Now most screen recorders add the audio recording feature and your can test your audio recording device before recording.

Interesting! I tried the first way through gmail. But Gmail can not view the PDF file as HTML format by clicking the view button.

Welcome for your suggestion.

You may show your medical software with a live demo. Most people promote their software products and websites in that way.

Do you wan to make a demo like this:

If so, you may try something called DemoCreator. It is a helpful tool to make software tutorials and website demos.

great start on the php quiz, i suggest you can read some related tutorial like:

Maybe you meant the loading of all slide thumbnails in left pane of PowerPoint is too slow. If so, I just suggest that you can close the left pane and save the presentation again. The next time you open it, the pane will not display in PowerPoint.


William Peterson

Multiple ways to make PowerPoint into Webpages, and you'd better read the guide "[URL="

Just recommend free player [B]KMPlayer[/B] from Korea, which has more codec and the easy-to-use feature to capture video as you like.


[b]Perfectionist's PowerPoint Tip:
How to E-mail Your PowerPoint Presentations to Others Perfectly [/b]

[i]Great PowerPoint tutorial about multiple ways to email your PowerPoint presentations, with background music, voice narration and other multimedia files included. [/i]

You probably think emailing a PowerPoint presentation as easy as "just attach it". But sometimes, your recipients may complain that they can't view your presentations properly. Can't open, no sounds or totally deranged. What happened to this easy job? Let's clean it up today.

[b]Which Version of PowerPoint Are You Talking About [/b]

The first issue which should be considered is whether your viewers can open your presentation. PowerPoint Presentation in .PPT and PowerPoint Show in .PPS are the most popular formats for presentations. They can be viewed by PowerPoint Viewer without PowerPoint installed. Just provide the download link of [b]PowerPoint Viewer 2003[/b] for your recipients without PowerPoint: [url=][/url]. And for PowerPoint 2007 Presentation in .PPTX and Show in .PPSX, use [b]PowerPoint Viewer 2007[/b]: [url=][/url].

Besides, as PowerPoint 2007 is not generally compatible with PowerPoint 97-2003, the compatibility issue happens sometimes. PowerPoint 2007 can read PowerPoint 97-2003 files in compatibility mode, but not vice versa. Therefore you'd better add the official solution "[b]Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats[/b]": [url=][/url]. With this compatibility pack from Microsoft, most PowerPoint 2007 files can be viewed in compatibility mode.

However, the compatibility mode has drawbacks: some elements or effects are changed or missing. The official solution is worth trying unless you choose other ...