[quote=TT4Titans;339828]instead of bridging do everything from that computer.

go to your hdd manufactures site get the util and do a zero write.after that install windows it will do another format and partition.[/quote]

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate your reply. I think I may have fixed it though, before I got to read your reply. I managed to boot the computer to the CMD Prompt, in safe mode with an OEM 95 CD. Then I "hot swapped" the 95 CD with the XP and copied the generic autoexec and config files over from the CD to the respective directories on the C: drive. Then I rebooted in normal mode and it booted to the correct OS, but with a bunch of errors. Then I ran a repair from the XP install CD. Everything has been working fine since for the last few days, but if it happens again, I'll use your suggestion.

Thanks for Your Time and consideration,

Computer's [URL="

Computer's OS had become damaged or corrupt, and was giving a myriad of glitches and hangs. Clean install was performed including FDISK, repartitioning, format, preinstall virusscan, run on this computer from another computer bridged to it, and then reinstallation of OS. All operations went without a hitch, but, now The following message occurs:

[B]Standard Mode: Fault outside of MS-Dos Extender[/B]
[B]EC=0000 CS=307 IP=3E03[/B]
[B]AX=0080 BX=0000 CX=0002[/B]
[B]DX=0000 SI=0180 DI=0000 BP=015A[/B]
[B]DS=0277 ES=027F SS=027F SP=013C[/B]

[B]Please remove any Floppy disks from your drives and press any key to restart your system.[/B]

When a key is pushed the computer reboots, but goes into a loop of showing the error message, you push a key to reboot, and it reboots to the same error message.

The machine will not boot to safe mode although I am able to get to the DOS prompt by booting with an emergency startup CD. There are no post or beep codes observed but am able to get into the bios using ESC and F1 during the unsuccessful boot employing the HD. The computer has no floppy drive, so several of the the attempts to remedy the situation have been met with limited sucess

Any help would be appreciated,

Toshiba Tecra 8100 Laptop
850 MHz Pentium III
20 MB HD
Windows XP Home