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nope, as far as I know

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Well I can't conclusively say that one is better, because they serve different purposes.

Are you familiar with OOP? In OOP, static objects or members of a class that can be accessed directly from the class, while non-static members can only be accessed from the instance it belongs to.

C# follows a similar principle for the methods. The static methods can by accessed directly from the class, while non-static methods (or instance methods as I like to call them) have to be accessed from an instance. That is why instatiating needs to be done for instance methods, while for static methods it's just not needed, and furthermore impractical (see below).

In OOP, static variables are used for values which cannot be stored by an instance variable. Example: supposed you wanted to keep a count of how many instances of a class exists? How would you store that in a single instance?

The methods use a similar principle. They should be used for procedures for which it is impractical to do within an instance of a class. I tend to use them for broad procedures (not a technical term), meaning those that do not require me to instantiate an object. Example, adding two parameters. (This usage may or may not be correct, but I believe it is)

However, if you wanted to add two properties of an object, the method cannot be static, because as you would soon realize, static methods cannot access instance methods or variables within a class. Of ...

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Sorry if I am too late.

Vista Home premium will only upgrade to Ultimate.

So yeah a clean install might be needed, assuming the disc and key you have allow clean installs (I know nothing of this)

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Actually, I think you need to put the code
[code=C#]this.Invalidate()[/code] in the minimized event handler or similar.

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Now now, you completely missed my point.

I wasn't focusing on whether or not I, or anyone else, chose the right God.

What I was trying to say (and still am) is that as someone who truly believes in their religion and a better place after the destruction of earth, you would have nothing to fear about the end of the world, because well all other scenarios mean squash to you. Really, just think along that perspective.

Also I certainly did not think about my existence before I was born, but I do now. The thought that I would just stop existing would scare me, but that is not what I believe. It is because I believe that I would exist afterward in a better place, that the thought of having that taken away makes me sort of swoon. I'm not sure if you 100% understand that but that's just how I'm thinking about it.

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Why afraid?

Anxious maybe? But afraid?

It's daunting to consider that the end of the world is in our lifetime (I have long since accepted that notion), but if you do believe in God you shouldn't be afraid. Because that means there is existence for you even after this earth collapses into itself.
If I were an athiest I think I would be afraid. Because then after that my existence would just cease. Do you know how dizzy the thought of that makes me?

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by buttons I assume you mean event handlers? (ignore that--I don't know why I'm so mean)

Anyway, try declaring the variables outside of any methods, but instead, declare them right after the class declaration (before the constructor), Like so:

public partial class FooForm : Form
string foo_string; //Can be accessed anywhere in the form
int foo_int = 0; //Can also be accessed anywhere

public FooForm() //constructor that is automatically generated

void FooButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e) //your button event handler
foo_string = "foobar";

void BarButtonClick(object sender, EventArgs e) //another button event handler
if (foo_int==0)
foo_string = "Not a bar anymore";
Is that what you meant?

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Put this in your local paper, and see what happens...
"Wanted - psychic. You know who to call".[/quote]

:D :D

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Hold on i had this problem (but with ubuntu) There was this app i launched from my flash drive during boot up. I think its call fixmbr. Google it.


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[quote=Sturm;461453]I suggest you try using your brain before you post, it might have a positive impact on the quality and content of your writing.

EDIT: You are a perfect example for my sig.[/quote]

You can get quite rude xP

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do you realize what you've done? xP
Brace yourself for the global warming argument.

Now, I'm always for a bicycle. It's a healthy means of transport (well in one sense...) plus it's fun. Animals though, I stand against. If you utter something like that again I just may have to throw red paint on you.

Seriously though, while things like subsistence farming and giving up gas guzzling machines for something more tranquil might idealistic, that's all it is. It's just not human nature (the race as a whole) to suffer the most minor inconveniences for the sake of the greater good. And having to grow your own produce is no minor inconvenience, I can tell you that.

As a whole we are just too plain lazy (heck, I'm a lazy guy individually...)

As for me adapting to certain changes. Well it really depends on how deep it goes. Are you talking about something minor like recycling my junk or riding my bike to work?

Or something possibly harder like having our computers on for only x hours everyday?

Or maybe a drastic change like digging caves and living in them?

Also, you would need to give me a better reason to change my ways other than to satisfy somebody's sentiment for the "gold old days"

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They prolly say that because C# is just plain easier. There's also the draw of the .NET framwork (I know you think it's a pain in some light, true but...). I like having this massive library of functions for common/intermediate tasks at my direct disposal, plus easily using libraries from my collegue targeted for the same platform.

Even still I myself am thinking about looking into C++ now that I have a pretty solid C# foundation

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Uhm you can try that setting inside the system properties dialog under the Advanced tab, theres a performance button, when you click a visual effects dialog open. See if checking any of those settings will help.

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This does not work for me, I get:
AttributeError: overridedirect

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Is there any reason why your array is so complex? You have a list containing a tuple containing a list containing several tuples containing lists.....

Anyway, try this (no guarantees, don't have an intepreter may also need to fix the indents):

def countchar(array, char="a", total=0):
for element in array: #indent-1
=False #indent-2. different from "array" above.
if array
for element_ in element:#indent-3
return total+countchars(element, char=char, total=total)#indent-4
for element in array:#indent-3
if element==char:#indent-4
return total#indent-3

You need to realise that i don't have access to an IDLE now to test this, so you're going to have to figure out the indentation on your own (use your discretion). Another thing, if the code crashes or something like that, you should use your discretion fix it if its a minor bug.

Logically, all it does is check if the array conatins another array. If it does, it checks if that array contains another array...and s on. Finally, when it reaches the last array, it checks if each element in that array is an "a", or whichever other character you may want to search for. This uses may be frowned upon if you hand it in for homework, or use it to check large arrays.

Happy coding...