SEO is a methodology of strategies and techniques used to increase the website traffic and to improve ranking in search engine results pages.
SMO is the process of attracting the users through posting the creative content. SMO is nothing but engaging the visitors.

Basic Off page techniques are

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Blog commenting on relevant sites.
  3. Forum Submissions
  4. Image sharing
  5. Content Sharing.
  6. answering in Q&A sites.etc...
    if you want quality backlinks do guest posting and try to get do follow backlinks to rank better in Search engine results page.

Guest posting, forum submissions and social bookmarking are the most effective off page techniques. these are working well in 2019.

Important On-page factors are :

  1. Meta Tags (meta title and Meta description)
  2. Heading tags
  3. content - should be readable
  4. Url
  5. Keyword density
  6. internal linking
  7. site speed
  8. keyword prominance
  9. stemap.xml
  10. robot.txt etc....

try to get quality backlinks from higher DA sites and as well as do on page optimization most important thing is follow the search engine guidelines.

Keyword density is one of the important factor in on page SEO. it describes how many times our keyword appears in content. according to the search engine guidelines 3-4% is ideal if you use keyword morethan that search engine may consider as a keyword stuffing.

SEO is a process optimizing a website to get traffic and to get higher ranking in search engine results page. there are two types of seo
1.On-page SEO and factors
-> Meta tags (meta title and meta description)
->heading tags
->url structure
->keyword Density
->site speed

2.Off page seo and Factors:
->Social Bookmarking
->Blog commenting
->Directory submissions
->Image sharing etc..

Keyword stuffing reffered as including large no of keywords in the content. you can use keyword synonyms or LSI key words to avoid this Keywordstuffing.

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