I do not recommend considering Asus, over the past few years, the build quality has noticeably worsened. It is better to look towards Lenovo and Dell.

rproffitt commented: Many Lenovo LCDs can flicker due to PWM and many Dell's Inspirons have lackluster LCDs. No company is perfect. +15

The best option is to switch to a faster hosting. I think that you can take several options for testing and check the page loading speed with the video host-tracker.com/InstantCheck/Create?type=Waterfall Many hosters offer a free trial period from a week to a month. It will not be difficult to choose the best option based on the data obtained.

I use Windows 10 LTSB without updates!

Are there other ways to solve this problem?

rproffitt commented: Why not what AndreRet noted? Looks fine here. +15