You have omitted column ( : ) on case 11, and the break statement after it.

To your last you have just posted.

the correct order to define styles for a link is
a:link, a:hover, a:visited and optionally a:active

As for the question where to do css coding - inside page or in an external file - it is easier to work with an external file, because you can keep both files opened one next to other and you will not have to scroll up and down as you would do with a single file.

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I went on solving your issue, but I just stumbled upon the following:

Your task is to display pages in groups of 10, so e.g. 4500 records will display on 45 pages, instead of showing page numbers from 1 to 45, you want to display the pages in groups of 10. so you will have numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 only.
But in this way you will display only first 10 records from each page group. I mean - if you click on 1 - you will have there only 10 records, corresponding to firts page only. This means that either you should display 100 records per page, or, you have to revise your page numbering requirement.

I think that your numbering should look something like

<< Previous 10 | 11 |12|.... next 10 >>, instead of 1|2|3....>>

Please advise...

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It is possible, however it is said that such functions are subject to vulnerability.

Still - I have made such thing and it is quite self-maintaining page you will get out of it.
See the PHP manual for functions readdir and scandir. It is quite simple to do it.

[quote=rpjanaka;329271][COLOR=SeaGreen][COLOR=Black]hi all,

in javascript normaly page redirection can be done as follow with a parameter.
window.location = "add-new-cos.jsp?id="+id;

[COLOR=Black]but this id value is send to the next page with in the GET method. but i want to send it with the POST method.

is there any way to do it with javascript....?

janaka priyadarshana.

Yes, there is, and it is called AJAX. Search through the AJAX forums for posting values using JS with the POST method.

Another way is to create a hidden input element, use then JS to change the hidden element value and submit the form.
e.g. something like should work, however I have not tested it. If you're familiar with JS you will figure it out.

fucntion sendByPost(hiddenField)
var = myvalue;
var myHiddenfield = document.getElementById(hiddenfield);
myHiddenfield.value = myvalue;

Good luck

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[quote=okparrothead;326498]Hi Rhyan,
Sorry I didn't explain myself very well.

Actually, what I have is this:



with the divs defined as the same height and width, floated left so they'll sit in rows.

My page is liquid in width, with defined columns at left and right, so the part that's liquid is the center column.

When the viewport is 1024px wide, there could be three or four thumbs across, depending on the size of the thumbs.

If the viewport is 800px wide, the row could be maybe two or three thumbs across. If it's something narrower or wider, there will be as many as will fit.

What I want to achieve is the centering of the thumbs if the width of the viewport leaves enough room for more than 2 but less than 3, or more than 3, but less than 4, etc.

Right now, everyting works great, but when there's extra width, there's too much air on the right.

I don't think it can be done with CSS, but I thought I would ask.

That is, unless you can think of something...

Thanks for all your help in any case![/quote]

Oh I see...
Well, in my opinion the problem is because you use div's to wrap the images together with the caption. Besides, why do you use the caption element - this is a table element, so if you don't have a table with your image and you want to ...

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It really depends on how buzy your website is expected to be. In case you are expecting a lot of both read and write transactions for the flats or let's say country houses, you better keep them in a separate table, instead of mixing them with the rest.

How about rentals and sales offered? Are you going to use a marker for sales/rentals/both properties, or you're going to keep them in separate tables?

I would go for the separate table for each property type, which table will hold both for sale and for rent. This way you will have faster searching.

Also - think of a way for removing sold entries from the database once they have been sold. This will boost search as well.

For can remove entries marked sold once a week, moving them to a table called sold. This way users that want to review a sold house will find it easier in the sold database, while active entries will be querried much faster.

Regarding table columns...keep as much as possible the common specs(e.g. size, floor, price, etc. ) using identical structure in all your tables. In this way you will spend less time figuring out how to make the correct querry, without changing a lot of code.

Good luck

Well, it is not 1 but three questions :) .

Ok, now, I do not know how many and what opitons do you have on your control panel. But, if you are familiar with MySQL, you maybe will be able to do it on your own, if you answer the following questions:

  1. Are you allowed to create database schemas on your server?
  2. Are you able to create new tables on your server?
  3. Are you allowed to create mysql database users, or you have been given a limit of only 1 user per database?
  4. Are you able to grant permissions on your database and tables on your server? Especially check if you can grant permissions to mysql users to access from other locations than localhost!
  5. Check if you can connect to your mysql database server from your home computer using the root password you have been supplied by the hosting provider.
    E.g. your website name is [url][/url]
    run mysql console and type
    [code] mysql -h -u root -p[/code]
    You will be prompted for a password, and if everything is ok, you will receive a message like," welcome, blabla for help type /h for exit type /q"

If this test passes, then you will be able to access your mysql DB from the remote website.

If not, then we may be able to figure it out another way maybe.


If you are using WinXP pro, you should think of installing IIS with SMTP services on. IIS is MS native web server, including HTTP, FTP and SMTP server. Still you can install only the SMTP server.

Then, set your php.ini to send mail via the localhost. If any additional setup is needed to be performed consult the php manual.

Then your mail function should work normally.

This is about sending e-mails. In order to receive mails, though, you should have your computer's IP registered as a domain in order other people's mail servers to find it.

If you have e real internet IP people may be able to send you mails like this:
e.g. your ip is
people could mail you to you@

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I saw what you're trying to do on the other page and I haven't tried my solution. By the way, I agree that the Z-index is not a solution, as it requires absolute positioning, which in my opinion should be avoided, as long as it is not essential for the page layout, as it may to cause extra prblems rather solving them :).

As long as regarding your page, on 1600*1200 your black background is visible approx 40px on both left and right sides. If you want to see how it looks I can snapshot it for you and send it over mail.