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I believe mysql_query returns the result set if it can run the query, or returns the boolean value false if it cannot. Since the error you are getting is "boolean", you are probably getting that boolean false. That means, that mysql_query cannot run your query. Now I am grapsing at straws here, as I am no PHP/MySQL expert, but you may have to escape those ' marks in your date format. Check your query by echoing it to the screen before you pass it into mysql_query, and do the same for $result and see if you are getting that boolean false.

The type of field you use in your HTML form should be "password" not "text". ie [icode][/icode]

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I haven't done a lot of work in Java recently, so I'm not 100% on this, but try taking out the "static" in the fact method. (If that doesn't work, add the "static" back in and report back to us!)

Are you sure all you're getting out of it is "at recursiveTest.fact(recursiveTest.java:31)" that sounds like the tail end of a stack trace after a Java exception occurs. There should be a little bit more information before the "at".

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The return value gets passed back to the calling method. You could do anything with the returned value.

To print the return variable, you may want to add the following line to your main method:

[code=java]int f = fact(4);[/code]

which will call your factorial method. When the method completes, it will [I]return[/I] the value completed to the calling method (in this case the main method) where it assigns the returned value to an integer variable called f.

The next line to get it to print then would be


Alternatively, you could do it all in one line:


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Could you post a screen shot?

I don't understand your problem. How can you click on something in a toolbar without using the mouse?

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Why not add an option to the form so the user can select HTML or Plain Text?

That's because that method only returns the size of the font for the textbox, you cannot set it that way.

To change the font size, you need to create a new font object and then assign it to the Font property. For example:

Dim newFont as New Font("Tahoma", 18, FontStyle.Bold)
TextBox1.Font = newFont

No problem. The best thank you is adding to my rep!

In VB.NET 2003, from the Project menu, select {Project Name} Properties and:


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