i'm on a mac os 9.2 i believe and i was wondering how do you install the iPod software onto your computer......i put in the disc expecting a prompt or something like that and no......but anyway my music listening program is quicktime if that matters. Someone please help asap

o ok im sorry i did'nt see that he did that.........i just wanted to point out that no one was helping him out but obviously i was wrong, because it was all answered in the other thread. Sorry for the mix up

aright cool thanx alot........nice first post quite informative, hope you stay on the forums

thanx again,

good question......this also puzzles me.
but im getting C++ in the next 2-3 days. My dad's headin on out to comp USA to pick it up for me( i think he's getting VB as well)

ahhh cmon no one's gonna help the man????......he even tried all of the problems out and posted his gues for the answers....he posted it 3 days ago and 0 rplays so far. I'd answer but i don't know much about programming so yea

Meabed is my favorite person because he/orshe has that TFT icon!!! woohoo!!

sweet man thanks alot for the advice.......funny thing is i bought sam's 2 days ago from barnes and noble just because i read the covers and whatnot and decided to give it a try. Gotta love Coincidental things like that......i've never heard of that other one by stroustrap but ill check it out

thanks again, Cody

aright then thanx alot ill check out the tutorial right about now.........

This is just a general C++ question. For someone who has been working with C++ for a while now, my question is what are the best articles-books-anythings to read or do when starting out using C++ .
I have a new found passion for programming, and i just want to make sure that i start out the best way possible. Even just something fun to read about C++ or backround on it or anything at all would help


did you word that in the most confusing way possible, or is it just me???
if thats not confusing to anyone else im sorry but to me thats hard to put into one thought or request.

also depends on the type of printer as well.......like my epson stylus takes about 10 seconds to process and print out a website and takes about 20 seconds to process and print a spread sheet of the same length(logically this makes no sence because websites have photos and whatnot). Personally i don't think it is a problem for you i think its just that your printer takes longer to process things in VB in comparison to when printing in other applications. Now if the printer won't print the stuff out all togeather then you may have a problem (laff)

Alright then. Thanx alot bro, and by the way im lovin the mandark icon.........

  • Cody

one more question..... Is it absolutely necessary to be extremely proficient at math in order to become a great programmer?? and if so which types of math are needed algebra......geometry.......calc.???? someone please answer this asap

Aright thanks alot for your answer. My friend told me the same thing but i needed a second opinion. He said there are a few better and easier ones to start with but in the end C++ is the God of game programming languages.....thanks again

hmmmm no replys in three days : (

once one has learned how to program and knows the ropes of programming what would be the most ideal language for the most advanced type of game programming......?

I didn't know which thread to post this question in so i just chose the visual basic one(random). My question is what do you guys recommend as a first programming language to learn for a highschool student interested in game programming....i'm sure there are a few that would do fine, but im looking for what is, in your opinion, the best language to start with in this particular field.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated

aright sweet command y works......thanks a lot man

yea it worked the whole time since i got it up until like 2-3 weeks ago..... i took it to this place called "comp USA" and the lead tech went at the thing with a friggin penknife(no results of course)

update the drive does have power and does read cds games etc., but the tray wont open or close or respond at all to the keyboard eject key

well yes i am pushing the eject button and the disk drive has like no power at all.....i can get it to open by manually opening it by pushing the manual eject button on the inside of the drive itself and then i have to pull the tray it self out but this is where it gets out of the ordinary.....as you know once the drive is open you can put a cd into the tray and give the tray a little nudge and the comp sucks it right back in....well mine doesnt respond at all its like no power is getting to the disk drive cuz one i push the tray in it doesnt even attempt to read what i put in, my computer has been having this problem on and off for about a week now, sometimes it will randomly work for like a couple minutes and ill be all excited, then later on when i want to get the disk out or put a new one in it regains its retardation..........someone help any advice at this point is good advice

i'm not sure if this item has ever been adressed but, i can't get the disk drive on my g4 to open....i press the button(top right corner of keyboard) and no response....i tried rebooting and still no results. Any suggestions on how to solve this even if just temporarily are greatly appreciated.