For this you can search for custom jsp tags. Or jsf implemenattion from apache must be having such component already. I am not too sure but jsf (trinidad project ) has lot of rich ui components. Just check.

Hi This problems occurs becuase of the data base and not your code. instead of MA Access and jdbcodbc driver try using mysql and mmmsql driver . The problem should not occur. Ms Access does not support concurrent access by 2 users . You care creating 2 conenctions to the db . I used to face similar kind of issue. Most of the times it doent give problem but one caanot be sure when it will fail. Also read Ms Access documentaion

Hi below regulary expression should solve your problem . it checks for integers as well as decimal numbers with or without exponent.

[code] ^[+-]?([0-9].?[0-9]+|[0-9]+.?[0-9])([eE][+-]?[0-9]+)?$

it matches 23 , -17.e23 , +.23e+2. hope this helps

Nopes its not there rather you read java audio api documentation here [url][/url]

read the java tutorials on swings

you need to resort to native code for such interaction .you can write the code to get information from os in c and then call that code from java using jni.

Hi , i could not completely understand what you wnat to achieve.However i will summarize what can be done.

1> you want to create custom component for desktop applications or applets then swings is the toolkit for you.

2>If you want to use custom components for browser based application the you need to resort to javascript,dhtml and create a custom tag library to use them with jsp.
you can use one of the freely availbale toolkit libraries from yahoo and google for custom components for browser application. The google toolkit is available at [url][/url]
and yahoo is at [url][/url]
hope this helps

I dont get you . It depends what you are trying to achieve. Nothing is wrong here

Hi , The problem is obvious, you are opening up a file for overwriting. so you need to open for appending. Use the FileOutputStream constructor that takes an additional boolen parameter e.g.

[code] FileOutputStream("temp.ini",true), "Just a comment");[/code]

It will work as expected. Also whenever you open up a stream do close it when workl is done. hope this helps

Hi there were several problems in your code.just copy the code below and run it. make sure the file name you pass to the program exist.
The fundamental problem in you progarm is you are not opening up the file that you input anywhere in the code. Hope this helps

import java.util.Scanner;

public class Test{
public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception{
Scanner keyboard = new Scanner(;

int charCount = 0;

//Get the filename.
System.out.println("Enter the filename:");
String filename = keyboard.nextLine();

//Open the file.
Reader fileReader = new FileReader(filename);

// get users character
System.out.print("Please enter a character: ");
char userChar = keyboard.nextLine().charAt(0);

// tell the user what the program does
System.out.println("This program will return how many times" +
" the character you entered showed up in" +
" the file you entered.");

for(int i=0;( != -1;)
if (i == userChar)

System.out.println("\nThe specified character " +"\"" + userChar +
"\" is inside the filename " + filename +
" " + charCount + " times.\n");

you can use following syntax to get help for javac command [code]javac -help[/code]. To use options with javac you have to put a hypen and the option name like this.In the second command i have used a value for classpath option.
[code]javac -deprecation[/code]
[code]javac -classpath c:\myfolder -deprecation[/code]

Yes you can use timing to pause inbetween.
use the code below to have 3 seconds delay.

System.out.println("How are you there!");