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C-programming, a that would want to help. I have a problem with the reference to a correct return of the key more words. Does the face make my compiler says that identificatore is not defined as the return of the multiple of the place of the connection, the one that returns this the intersections?

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The best text editor for linux is emacs. I suggest you try it.

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Who issued you the infraction, Sturm?


he said:
keep it pleasant

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Most atheists I think are primarily liberal but do not necessarly associate themselves with a particular party. For example I believe in draconian punishment for law breakers (like a republican or conservative), very strict laws (no smoking anywhere etc.), very high taxes (like a liberal), and against patents and copyrights. (like a liberal I guess...) So my views are a mix of both parties...with that said I would be more likely to vote for a liberal...

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whats wrong with mind control and satan? Personally I think its less ridiculous than the junk in the bible.....

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they are fanatics and fundementalists.

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I have serious reservations about harry potters' books. One could read it but for the depth of incantations and voodoo/magic involved.
Yes, Yes it is fiction, but one wonders whether those things written about in such detail are sincerely the figment of the writers imagination!
seriously? You got to be kidding. You got to wonder if god is a figment of YOUR imagination. You think the writers delusional? So your saying that if you write in detail, essentially being a good writer, your delusional. Sure.... I have written a few short stories before and I seem quite sane.

And whats wrong with "voodoo" magic besides the fact that it is a bunch of crap?

And whats different with harry potter? The next thing you will be saying is that fiction should be illegal.

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Kenya, I was never talking to you, ever. Does the reason you could not find a syllabus have to do with the fact that you are retarded?

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whats the point? The code is not complex enough to make a difference...

how bout using a better api? qt or gtk are much easier.

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"If you buy Windows Vista, you are not a customer. You are a beta-tester."
heres a better one:
if you buy windows vista your a sap (of course that could be said with ALL windows products ;-)

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Maybe daniweb is turning into a dystopian big brother like forum?

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[quote=dave sinkula]
aha.. you just don't understand. Go back and read through this thread if you want more evidence. It's all around you.. but you just can't handle the truth. Pot. Kettle. Black. [echo?]

Quoted by [B]joshSCH[/B]
You've been a christian forever, and you can't imagine a world without your precious god.

Not entirely true. But obviously an assumption of a highly religious person.

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It is YOU who is in denial. YOU who does not understand. There is no god. There is nothing, but you want a god to exist. Your life depends on it.

I'm beginning to think you've got that backwards.

Quoted by [B]joshSCH[/B]
And until you can open your mind and stop being so defensive.. I wont tell you all the facts and evidence that your brain just couldn't handle.. It's fine..

It seems to me that you are the one on the defensive at the moment because your brain cannot handle it.

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lol.. :D

If in fact you are not laughing out loud, try not to punctuate your own lack of depth.

Instead of refuting joshes comments (and I think there quite logical and well thought out) with insults and replies that have no intellectual value ot merit WHATSOEVER why don't refute it with logic? I understand that it is quite hard to defend your position through deductive and inductive reason when you are religious but how about trying?

Give me ONE reason why god exists and I will ...

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30? Its 11 for me. Im at 1280x1024 using firefox?
30 for me . (1280x800 with iceweasel:))

Well of course they were alive during the time of humans, I believe God created them for some kind of purpose.
That seems like a shallow excuse for "I don't know." So carbon dating is a lie? Who are YOU to say that millions of scientists are wrong? It Is a SCIENTIFIC FACT that the earth is 4.5 billion years old and that evolution happens. It is as much of a fact as the fact that I have five fingers on each hand (granted I might be lying...:)).

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