Yeah, it recognizes other discs.

[QUOTE=caperjack;1061237]does the drive recognize other disk you put into it[/QUOTE]

So I just got Windows 7 64-bit and I also have a copy of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007. My computer isn't recognizing the disc at all. It's as if there is nothing in the E drive. Any suggestions? (I have a key, but I can't seem to download a trial version of Office either because they are out of trial keys.)

Hey, I'm just learning about computers and right now I know next to nothing. Where would you input a code like this one?

"Es mejor morir de pie que vivir un siglo de rodillas" -Emiliano Zapata

Translated it means: It is better to die on your feet than to live a century on your knees.

"September the 4th, 2001, I stood in the ruins of the Twin Towers. It's a day I will never forget." -George Bush

All I did was go to the netgear website and download something because it's for windows vista and followed those directions step by step and it step it up for me.

So, my internet connection works just fine, but those two little computers in the task bar have a red "X" over them which is supposed to mean I have to internet connection and when I go to the network center or whatever it's called, the internet connection doesn't show up. I tried restarting my modem and router and computer, but that hasn't done anything.

I bet he says Christianity.

[QUOTE=joshSCH;524463]What? Liberals are for a stronger federal government, and want more control over its people. Liberals want more control over businesses and government regulations of private corporations..[/QUOTE]
I would say liberals are against more control over its people by giving them more social freedoms, unlike conservatives (ie. gay rights, abortions choices, and other social issues)

No, liberals are against hidden street cameras, spying on our conversations, confiscating our laptops, and spying on us through social networks.

I agree with most of that except possibly the sins of our forefathers. I had no control over what they did, although I don't agree with it myself. I don't agree with the "women taking their rightful place" thing either.

[QUOTE]Naw, we are slowly becoming more and more liberalized.. The Socialist States of America aint too far off. Due to this protection v. freedoms loophole, our politicians are slowly taking our rights from us. What with hidden street cameras, the government spying on our conversations, confiscating our laptops, spying on us through social networks such as facebook and myspace, etc..

The liberals are beginning their global takeover by spreading their propaganda about inequality, global warming, health concerns, etc.

Those are the types of things liberals are against. It's the patriot act that allows much of this anway. And considering our last eight years of presidency, supreme court, cia, etc. we are EXTREMELY far from socialism and much closer to a neo-fascist type state.

Very very indirectly, I voted for nobody yet, as I just turned voting age, I would not have voted for some people that made it to office, and the ones I would have voted for did not have enough congressional support to trump their opponents. I was only able to vote for a very very small fraction of these people. Many American elections require clothespin votes in which we have no other choice. And the United States is most certainly a republic. If you don't think so, pick up a copy of the constitution.

[QUOTE=sneekula;523591]It's on a Sunday, and my religion does not allow me partake in such spectacles and the associated sinful behaviour.[/QUOTE]

What religion is that? And why is it sinful? (Unless you're referring to the drinking, etc.)

Well, one might say that because of terrorists, we are now forced to "forfeit" some freedom for security. This willing forfeit that you speak of was not my choice. Whether I wanted it or not, nobody asked me. In a way, you might say, the terrorists have already taken away a part of our freedom in this sense. One might say that is was the incompetence of our government that this could happen.

Then why don't they search white people more because they are more likely to commit hate crimes?

[QUOTE=joshSCH;524390]I don't think they were looking for child pornography.. they just found it during the search.. and considering that child pornography is ILLEGAL in the United States then it was perfectly fine for them to confiscate it. The idiot should have at least hid the porn somewhere other than "My Pictures". Idiot.[/QUOTE]

Of course I agree it should have been confiscated (I only skimmed the article, but I'll talk as though I know everything about it cause that's what I do, lol). What were they searching for?

[QUOTE=joshSCH;524376]We definitely need some racial profiling in these cases.. If some white dude dressed up in a business suit walks in with a laptop, then let him go through without checking it. But, if some muslim dude comes up wearing a towel on his head, then they should definitely confiscate his laptop and search through it for suspicious material.[/QUOTE]

Your avatar fits you perfectly. Because white businessmen are just incapable of terrorism and middleastern people are all terrorists (hope no one's stupid enough not to sense my sarcasm). Being muslim is having a certain religion, not ethnicity. A white businessman can be muslim. And what can a terrorist do with computer files that's dangerous anyway? Show you a clip from youtube of Fox news? Terrorists aren't stupid either. Those on 9/11 were living in the US for a long time already. I don't see why terrorist groups can't find white supporters (probably not al queda, I know) to dress in business suits and go onto airplanes.

My question is, why is it necessary to check for child pornography on laptops in airports? I could understand checking for marijuana if your plane came back from Colombia, etc. but since when does child pornography need to be physically transported in order to get it to the United States? Wouldn't it usually be done electronically over the internet? No one goes to the Philippines just to get such pictures, put them on the computer, and take them back to the United States. Not that I would have anything to hide, but I still consider it an invasion of privacy for reasons already mentioned. (By the way, a warrant isn't needed for a moveable scene of crime, whoever it was that said a warrant was needed to check your briefcase. Only suspicion is needed. Terry v. Ohio even stretched that a bit)

[QUOTE=ZZucker;524217]Nicely said! On top of that, we girls have no mechanism to tune out the lower pitch male voice.[/QUOTE]
Sure, you do. Just start nagging and the guy will try to tune you out. Then you don't have to hear his voice at all.

I had a mock trial competition yesterday and at the end the judge said that one of our witnesses that played an officer did a good job because it's usually hard because officers come off as cold or unlikeable to juries in a courtroom. The funny thing is that witness' dad was a real cop and he was there in the courtroom when they said that, in uniform. Then the judge realized what she just said and got all embarressed. (By the way, we won and get to move on to regional competition. I played the part of defense lawyer so I felt pretty good. If we win this we go to the state competition and then on to the national competition.)

People that whine about people whining of people whining about smoking. (You knew it was coming.)

Yeah, I tried nesticle and i don't think it works for vista. Either way it didn't work for me. I found one that did work but it's kinda crappy and it won't let me save the game. I've been searching but haven't come up with anything useful. (What do you mean by crappy side scroller?)

I downloaded the winzip, the bottom two files on the emulator screen and the game, but it isn't working. I just see a window open up with a black background and some white font on it but then it goes away immediately.

I didn't know global heating was a problem. (annoyance: people that correct others on every little thing). Heh, I like making fun of myself.

Actually a lot of people that don't live in the United States don't like it. I think mostly because of its politics.

Here's one: people who bother others when they're sleeping. Last year a friend of mine fell asleep in class when we were watching a movie and my other friends put a bunch of little pieces of paper in his hair so during the movie I reached over and slammed my hand as hard as I could on his desk cause I thought it would be funny. He jumped up and little pieces of paper flew everywhere.

Sulley's Boo commented: hehe :P +4

I was talking to a couple friends today about a really old game for NES. Zelda 2: Link. I still have this game for NES but I can't find my NES and its cords in my house (it's cluttered) but I heard you can download an emulator to play on a pc or something like that. (don't even know what one is) as long as it's true that you own the game already anyway, which is the case here. Anybody want to help me out with finding one. I tried but didn't have any luck. I'm using vista if that makes any difference.

it's always in the last place you look

I always look in just one more place after finding something just to prove people wrong.

I would hate sunshine all night. That's why we have Alaska in the summer. Am I the only person who thinks that fire fart was fake? It was friggin' huge.


Really, really, never thought this game idea of mine would ever catch on. It was a pitched idea of someone else given as a joke but I thought I'd start it anyway to be funny. Haha.

I think looking up the word geek in an online dictionary is geeky. Lol.