you need to pass assoc an associated list of cons'd cells. For example:


(assoc 'foo '((foo . bar) (baz . blub) (oof . zab)))
(foo . bar)

I agree with alc, the only reason GNOME is more popular is due to the fact that it is the default DE of Ubuntu. Why not give users a choice? I'm sure Canonical could include both KDE and GNOME in their official Ubuntu release.

Oh and this idea of a standarized linux interface goes against all the principles of freedom and choice that open source software, and the GNU project, are built on. Linux should not actively attract windows users by pushing on people default interfaces or default software. If the cost of increased Linux popularity means giving up the very principles that draw so many advanced users to Linux, such as myself, then it's not worth it. Many long-time Linux users have retreated into the land of BSD due to this.


Not to be pedantic but you have a typo:

" So while the GNU General Public License enables the user to make a modified version of the [B]socftware[/B] and provide pubic access to it via a server but without ever actually releasing its source code, the Affero version is designed from the ground up to ensure that this modified source code is made available to the wider community."

Quake Wars is going to have a linux client.

I wish IBM, Sun, and Redhat would actually get behind a project that matters.

You really can't blame dell for the anti-competition practices Microsoft engages in, can you?

I believe almost every other livecd ever made can do that.

well china has the highest population in the world so I really don't see why that figure is so surprising.

just a note: your title and your ending sentence contradict each other.


wow halo requires 2 gigs? I bet you could get away with 512...or does it check? I mean the graphics are horrible.
oh and you can run it on xp just fine im just requires a bit of hacking.

I think the title is inappropriate. maybe "virtualization slow to catch on in businesses" or "virtualization still has major flaws."


Darn it, im using


linux compatible?

SCO also started suing people when they no longer could sell anything....

yeah if they edit default feisty to have a crappy dell background and 2,000 icons I going to scream..

if the truth be known, no pc's are "vista capable":mrgreen: . Actually it would be more accurate to say that vista is not "computer compatible";)

um sorry.. but line 35 should be drawSurface.

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Here are some functions I made for SDL abstraction:

y-intercept? What?
y = mx + b is a linear function. What are these 'four ys' and 'four xs'?

bitch got what she deserved

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time_t is only guarenteed to be an integral type on POSIX systems.

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C-programming, a that would want to help. I have a problem with the reference to a correct return of the key more words. Does the face make my compiler says that identificatore is not defined as the return of the multiple of the place of the connection, the one that returns this the intersections?

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I would get the certifiably awesome certification. It's helped me a lot in life.

Maybe the US shouldn't be responsible for feeding people in Africa. After all, Americans pay taxes to the US government, not Africans.

Watch this thread get deleted, just like my account..

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I think happygeek should change his name to happysuit. And dani should be happyhoe.

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