There's a way to prevent automatic photo uploads by Dropbox, right there in the settings.

my internet is slow at the moment... still downloading the installer

I had already heard about this service, though I didn't know that they had already laucnhed the Windows and Mac clients.

I have 50Gb on Dropbox (thanks to my Samsung purchase). Still, there's never "too much" cloud storage space. Here's my referral link.

You should try implementing a triple nested loop: one that calls for the C and Y values, one for the X values and one for the D values, in that order of nesting.

Until you show us the code you tried, can we help you with some code. Do your own homework.

Sure! It can happen to anyone :P

An exception? Or a warning?

Also, I suggest you put the else return value outside of the loop. If you're trying to check wether a string is inside an array, putting the second return into the else statement will quit your loop right after the validation didn't get the searched value in the first try (given that it is not on the first position in the array). This may also solve your "unreachable code detected" warning.

public static int search(string Registration)
        // this method will search for registration, if found it will return the index value , else it will return max value + 1          
        for (int x = 0; x < numOfRowsCars; x++)
            reg = ds1.Tables["tblCars"].Rows[x][2].ToString();
            if (Registration == reg)
                // Then return the index of the registration number 
                return x;
            }//move else to end of row
        // Then return the max index + 1
        return numOfRowsCars;

oh, you mean the size changing on hover? Maybe just change the color of the text and a text-shadow... Also, the last lines of your code are unnecessary: you're giving the same properties to every nth-child, so a simple ul.main_menu li a:hover at line 32 and removing lines 36+ should do

What exactly d you want to do? "Fluid" layouts are supposed to adapt to window size, which your navbar does.


How about a session variable?

Add this:

#navMenu ul li{
    float: left;

Since your submenu elements are not floated, they will just overflow all over the place.

First of all, you should get familiarized with mysql_fetch_array, since mysql_fetch_assoc is getting dropped in php5...

Second, check your mysql syntax for any errors. Does $row['dateCreated'] print any value?

For future reference, Alt + 7 (or Alt + Shift + 3 on a Mac)

Assuming your a.project content is inside your #shownews, you should use $('a.project').on('click', function(e){...}); instead of the click function, since it will only work for the content you load the first time, and is not binded to dynamically created objects.

TextBox1.PasswordChar = "*"

More like = "•", but yeah xD

You could extend the submenu width to make it fit... Oooor, you could wrap the text in the submenu item so it won't overflow from the box by assigning a width to the <li> element

Did you try scrolling to the bottom of the page?

Well, you could create a function in MYSQL that would return the next number in the database. That way, when you open a new citation, it will load the next number. If you look back to an old citation,once you close it and open a new one, just call the function and the next number should show up.

You can do this by using AJAX. It's an incredibly useful tool.

You can create an array that tracks which items have been selected, so everytime an item is selected it adds +1 to the item's value in the array. Then, after the form is submitted (or in the form submit action) you call the function that stores the data into de db, so that it runs the database update for every element in the array.

Well, your tag names are all wrong. Try this:


<div id="wrapper">
    <div class="logo"><img src="meshomagic_logo.jpg" width="559" height="280" alt="meshomagic logo"></div>
    <div class="bgShape"><img src="images/logo_bg.png" width="1000" height="114"></div>


#wrapper .bgShape {
position: absolute;
left: 0px;
top: 0px;

#wrapper .logo {
background-color: #000;
position: relative;
top: 0px;
z-index: 2;

You could make the dropdown to collect the data from a dataset with a select command that selects unique records for the CellName:


Reputation indicates how "trustable" your posts are according to Daniweb community. These points are awarded in support forums, and there are no points for upvoted or downvoted posts in the lounge or other community forums.

You get reputation when someone upvotes a comment you made on an article, and negative reputation is awarded when you're downvoted.

well, the main() function, the int main() and the void main() all do the same, which is process the main process of the program. The difference is int main() is the only right way of calling it, since every program, when called, returns an "error message" that the OS interprets, in which case, closing the program with a return 0; tells the process calling your program that it ended without a problem.

As for include <iostream> and using namespace std;, the first one calls the library to be used in the program... There's A LOT of libraries you can use, and there's infinite possibilities of libraries you can create to use in your program. The second one declares the namespace to be used from the libraries you are calling, in this case, the std namespace of the iostream library.

Also, you can refer to this post for more info on setting up a visit counter (contains information about website, address, etc.)

Have you any knowledge of php sessions? If so, create a session variable for every user that logs in, adding up to the counter stored in your database. Assing a timeout period for the session, so that once the user has been away for that time period (say, 30 minutes), another logon to the site will count as a new visit.

If you're looking for a blog layout of some sort (three columns, and such) you should consider setting the widths by percentage, thus making the sizes relative to the column container (the outer div).

As for the column alignment, you could float all the columns left. That way, the left one goes first, the middle one in the middle, and the last one to the right.

If you're promting the user to enter a filename to which you'll save the information, I'd recommend you ask for it in a separate function, since reading it from the [icode]main()[/icode] function means sending the parameters when executing the program, either from a shortcut link or a shell call from another program.

Just use a function prompting the user (via printf or cout) to enter a filename.

Use [icode]DataGridView1.Rows.RemoveAt(DataGridView1.SelectedRows(0).Index)[/icode] and remove the allow multiples rows selection from the properties of the datagrid. That should do it.

Also, shouldn't you specify what king of db variable you are adding with values? The way you're doing it, you are going to need some single quotes in the text fields.