This is a bug on WINDOWS 8 going upwards. if they still had the location setting option I.E Home, work and public network this problems would be fixed
The only fix that works for me is to reboot the router.

Just need to add the path to your enviroment. Using "echo $PATH"
displays you current path. you need to add the path of the script to you env using

PATH=$PATH\:/dir/path ; export PATH

I hava an asus x401A. installed ubuntu 12.xx, wireless works fine,rt2800pci. Decide to upgrade to 14.xx the drivers name is not listed on connection info and the wireless keeps cutting off espesically if the computer was on sleepmode. Most of the time I have to restart the laptop or disable the wireless then networking wait for a minute or so. Then enable it. I think it is just a software bug.....

Ubuntu,Arch and gentoo

[QUOTE=forumdude123;549281]one of the items may be defective, or unsupported by your pc.[/QUOTE]
I think most probably your processor is defective> Just last week I had a problem like that with my PC it powers up but never boots and has this long beeping sound so I'd suggest you try looking at the processor.

baby on board

Can the floppy file system be changed from "RAW to EAT 32".
How is it done?

i get the error message floppy disk fail everytime i start the computer and i have to press F1 to continue what might be the problem

where can i download linux and what are the do's and donts

my machine has XP installed and i want to get rid of it and use win98. how do i do it without losing my data

Am trying to install a 128mb ram in the second slot, but when i restart the screen goes blue with error message "Dumping physical memory to hard disk"
what am i doing wrong?