Hi all,
I saw a image opening effect that I like so much.
And I would like to ask if anyone knows how can I do this.

The page I have seen the effect is :
w w w .hypersys.gr

Thanks a lot

Any ideas ??

Hi all,
I am new in web programming and I am trying to create submenus.
But unfortunately I have much problems.

  1. First of all when I use onmouseover on my links the submenu appears.
    But I am trying to click on economy and the submenu is changing ...

  2. All the content div is being down when I open submenu.

  3. In explorer, the communication link is in the bottom line.

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi all,
I am mew in matlab and I have to read a text and then make a vector with the binary value of their chars.

For example :
text = 'pr'
ascii = 1010000

I want to make a vector like that -->

My code is

[CODE]function bits_vector = textbin(text)

text_ascii = uint8(text);
num = length(text_ascii)

bits_matrix = dec2bin(text_ascii,7)-'0';

len_vector = num*8

bits_vector = zeros(len_vector,1)

for i=1:len_vector
bits_vector(i:(i+7)) = bits_matrix(i,:)

Any help ? Please

Thank you

in my first page of my site I use a table with anouncements (with marquee).

I want when an user is interested in a link to click on it and then to be redirected in another site in specific section.

How could I do this ?

I am trying <a href="2.html/#C4">Link</a>
and to the other page <a name="C4">Chapter 4</a>

It works but the background and all the css format of the page does not exist.

[QUOTE=adatapost;883393]View Menu + Code View Option + ....[/QUOTE]

Thank you I found it,
Syntax Coloring was disable. I was looking for in wrong tab.

[QUOTE=adatapost;883356]Which type (kind) of file you are editing? It is Text,HTML,PHP,etc...[/QUOTE]

.html and .js

Any ideas ?

Hi all,
Yesterday I installed dreamweaver cs3, since then I have problem with the code coloring.
The code is not highlighted.

I saw tab edit>preferences>highlightning and all the colors are checked (show).

Any help ?

Is it problem that I use black xp??

Thanks in advance

float save_array(int N)
int counter=0;

printf("Please type 10 float numbers :\n");
{ scanf("%f",&a);}

return &a;

void maximum(float Array,int N)
int i=0;

if ((Array+i)>max)


Hi all,
I would like to help me with a program in C.

I would like to make a function that saves 10 float numbers from an user.
But I would like to to do this with pointers.

My function is called float save_array(int N)
and then I have to find the maximum value of the array with void maximum(float
Array,int N)

Any help ??


I just had to decrease the number of px from rigth div and it's work great!

I appreciate it!
Thanks for all!

[QUOTE=Plyswthsqurles;881007]I looked at your code and what it looks like to me is that in the <div id="main2"> tag, the div right is too long inside the container div so it pushes div left to the bottom...if that makes sense?

Basically if you have 100 pixels in the main2 div, and you allocate 55 pixels to the right div and 50 to the left div, it will render in firefox, but in IE because the total is 105 it pushes the left div to the bottom.

I just tested this out....change the width of the right div to something like 640px and it will render how you want in IE.

What you are going to have to do is make a seperate css file for the IE fix. Make a css file and call it iefix.css and then this is how it will look in your index.html file.

<!--[if IE 6]>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="iefix.css" type="text/css" media="screen" />

I use dreamweaver 8

[QUOTE=Plyswthsqurles;880958]There are already plenty of browser compatability problems between IE and Firefox so it could just be that your code isn't valid.

Are you using a code generator like dream weaver or expression studio?[/QUOTE]

Somebody? please

Hi, I am new in web programming and I am trying to make my site.

But I have a problem, my template is not working properly in explorer.
My links div is in the bottom of my page. I would like to be top, near the Heading (in firefox is working perfect).

Could somebody help me ??

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your answer, but I think that you did not understand what I mean exactly.

I use 3 input elements and 1 textarea (with ids and names) I want when an user clicks on Submit button to send all the data via Outlook.

Something like :

User : ...
E-mail : ...
Subject : ....
Notes : ...............

Hi all,
first of all I apologise that I write in this category (javascript) but I don't know where I could be helped.

I use a contact form in my site with the fields
user, email, subject, comments

I would like after user's submit to send me all the data
But I don't know how can I define the action because all the fields are like variables.


Thanks a lot

I use a code to format my paragraphs

font-family: Tahoma,Geneva,Kalimati,sans-serif;

But I would like to have 3 spaces ( ) in the begining of every paragraph.
Also, I would like the first letter of every paragraph to be xxlarge size.

Could someone help me ??


Hi all,
I use a form to contact with an user and then I need to send data in my e-mail

My code is :

$myemail = "a@hotmail.com";
mail($myemail, $subject, $message, $from);

But when I run my site I take this warning
mail() [function.mail]: "sendmail_from" not set in php.ini or custom "From:" header missing in see in my e-mail I don't have new e-mail.

And when I see in my email box I don't have new.

Could someone help me ??

Thanks a lot

Yeah , I want to toggle between the two forms.

MayBE if I create a new form, for example login form, then I could hide the form 1 and form 2.
But I will have the same problem in login page.

[QUOTE=LizR;682797]Often closing the main form will terminate the app, you can just hide it.

Normally programs that appear to change from one screen to another and remove others such as login boxes to a main form etc, tend not to work the way people might imagine.

What you could do is rather than use the button click event in the form to create a new form, use an event in your main program.cs which sends a close event to the first form, and opens a new form.[/QUOTE]

I tried

The form disappeared but I could not exit from form2.

Your solution I did't understand. Could you help me with code ??

Thanks again

Hi , I am new in C# programming and I am trying to implementate something like site in c#.

On the top of my form1 I have four LinkLabels and when an user clicks one , he goes to another form but the initial form1 still exists.

I am trying this code :

private void linkLabel2_LinkClicked(object sender, LinkLabelLinkClickedEventArgs e)
form2 form= new form2();
form1 new_form = new form1();
new_form.Close(); //or new_form.Hide(); is the same ??
} [/CODE]

What is my fault ???

Thank you

I found it fillaly how can I display the date when an user is logged in, but I have problems when an user is offline.

I write the command

lu_lines=last $user | wc -l
if [ $lu_lines -eg 2 ]; then
echo "He is offline since a lot of time"
echo ".... (wtmp info)"

The result is an error -->
[: -eg: binary operator expected

Your code is working nearly perfect.
The only problem I have is that the result of command

[CODE] who | grep $user [/CODE]

appear on screen and I won't it.

And secondly, if an user is logged on two times appear two times, while I would like to appear only one.

Thanking you in advance!!!!!!

p.s. : Believe me it's the last question.


while read user

What do you mean when you say user.
Is it a variable from command line ??
I don't understand.
I want to write only the name of sh file on command line.

Also, how are read the lines from file 1.txt which contain the users ?

Could anyone give me the code exacly to read it ?

P.S. : I am sorry but now I learn about shell scripting.

Hi all,
I am new in shell scripting and I would like to make a bash script which will inform me if one of my friend is already logeed in. If a friend is logged in I want to take as output
USER1 : is in.
else USER1 : last time he/she logged in was "date"

I have to notice that the names of my friends are written in a file for example 1.txt. The 1.txt file is like that :


Thanks a lot!!!!!