I would put used car salesmen ahead of corporate leaders, and lawyers ahead of both.

Most corporate leaders are honest. The news media always focus on the few that aren't.

But politicians top the list. Among their lies:

  • National health care can actually work.
  • The minimum wage actually helps the poor (only the ones it doesn't throw out of work).
  • We need more tax money (eliminate the huge sports and arts subsidies instead).
  • Arts are necessities.
  • Sports are necessities.
  • Entertainment is a necessity.
  • Our ejukashun sistum is the wurld's finets.
  • The other party caused all the trouble.
  • A living wage can coexist with social programs.
  • We need to keep track of every person in the country.

The one attribute that would make a politician one I would want to vote for is the lack of desire to run for office.

Sometimes I wish there was a death penalty for politicians.

Where is this script located in your code?

It must be below the place where the images are loaded, or the script will run before the images load (and it won't find any).

It's also possible that your browser has settings to prohibit recursive functions (It's a common worm propagation method).

tefflox commented: very nice, friendly, and patient(!) +2

The problem with the non-table methods is that they fall apart when the browser window size is different than the size planned for. Instead of making page image scroll (as it should), the browser lets the structure created by divs fall apart. It was a good idea theoretically, but the implementation stinks.

I choose to use tables whenever the div method can't be successfully achieved in FF and IE after half an hour's fussing around with styles and settings.

And there are several block elements that can NOT have div columns inside them. No browser works correctly when div layoutss are nested inside these other elements (e.g. list elements) without resorting to kludges to make stuff go where it belongs.

Until they can fix it so you can lock parts together sideways, the div method is a kludge (and a pretty poor one at that). And it will still be a poor method once they do come up with a fix, because older browsers won't support any possible fix they come up with.

If accessibility laws prevent fixing the layout of the page, then it's time we either removed some legislators and threw out those laws (PC is a religion anyway), or redesigned the browsers so they can be set to present tables used for layout in a different way than they present actual tables.


I question whether accessibility is a problem when the table contains entirely images.

I also question ...

GreenDay2001 commented: exactly +4

Potato chips.

The problem is tht the hover attribute is on only the header, not the entire dropdown menu.

iamthwee commented: nice +11

Mumbo in front of jumbo?

Isn't that a description of declaring variables?

Sulley's Boo commented: :D +3

The last thing I want in a government is efficiency.

What we need are limitations on what government is allowed to do:

Government must be absolutely be prohibited from doing any of the following:

  • Spending ANY tax money on sports, the arts, entertainment, recreation, parks, land banks, monuments, museums, memorials, venues, advertising, businesses, and anything else which is nice, but not essential..

  • Doing anything which violates any religion.

  • Forcing people to disobey their religions.

  • Taking more than 10 percent of anyone's income in taxation.

  • Requiring identification or keeping track of honest people.

  • Doing anything that competes with business.

  • Placing power in the hands of nonelected people, other than trained professionals needed to implement traffic and safety laws.

  • Prohibiting any activity that only annoys someone, but is not a real hazard.

  • Trying to control wages or prices.

  • Conscription.

  • Eminent domain for any purpose other than transportation or water supply impoundment.

  • Owning schools or utilities.

  • Creating monopolies by requiring franchises to operate certain kinds of businesses in a given jurisdiction.

  • Limiting the number of businesses doing business in a given industry in a given area.

  • Allowing incumbents to run for office. They should have to work at real jobs before being allowed to run for office again.

Dave Sinkula commented: Nice list. +11

[QUOTE=Ancient Dragon;420116]Who do you mean by [b]they[/b]? Well Intell and Microsoft gave them their wish. If you don't like that then you are always free to remove the MS-Windows and *nix from your computer and replace it the MS-DOS version 6.X, then you will be back to where we all were 15 years or so ago. Of course you will not be able to play any of the current games or access the internet.[/quote]

They gave BUSINESS its wish, at the expense of other users.

But we can't run the special scientific applications we need on Windows So we have to use DOS.

Except that we can't find new computers that run DOS 6.2 anymore, and the old ones are dying.

[quote]Oh yes it is -- using Windows Explorer highlight a group of files then change the file extension of one of them -- they will all be changed to the same file extension.[/quote]

But suppose I need to rename the series of files:

ted001.txt, ted002.txt, ted003.txt ... ted246.txt


bev001.txt, bev002.txt, bev003.txt ... bev246.txt

It doesn't work! I end up with:

bev001.txt, Copyofbev001.txt, Copy2ofbev001.txt ... Copy244ofbev001.txt

[quote]What! Those are still available in win32 api functions and *nix functions. C and C++ languages never ever supported them as part of the language.[/QUOTE]

But the languages they took away DID support them. They took those functions away because they don't work with Windows running all the time under them.

I wrote a DOS video game in GWBASIC to help children learn ...

~s.o.s~ commented: I can understand but your arguments are illogical. +20

Several times today, the page has refreshed by itself while I was entering a post. One time it happened while I was editing a post (the edit box disappeared and the unedited page reappeared). Each time, I lost the text I entered.

GRIMBIMBLES MOOMSNOPS! (An exclamation from an old Pogo comic strip)

I am still experiencing, at random times, the inability to hold down the scroll arrow and scroll the page. There is always a very fast moving ad on the screen at the time.

Salem commented: It is very annoying isn't it. +9

Put Al Gore in an assylum where he belongs.

Ancient Dragon commented: good point +17

Older browsers don't know what a .png is.

Dsiembab commented: thanks +1

It does matter in Firefox, which follows the W3C standard. Firefox does not recognize uppercase or mixed case versions of styles and attributes in doctypes that prohibit them.

The style "height" must not have a capital "H". The "h" must be lowercase.

height = OK
HEIGHT = wrong
Height = wrong

The use of uppercase letters in tags, syles, and attributes is deprecated by the W3C standards. They will fail when used with future browser versions. Get used to it now, so you don't suddenly have to do a ton of work on your pages later.

Most browsers on UNIX servers already fail when given the wrong case. UNIX has no automatic case conversion.

IE is not following the W3C standard, and wrongly makes these case-insensitive.

ashneet commented: Great and well explained +3

Actions speak louder than words, but politicians won't shut up.

[quote=Dave Sinkula;395054]My version of that is Styrofoam-to-Styrofoam or Styrofoam-to-cardboard.[/quote]

That's a bad case of the squeebies.

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[quote=lasher511;390662]Infact i think he made some very good arguments against global warming.[/quote]

Actually, I haven't. My arguments are that their arguments are not valid. We may be having global warming. But the arguments proffered by Al Gore and his henchmen are not valid.

One interesting fact is that Mars is also experiencing a melting of icecaps. This tends to indicate that any global warming has an external cause.

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You need an id on the same object with someclass. That id becomes the target of the assignment statement:

function changeSrc(clicked)
changeme.backgroundImage = 'someotherimage.someformat')

Put both the class and the id in the object with the background


Funny headlines and newspaper misprints I collected:

Woman collides with police car.
Goliath falls in Cup.
Vaccinations available for whopping couch.
17 remain dead in morgue shooting spree.
Experienced bricklayer and hog carrier wanted.
Specter objects to bill's provision
Shooting reported at firing range
The Plaintiff does not know the whereabouts of the defendant, Southern Pacific Bank.
Stuff happens, but it won't happen quite as often if we read what we wrote.
An unmarked detective's car was parked on the corner.
The bride arrived in a limousine wearing a minidress and a veil. (poor car)
The ship was a floating hotel, with a grand piano made of aluminum with large windows.
Purdue rains as Big Ten champions.
Meeting on open meetings is closed.
Women banging children into the world should know these things.
Blaze destroys fire station.
Space began with the "big band."
His father was driving, and his father was in the passenger seat.
The horoscopes in Thursday's paper accurately predicted the future. They were today's horoscopes by mistake.
Red tape holds up new bridge
The barge spilled hundreds of thousands of asphalt.
All of the sexual harassment papers were provided by city hall. boop.
The Emergency Planning Committee is open during norman business hours.
Weight watchers should use the wide doors at the side entrance.
Identity theft - work at home - set your own hours.
No rain in Spain leads mainly to complaints.
Sabres decline to retain rights to Satan.
He scooped up many pounds of deer ...

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The 20 things I dislike most:

[]Promotion of sinful activity by government and by Hollywodd
]Daylight Saving Time (The time change twice a year)
[]The State favoring the religions of Atheism, Environmentalism, and PC
]Government taking property from poor people to satisfy tax debts or mortgages.
[]Bicycle riders causing hazards by breaking traffic rules
]Perfume and chewing gum at public events (my allergies)
[]Chewing gum displays in the checkout lanes (allergy)
]Politicians who think it is necessary to cheat to win elections
[]The unfair Plurality Voting System (and its use in political polls too)
]More than 10 percent of income taxed away (only workers really pay taxes)
[]Lying politicians.
]Untrained politicians making traffic laws
[]Government overregulation
]Government spending on nonessentials (e.g. new pro sports arenas)
[]Monopolies and monopoly powers, including copyrights, patents, exclusive contracts, and copy protection
]Microsoft changing the operating system every three years
[]Scents in every home product (allergy)
]Government banning products
[]Companies discontinuing products
]Minimum orders (In order to get 4, you have to buy 1000)[/LIST]In addition, I have a few new ones:

  • Bad science
  • Moving ads on web pages
  • Computer watermarks behind text
  • Constant change in computer operating systems and programming languages (e.g. Microsoft)
  • The fact that all HR people are so right brained that they can't correctly hire a left-brained job
  • The very existence of landlords
  • People hating Christians because they are required to tell others about it. It's the only DO requirement in Christianity.
  • The ...
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Why did you get rid of the menu? I didn't know what any of them except the fire meant.

Danarchy commented: I still don't know what some of the icons mean. I thought there used to be a list at the bottom that explained them. +5

If the chimps want special rights, let them compose and submit their own writs to the judges.

EnderX commented: Excellent Logic. +1

My thoughts:

  • How much whitespace you use depends on how much content you want, vs how much you have to pay for server memory and download bandwidth.

  • I use only one space for each indent in tight memory situations. But I use a monospace editor font.

  • I have only one level of indentation for each table:


contents contents contents contents contents contents


  • I base my decision of whether to use tables or divs to format the page by how I want the page to fail it the browser window is too small:

-- When div is used with Mozilla, it overlaps the elements (especially images) on the screen when the browser window is too narrow.
-- When div is used with IE, it collapses the horizontally spaced elements into a vertical column when the browser window is too narrow.
-- When tables are used with either Mozilla or IE, a horizontal slide bar appears at the bottom of the screen, and the display is wider than than the window.

  • I totally can't stand the variable name standards which originated with c (probably because I think C is one of the third worst programming language). I string together enough characters to do the job, e.g. digindx for digit index.

  • I usually choose code to reflect the mix of browsers I expect to be using it, but I also realize that if I use deprecated code, I will have a big ...

MattEvans commented: "I base my decision of whether to use tables or divs to format the page by how I want the page to fail it the browser window is too small" < Very True. Let's hope they fix CSS up properly sometime soon >_< - Matt +2

[quote=mattyd;319173]Yes, at times, specifically: 4-6 A.M. (Eastern)[/quote]

Usually a shutdown at a specific time like that is scheduled system downtime or hard disk backup time.

It could be either the Daniweb server, or your own ISP.

mattyd commented: adServer info\ slowness # thanks much--mattyD +5