heres the code ive written so far


include <iostream>

include <cmath>

include <cstring>

include <iomanip>

using namespace std;

void programDescription ();
// Gives description of program

double getValidAltitude ();
// Gets valid altitude from user
// returns value to main fucntion

double getMachNumber ();
// Gets mach number for user

double ambientPressure (double& amTemp);

double ambientTemp (double& valAlt);

double pressureRatio (double& valMach, double& amPress);

double compressibleQ (double& totalPress, double& amPress);

bool keepGoing ();

double displayResults (double& compQ);

const string WELCOME ( " This program is desinged to give you compressible Q based on the altitude and mach number that you give" );

int main ()

    programDescription ();
         getValidAltitude ();
         getMachNumber ();
         ambientPressure ();
         pressureRatio ();
         compressibleQ ();
         keepGoing () ;

    }  while keepGoing ();

    displayResults ();


void programDescription ()
cout << WELCOME << endl;
system ("pause") ;
system ("cls") ;

double getValidAltitude ()
double valAlt;

cout << "Please enter your altitude: " << endl;
cin >> valAlt;

while ((valAlt < 0) || (valAlt > 100000))
    cout << "Invalid altitude try again: " << endl;
    cin >> valAlt ;

return valAlt;


double getMachNumber ()
double valMach;

cout << " Please enter mach number: " << endl;
cin >> valMach ;

while ((valMach > 20) || (valMach < 0)) 
    cout << " Invalid Mach Number, try again: " << endl;
    cin >> valMach;

return valMach;


double ambientTemp (double& valAlt)

{ ...


Hey guys,
I am writing a program with functions that does different things for a user. This is a program i am writing for school and my lab teachers are horrible at helping us. The problem is that i get an illegal case error for all my cases (five cases). CAn anyone please help?

[code]#include <iostream>

include <cmath>

using namespace std;

int userChoice,choiceCount (0);

int displayMenu ();
//displays menu
void drawTriangle();
// draws an inverted triangle
void sumOfNumbers();
// takes 2 numbers and averages them and gives min and max
void sumOfNumbersSentinel();
//takes numbers gives averages and min and max
void powerOfNumbers();
//takes base and raises it to the power
void quitProgram ();
//quits program

// prompts the user
int main ()
cout << "Welcome to the my program\n"
<< "I can do several things for you.\n"
<< "When you are ready to enter my program,\n"
<< "Hit any key\n"
<< endl;

//Gives the user choices and asks for a choice

        cout << "Please choose from:\n"
            << "1. draw an inverted triangle of your chosen height using your chosen letter\n"
            << "2. enter some numbers and learn the sum, average, min and max of your inputs\n"
            << "3. same 2. but with a different way to end inputting\n"
            << "4. let me calculate a^b (a raised to the b) for whatever a and b you'd like\n"
            << "5. quit this program\n"
            << endl ;
        cin >> userChoice;
        if ((userChoice>5||userChoice<1))
            cout << "Not a valid choice ...

Hey guuys

MY gateway pc crashed after i was running aim, now when i tried to reboot it, it wont go pass the windows loading screen. Ive also gotten an error msg where it doesnt detect the hard drive but thats gone now. Ive tried hitting F8 and going into safe mode but nothing happens. I dont know what else to do. The Gateway is approx 5 yrs old and it has a IDE hrad drive.


Hey guys,

I was recently running a program on my pc when it suddenly crashed. When I started my pc back up an error msg popped up saying that it could not detect the hard drive. When i restrted my pc again it still wont go to windows. It gets stuck on a loading screen with the Windows logo. Can anyone suggests somethings that may help alleviate this problem???

               Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

Hi guys,
Ok heres the problem:
While playing a game called counter strike the game froze and i chose to restart the computer. When I restart i get the following messages

  1. safe mode
    2.safe mode w/ networking
  2. safe mode w/ commannd prompt
  3. last known good config
  4. start windows normally

I have tried all these choices but I get looped back to the same black screen with all the same choices. I also see a blue screen that dissapears almost instantly.

I'm sorry if this sounds repetitive, can someone help me please?


hey guys...i am going to be off to college soon and i need some help about finding a good college. I live in New York City and i am considering NYIT(New York INstitue of Technology)...i really like it, but onlly becauuse i dont really know of any other good technology schools. Can anyone make a suggestion for me? I heard polytechnic in Brooklyn is also good as well.