"What we got here is, a FAILURE, to communicate..."
Boss Hog, "Cool Hand Luke" 1967

  1. you are connected. to your router
  2. you are not connected. to the internet. (maybe)
  3. Reset the modem and the router, in that order.
  4. Wait for Network Cable Not Found to go away.
  5. R-Click and Repair your wireless connection.
  6. goto START->Run...->type "cmd" and click OK button.
  7. type "ipconfig" to check TCP/IP settings.
    (should be something like 192.168.., 172.168.., 10.0.0.*, etc...)
  8. Type "ping something.com" and press eNTeR.
  9. If you a get 4 sent and 4 recvd. message at the end, you are online, try to open your web browser.

If Not...

try "PING" + whatever your default gateway was from earlier. (IPCONFIG) what happens?
either way. you have a Router/OS issue
and we will need more info.

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