some more social media sites which generate more traffic to your site. The site are as follows:



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You no need to have any technical experience grasp the power of robots.txt file, just you need to have a source code of your website to use this.

Importance of robots.txt file

  1. It is a text file which guide web robots to crawl which pages on our website.
  2. It also tell web robots which pages not to crawl.
  3. This is very important for site because every site has number of pages, so to crawl every page of your website it will take time and it will get negative ranking on your website.
  4. For example you have lot of pages in which some then are important whuch tell about your website, and some of them are not.
  5. So by generating he code through robot.txt file it will pass the juice to search engines to crawl easily and in less time.
  6. Depending upon the crawling the ranking of the website vaqries.


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Yes language matters in link building. For example if you want submit your site to some social bookmarking sites where the site is in diffeerent language and your language is different then you have to change the language what you are prefferd. Not only in Social bookmarking but also in all off-page techniques which you are using for link building. The language matters!!


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In my opinion Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin will work better for you branding and marketing.