same exact thing

yeah some people call it extreme or e the way its suposed to be spelled, others try to make themselves sound cool and spell it xtreme or x. :lol:

ARRGGHHH do i have too? fine

I removed this program caled connection manager and just let the computer connect through the XP connection for baordband and my speeds shoot up to 256K :twisted:

its only dsl so shhh!! anything is better then dial up

nah i fixed it the mod can close this thread

well the download program is overnet and it specificaly says in its help files to set up virtual servers

I dont know where this goes so Ill just post it here.

I am having this problem with my browsing speed.

I have SBC Yahoo DSL
and a belkin rotour

now when my modem is pulged into my computer directly with the rotour not hooked up I can download at 60kb/s + on my dling program and browse the internet super fast while still dling fast.

once i plug in my rotour , I open up some ports for the dling program, so it still Dls quick, but my browsing speed gets real slow, slower then dial-up.

1) What am I doing wrong here? Is there a way to make my browser as quick as when the rotour wasnt plugged?

2) and also when the modem is pluged into my pc directly I can dl at 100Kb/s at times when I plug in the rotour, even with ports open I only get 60-70 tops can that be fixed or not?

I used to have the same problem untill I found out it was my ram that didnt support each other.