I think whatever forum you are on people tend not to put a sensible title on their posts. e.g 'Please help' Now that the forum is tagged based it is more obvious. Before if you saw a post in VB5 or 6, for example, wheich was titled 'Please help' then you were fairly sure you new what it was about.

Maybe you can ban words like Please and help in the title ?

Sorry this is not the answer you are looking for, but I am pretty sure you will need to put four lines of code, one for each button to change them.

Or use a loop ....

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It sounds as if the connection between the PC and Linksys is running at 10Mb not 100.

Have you any other PC's connected ?

If so try unplugging them and running with one PC. There maybe a slow on slowing down the whole system.

How are you measuring the speed ?

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It strikes me that you can do it two ways,

1) fill the address in as the form loads using vb to get info from previous form with the tick in box filled.

However if the user removes tick, then you have to code the removal of the address (more work)

2) Load the form with the address fields left blank.

The user either fills in a delivery adress or ticks the box to indicate use the previous address. Then when user leaves form you fill the delivery address in.

If you need more help, then ask some more or send me a message.


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