[COLOR=#555555]I thank you all for your suggestions and I have tried all the mentioned solutions but with no success. In the end I just repaired outlook with another copy and everything seems to be working properly. I believe the copy I was using was corrupt some how.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#555555]Problem [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#555555] [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#555555]When receiving an email with an attachment (PDF for example) the user has to save the file before opening it. Is there a way to enable the user to open the attachment without saving the file? [/COLOR]


User A,B, and C send an email to user D on the Network. User D receives mail from A after about 5-10 min but nothing from B and C. User D then clicks on the email in the inbox from user A which then enables the email from users B and C to be received. All users are using Outlook 2000 through exchange server.


-Why does it take 5-10mins to receive the email and sometimes nothing is received at all?
-Why are the other emails received only when you click on a previous email in the inbox?

Possible solution
Fresh install of Outlook 2000????????

I just recently started working in the IT world and I could use all the help I can get to problem solve. I hope that I can contribute as much as I take away.

Thanks, Noah