I didn't know global heating was a problem. (annoyance: people that correct others on every little thing). Heh, I like making fun of myself.

Actually a lot of people that don't live in the United States don't like it. I think mostly because of its politics.

Here's one: people who bother others when they're sleeping. Last year a friend of mine fell asleep in class when we were watching a movie and my other friends put a bunch of little pieces of paper in his hair so during the movie I reached over and slammed my hand as hard as I could on his desk cause I thought it would be funny. He jumped up and little pieces of paper flew everywhere.

Sulley's Boo commented: hehe :P +4

Heh, I don't think I've heard that one.

“I wonder what the most intelligent thing ever said was that started with the word ‘dude.’ ‘Dude, these are isotopes.’ ‘Dude, we removed your kidney. You’re gonna be fine.’ ‘Dude, I am so stoked to win this Nobel Prize. I just wanna thank Kevin, and Turtle, and all my homies.’”

Sulley's Boo commented: =P hehe .. happy b-day .. +3

Yup, that's what motivates him.

ndeniche commented: this is the stupidest conversation ever... :D +3

I'm sick of the analogies. On both arguments. Because analogies aren't always accurate and are rarely 100% equal to the argument being made.

joshSCH commented: Indeed +17
Aia commented: analogies != argument +6

Yeah, I like those too. I want to play Resistance: Fall of Man for Playstation 3, but I'm too poor. =(

maravich12 commented: I'd play oblivion. +2

[quote=joshSCH;399494]I don't get it.. How do you go to a basketball trophy?[/quote]

I have no idea...........I went to a football trophy once.

maravich12 commented: sarcasm +2

I think it's fair to give that specific game an extension because of the circumstances of the seeds. Anyway yeah, I lost.....to A GIRL!......AT CHESS!!! Haha, just kidding. Narue is good. I didn't last long at all. Hopefully I'll make up for it in the loser's bracket. Yeah, don't forget everybody, that this thread can be used for reporting as well as a pm to me or Josh. Either way the results will be posted on the thread.

Aia commented: Man, I was betting for you. You made me a looser. ;) +6

I agree with Ancient Dragon that drug users should be hospitalized rather than imprisoned. I've never used any kind of illegal drug, but to me, marijuana seems less harmful that cigarettes. It's far less addicting, and few arguments are made to make it legal in public places compared to just making it legal in private places. It obviously has economical benefits and I think that if it were more government regulated people could be safer, they don't have to worry about dangerous things that have been added to them. They can get safe needles and everything.

joshSCH commented: Happy Independence Day! :) +15

No, actually it's been seen on infomercials. It chops up food in a clear plastic bubble. But maybe it was made in China, I don't know. Lol.

Kinda figured you'd say that, being republican (no offense), but I'm glad you presented both sides of the argument. I think if you become a doctor you can't get so far in the profession if you are doing it only for the money. I think many of them feel they are helping people and they probably feel pretty bad when patients die on them. That just means, they care about the people they are trying to help. And I think they wouldn't mind the inconvenience too much if they would be able to help more people than they already are. But, I want to know how it is doctors and medical professionals get screwed? (And just if it counts I'll throw it in. My mom is a registered nurse and she supports universal healthcare. She believes in will benefit her patients and/or potential patients)

EnderX commented: So, you're willing to pay for it when I get sick, then? +3

Dave, you claim that you are trying to get us to question ourselves, scientific data, and trying to get us to back ourselves up with evidence. After doing all of this you are still persistent. I fail to see your goal and I fail to see that you will ever reach this goal. It seems less that you disagree with us than you are trying to have us do the things stated above.

Dave Sinkula commented: Bingo. Have an open mind. Question information with reference to the source. Be a thinking person, not a tool. +13

[quote=joshSCH;394050]haha.. btw, that was me who said it.. Sorry, man.. but you took the wrong side, and mad bad arguments for it.

[edit] Damn, sk8.. when did you get so much rep ;)[/quote]

Lol, I got a lot from this thread and the impossible quiz. Got my fourth block (woohoo!)

[quote=Nichito;394054]the truth is, i know what i am doing to my body... i am aware that i'm harming myself... i know it is bad for me and for everyone...

next time i guess i'd better team up in the right side... andserch for better arguents... :D[/quote]

Well, there you go. You know you are harming your body. So why an argument at all?

ndeniche commented: here's some more... be happy... +2

[quote=christina>you;393994]It's just that HIV and AIDS are more common with homosexuals.[/quote]

AIDS is like Disco. It started with the gays, then spread into the general community. Lol.

Geek 8-) commented: i thought it was funny +3
Rashakil Fol commented: Jokes aren't funny when you laugh at them yourself. But seeing people try to make jokes and fail _is_ funny. +6

[quote=Nichito;393954]that is different, since building a body doesn't involve any addicion...

see it this way... you have a need for smoke... you body asks you t smoke... chances are, your son's body also asks him to smoke, even worse if you smoke in his presence...[/quote]

You feel an urge to smoke because your nervous system feels it is a necessity. You are releasing different neurotransmitters that weren't originally there (sense of feeling good, like dopamine). It in no way affect certain cells such as gametes and in no way can be passed on to offspring.

joshSCH commented: Ahh.. the greatness of Science.. +13

[quote=Nichito;393878]ok... i certainly know smokers will be with me in this...

i've got reasons to smoke: pay attention...

first, i'm elping to make this planet a better place for my children, or lets say the children of the children of the children of my children, since, the more cigarrettes i smoke, the more the cigar industry grows, and when a market grows, it means more production... and with more prouction, there is more tobacco... and with more tobacco, there is less food for tobacco... so, what will happen when the soil runs out of minerals for tobacco? it will not be possible to keep growing tobacco, and there will be no more cigars in the world... and, some might say, why not just buy the cigars and throw them away? well, that's because i'm not throwing away my money, so if i buy something, i use it...

second: i am preparing myself to extreme conditions... how do athletes prepare their body for competitions? going through heavy sessions of exercises... so... the same way athletes exercise their muscles for extreme situations... i prepare my lungs for extreme siuations... say, someone's house is burning... a non-smoker would not be able to survive all that smoke caused by the fire, but, a smoker, since has been preparing his lungs by providing them doses of smoke IS prepared to receive that smoke from the fire, and enter the house and save, say a child that is trapped, hiding under the dinning table... lol...

what ...

[quote=Dave Sinkula;393837]No, the question is more "why do you expect restaurants to be smoke free?"[/quote]

So I can go to a PUBLIC place without jeapordizing my health. Nonsmoking sections aren't really nonsmoking. Don't I have the right to go to a public restaurant and enjoy it just as much as smokers do?

Salem commented: Indeed :) +9

They just passed a law in Ohio making it illegal to smoke in indoor public places. I'm glad. If you can't go one meal in a restaurant without smoking you need to start backing off of it some.

[quote=joshSCH;393520]Indeed. Rashakil is sure to sweep this thread and give us all bad rep lol..

Anyway, what's the longest book yall have ever read? (Bible doesn't count)[/quote]
I think that's probably the lord of the rings.

Aia commented: I like that book very much. Read it a couple times. +5

It's a test that you can take in high school (costs me 83$ per test) that is worth college credit based on the score received. There are usually classes that you take to prepare for the test.

Just about every thread seems to turn into a religious thread.

Anyway, I finished reading the first eight chapters of Crime and Punishment and I'm suprised that my school is having us read books where the protagonist is a cereal killer. It's a very interesting book though.

Rashakil Fol commented: An on-topic post. +6

(I haven't read all 73 replies) I liked Citizen Soldiers, D-Day: The Climactic Battle of World War 2, Band of Brothers (all of those are by Stepehn E. Ambrose) and Angels and Demons. Right now I'm reading Crime and Punishment and so far I like it.

Rashakil Fol commented: On-topic? But I wanted to downrep people! +6

This has made me go crazy. I've answered the first one hundred questions correctly but it says there are ten more. See if you can beat it. I'm about to rip my hair out.


If you have any questions about any particular question ask me and I'll tell you how to answer it correctly.

Duki commented: addicting. +6

Sorry for the wait Sturm. I was out of town. My next move is:


And just to let you know, I'm really bad at the notation so just correct me if I'm wrong.

Steal an idea from someone else.

paramasivan commented: Great +3

This isn't meant to offend anyone so don't take it the wrong way.

There was a jerk employer that was trying to find a new employee, but being the jerk that he was he didn't want to hire an immigrant. An immigrant applied and legally the employer had to give him an interview. So to try to get rid of him he asked him to represent nine without using words or numbers. So the immigrant drew three trees. He said, "That's a tree, a tree, and a tree. It's nine." So the employer asked him to represent ninety nine in the same way. The immigrant drew a smudge on each tree and said, "Dirty tree, dirty tree, and dirty tree. That's ninety nine." So the employer thought he would give one last shot at getting rid of him and asked him to represent 100 the same way. So the immigrant drew a smudge under each tree and said, "A dog came a pooped by each tree. That's a dirty tree and a turd, a dirty tree and a turd, and a dirty tree and a turd. That's 100."

Haha, I thought it was funny.

iamthwee commented: Ho Ho ho +9

Isn't it funny that asteroids are outside the Earth's hemisphere and hemoroids are in your @$$?

ndeniche commented: hahaha +4
arjunsasidharan commented: lol ;) +3
christina>you commented: Hahahahah. That was hilarious +17

No, I tried that once. But they started making out and we got akward. I ended up getting water thrown in my face and a virus on my computer. hahaha.

Aia commented: Too bad this is not the laughing thread. +4

[quote=christina>you;379247]Well he's been happy for 2 1/2 years, so I think he's pretty content. ;)

I think it's sad when guys are whipped without the benefits of a real relationship. Like the girl tells the guy to jump and he asks "how high?" Lol.

Duki and I make each other happy and that's what truly matters.

So back to destiny? ;)[/quote]

You and me are a lot alike. You've been with your bf for 2 1/2 years and I've been with my gf for 2 1/2 years. You have the same beliefs and ideas as me too. And we both like Daniweb.

christina>you commented: Kudos for being alike! ;) +14

What's the hidden text?

Pretty much, Democrats believe in social permissiveness. They are generally pro choice (although not always, myself included, on a personal level anyways), less strict laws, against the death penalty. They are not eco. per.They think fair trade (placing tariffs on imports to protect American jobs) is good, and they believe in government aid such as social security. Republicans are usually economically permissive. They want less government regulation on things dealing with money. They believe in free trade. This is why many of the rich people tend to be republican (free trade means outsourcing jobs and spending less money for their businesses). They think states and people need to be responsible for themselves and less government aid. They are also not as socially permissive. This is why, generally, they are pro life and for the death penalty. Everyone is different though. Not everyone can just be placed into one category or the other. More Americans are become individuals (or centrists according to this test).

When I said eco. per. that meant economically permissive. Somehow overwrite got turned on. Someone want to help me turn it off?

twomers commented: Thanks. Kinda clears up my confusion for the last 21 years :) +1

[quote=Sturm;377066]What do I know???? I scored 1310 on the SATs and am planning for perfect next year. I will be doing calculus next year in 9th grade, and this sunday I am going to an awards ceremony because I got one of highest SAT scores in Maryland for 8th graders.This summer I am going to a three week cryptology course hosted by John Hopkins and next year, in high school, I will be going to Eleanor Roosevelt High school. Eleanor Roosevelt High School is the school this years national science fair winner came from. DO NOT EVER DISCRIMINATE AGAINST MY AGE.
It is not some thing I tolerate or accept.[/quote]

With age comes wisdom. And if you're going to brag then I can too. My SAT score was higher than yours, and I've taken the same advanced classes. I've been to plenty of awards ceremonies and already I've been offered free rides at good colleges and I'm only a Junior. I believe I've earned the right to speak on your level considering I meet the same qualifications as you (some of which I haven't listed, mind you). You're on a website that includes a lot of intellectuals. An SAT score doesn't measure how smart someone is. Believe me I know. I've seen our validictorian get a horrible score and a few not-as-good students get pretty high scores. Age is definitely something to consider, although not to discriminate against. There is a thread on here called, "Why this scientist believes in ...

joshSCH commented: Smart.. I just wish you were on the right side ;) +7
Duki commented: You're very intelligent. +4