Hi, I am trying to burn a NTSC dvd and I have this pcutre that I want to use, well when I burn it on the dvd and play it on tv the picture gets cut off, I even set it at 640 x 480 which is the resolution of the tv, yet it gets cut off.

Does anyone know the resolution that I need so I can have the full picture on the tv without having it get cut off?

[QUOTE=moderate_rock48]Why dont you just upgrade you mobo, one that has pci-e and SATA. You would still be able to use your old processor, which is not a bad processor at all. I have a 3500+ with a 6600gt and i am rockin through all those games. Also when this video card starts to lose steam thanks to SLI I can buy another, even cheaper 6600gt. Then all you would need is a couple gigs of ram and a video card. later on you could get a SATA hdd because SATA isnt going to boost performance in games. You wouldnt have to buy an entiretly new system, and you could upgrade without cleaning out your wallet all at once. Hope this helps.[/QUOTE]


or what about the SATAII hdds? the 3.0Gb/s ones

I am planning on building a new AMD 64 system in jaurary and since its gonna be a high end system I want a faster HDD to keep up with the system.

currently I have a ATA/100(133?) i dont know 40GB hdd, and a slave 160GB Ultra ATA/133 hdd.

what can I do to give me a faster hdd, for faster load times in games and finding music and all those things. I am looking at a single of these.


is that good? I currented have this one as me slave drive, and it is loud making clicks when it reads and such


and the primary 40GB is an emachines one I stripped off my old system so i dont know what interface it is.

so what do you guys think? is the SATA gona help me in load times ompared to the hook up i have now? or s there anther method of doing this?

I am planning on a new system and between the

AMD 4000+ and this


which performs better?

for gaming,video editing, etc.

[QUOTE=priya]Can't understand your language. Overclocking the CPU may affect the life, but you can avoid it by proper cooling.

I hope this article may help you:


what he is saying he overclocked, nothing happened, but he wants to know if the cpu can be used after that point on with out causing more damage.

if you didnt increase the voltage and itdidnt over heat too much then you should be ok

wel i threw the idea of dual core out the window because nothing I use utilizes dual cores, and just like me buying amd 64 because of 64-bit, i dont use 64-bit.

and the 3400+ is socket 754.

and just for the record he 7800GT has have 4 more pipelines, 2 more opitimized pipelines, and other things that have been shut down on the 7800GT, besides the speed.

so what would be a better solution just to get socket 939? gettting a 3500+ or 3800+?
since the performance difference isnt that great. Doom 3 with a AMD 4000+,512MB x 2, 7800gt, and a SATA III HDD gets 81fps on doom at 1600x1200 which IMHO is amazing

ok so the new system is better?

the ram is cheap now is PC3200 still good?

I dont know where to post this so, i'll do it here, I am planning on upgrading, but I don't know what yet.

my current system is a AMD 64 3400+,1GB Corsiar PC3200 Ram,40GB HDD, and a 180GB ATA/133 HDD, and a 9600XT

I am trying to decide on if I should keep the current system, and just get a AGP 6800GT.

or upgrade to a AMD 64 4000+, 1GB ram, 120GB SATA hdd, and either a X850XT or 7800GT.

so which is better? I know the second system is, but is it worth it upgrading to a completely new pc just for pci-e and the option for a more powerful video card?

I just want a pc that can haul ass in current games like F.E.A.R. and Call of duty 2, and make them look better then what my 9600XT does.

if I get this system it will be mid janurary to mid feburary, so prices will go down by then.

what do you guys think? or do you have a better idea of a great system, thats not overdoing.

I am staying away from the FX series because they are alot for my budget.

and as a side note, if I was to buy a pci-e mobo, and new system and all, which card would be better, X850XT or 7800GT?

Hey guys, long time no see but i need help now.

I have a X73 printer and I have installed windows X64 on my pc, problem is I cant get drivers for this rpinter, lexmark doesnt have them and I cant find them in a search.

does this mean I cant use this printer with X64? or does anyone know if like a universal driver for this printer that supports 64-bit?

plz help I really love X64 but i reall need a printer

n/m i fixed it, a good firmware update did the trick

Hey guys long time no see.

anyways I have a problem.

I am trying to back up my dvds with dvd x copy, the program decodes the dvds and gets rdy to burn them, then it doesn't.
it ejects the cd and says writing error.

I am using memorex dvds and they have worked before.
I have not touched my pc inside since the last time they burned.
anyone know whats wrong?

yeah the 660 is like $1200, but i was just adding that amd can no longer say the only 64-bit windows cpu, but they can certainly say the first

lol, not that.

i installed it, then I had to install all my drivers, and none of them supported x64 so I had to reinstall XP.

my nforce3, audio,chipset, my printer, nothing was supported

Well AMD 64 is no longer the only Windows 64-bit cpu, Intels Pentium 4 620,640,660 all have 64-bit.

and how are you getting X64 to run!, none of my drivers work for it! ahh!

does P4 have the D model or is it just celeron and centrino?

to be even more specific, Ghz is the frequency of the cpu, the frequency is the amount of times a wave length passes through a specific point.

frequency is measured in hertz and thats where you get mega or giga hertz from.

I was reading up on the new HP dvd burner with lightscribe, and I was wondering do any of you think its worth it?

its a x16 dvd burner with lightscribe for $129

lightscribe looks pretty awsome and it would give me a cool way to label my dvds, the special lightscribe dvds cost about $.10 more per dvd and in a pack of 50 dvds it would be $5 more which isnt bad

it was actually $924, read my first post I said just a little over,

and i forgot to mention i also had the PS, i have a thread on this forum somewhere about the PS.

and I just shopped around like on pricewatch and checked the prices and everything.

hey Coconut Monkey what do u think of the new P4 600-series intel is releasing

comes in 3.2Ghz,3.4Ghz, and 3.6Ghz speeds
all have a 2MB L2 cache
and they are all 64-bit

i think those are gonna really give AMD a run for their money

[QUOTE=1o0oBhP]nice pc! im building a budget one for £800 (about $1500) which uses that same DFI mb and ath64 3400!!!! (newcastle core @ 2.4 GHz) and SATA barracudas :) Apparently the motherboard is good for a 280 FSB, which is nice. I might aim for a 250 FSB to get the 64 to 3GHz (with a watercool kit of course!) and i was thinking about a 6800 GT...... ;)[/QUOTE]
6800gt = best card eva made

Ok, dude plz listen to me and trust me, if your gonna upgrade the ram, either take out your current stick and buy two new ones, or go to emahcines.com and buy it there.

I had an old emachines and installed a stick of ultra 512MB in with the emachines 245Mb and my pc went haywire, it would restart randomly and sometimes perform slow.

as for the harddrives, one is retail the other is OEm , thats all I can see

hey szukalski, can I hook up my audio from the vcr to my pc using that connections on the back of the motherbaord?

because my video card has tv out and tv in, so if I can hook up my vcr using the S/PIF and the picture using the video card, I dont have to be a video capture card.

there is a nforce 4 motherboard that in the specs says supports dual channel and its socke 754,nots not out yet tho. maybe end of january early feb

do you have your xp cd? make a new partition (a small one) and svae all your important stuff on it, then reformat your pc, if you have very little to save use a cd to burn on

is your AC97 audio enable in your BIOS?

i had a similar problem, and bought a new sound card just to find out a few months later my AC97 was disable in the bios

grrr, im in america I dont knwo the eruo or pound conversion.

anyways IMO, I would go for the 64 3400+ 1MBL2 cache, because you can overclock 2.2Ghz to 2.4Ghz if you need it, and can not add another 512KB to your cpu if it doesnt have it ,( at least not in anyway I can think of)

no, trust me if you saw the performance before I overclocked it slightly, and the performance after, anyone who has eyes can see an increase in the speed programs open up, and music starts playing after you click it.

my 2x 512MB sticks are dual channel but they are not running in dual channel.

I found my amd 64 for $200 and my mobo for $95 a few days before christmas

thats not bad $295 for a AMD 64 3400+ and a DFI LANPARTy nforce 3 250Gb mobo