this is interesting to say the least
personally i think it is matters opposite but in it's self the forces are unbalanced so it doesnt make since

also if it were a presence(dont get me wrong here)wouldnt it contradict the fact god is supreme and resides above us. he doesnt exist on this plane of existence in my mind.

antimatter could also be the side effect of energy made during collisions thus m-theory

yea i learned to play it a couple years ago but im not allowed to do it even though i understand all the concepts


every other country

RANDOM FACT: my buddy told me this one. more people speak english in china than america

Cherynobyl is underexaggarated<-----Is that a word

hey foreign people are cool they add spice to a place and theyre actuaslly not foreign. ure on the [U]World[/U] Wide Web

809 it


ill stop arguing now and fyi south park is trashy



a genius who

sorta sw stands for software package?

am i still wrong

you get an empty bottle

i toss a text book in

yea now i am

do you think im out of the loop


you wish you


areyou talkin about sw

no srry i had the wrong program i dont know much butill pm you if i figure out wat you want

was that kinda long

cool and speak

sw?wat is that im a loser and dont know this stuff

are we talking on here w/o any1 else on

like it

this game or the caunting game



do you work w/ computers



wrong game but ill eat the taters

are you a hick

a jackal on


the almighty question everyone wants to know coke or pepsi

love it though just recently some ppl threw a rock concert that played 50's traditional rock

long hair? just had mine cut

849 yo man hey