Ofcourse, SEO is the most important module in digital marketing. By SEO, you will get organic traffic to the website through search engines. SEO is very important for any website. Over time if SEO is not maintained then rankings and traffic will slip. In order to maintain and grow your search engine results, SEO should be maintained consistently.

Try in the sites having high DA, low spam score.

Thanks for sharing the three steps to drive traffic from social media. Consider these steps also:

  1. Share blog Url's in social media
  2. focus on image content
  3. Call to action buttons

Link Wheel is an SEO strategy which is used for getting higher ranking in SERPs. A Link Wheel also described as a network of websites and blogs linking with each other and linking them to your website inorder to get help to rank in SERP.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) is a metric used in percentages that measures the number of times an ad is clicked. It is measured as the no.of times it is viewed/impressions by no.of clicks *100.

Link wheel is an advanced SEO strategy. In link wheel, you can build all the links yourself. It’s free,fast and safe as well. You get direct targeted traffic from the links you create. This improves your overall SEO.

Web 2.0 blog submission is one of the valuable link building technique in off-page optimization. It is refers as the second generation of the world wide web, where it moved static HTML pages to a more interactive and dynamic web experience. Those Web 2.0 submission allows you to create your own subdomain and select the desired template or theme for the site.

Best and valid techniques for Off-page activities in 2019 are:
Guest posting
Forum submissions
Social Bookmarking
Web 2.0
Local classifieds

SEO is important for any business because Organic Search Is Most Often the Primary Source of Website Traffic.SEO builds quality backlinks, optimized content, and website. If SEO is good then it leads to better user experience. Local SEO increases engagement, traffic, and conversions. Though SEO is a long term strategy it is relatively cheap with comparative to SEM. Over time if SEO is not maintained then rankings and traffic will slip. Competitors who do maintain SEO consistently will overtake or you'll simply slide with the absence of fresh content and new links coming to your site. If you are not creating new content and you do not have new links coming to your site from other web pages, your site will be deemed. In order to maintain and grow your search engine results, SEO should be maintained consistently.

Always social media,
Facebook and Instagram Ads,
Video marketing,
Live videos,
Artificial Intelligence,
and many more recent trends were there in digital marketing.

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. These help in getting better search engine rankings. The common terms related to backlinks:

  1. Link Juice
  2. No follow link
  3. Do follow link
  4. Anchor text
  5. Internal Links

Artificial intelligence (AI) is science that deals with building intelligent machines that can think and respond like a human. It helps in digital marketing for more effective marketing.

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool offered by Google to help you analyze your website traffic.
Google Analytics analyses the data by four levels:
User level (related to actions by each user)
Session level (each individual visit)
Pageview level (each individual page visited)
Event level (button clicks, video views, etc)
There are two types of data that you can collect in Google Analytics:
User Acquisition Data: data about your users before they visit your website
User Behavior Data: data about your users when they visit your website