can you provide any code/link. just for my reference.
also even 400 record it is normal to react that kind of slowdown?

hi guys , i have a problem with my loading/refresh record in my form.
i have only almost 500 record and take so long before refreshing/display the data. i have a user input form where user enter their record and while saving(direct to the database) and refreshing data i just call only my function getrec ().

pls give me some idea to fix this problem.
pls take a look

Dim ActiveTable As New DataTable
Private Sub frmRef_Userlist_Load(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
End Sub
Private Sub dtBind(ByVal dt As DataTable)
        'slow start here
        bs.DataSource = ActiveTable 'binding
        'slow end here

        bn.BindingSource = bs
        dgv1.DataSource = bs 'listview
        CloseMainCon() 'closing connection

End Sub
private sub getrec
       SqlString = "SELECT " & Tbl_Fields & " FROM " & Tbl_Name & " order by xcode desc"
        ActiveTable = OpenRSTable(SqlString)
end sub


hi everyone,
need to get some advice, when opening mysql connection what is the way

Imports MySql.Data.MySqlClient (use in my current vb.ney proj)
ado connection? (use in my current vb6)

thx in advance.

thank for the reply chris. yap i already set it up that way. each record for every branches hold "branchID" field. Anyways thank you.

Im more confuse for the editing of records and payments. On how to manage my db architecture.

offline and online mode for transaction.
any idea. ?

Im still looking forward on how banks works. for example. im using Bank A for my ATM account. but when im in others bank (Bank B) when i insert my ATM card. i can still view my balance. so this way. im still looking answer for my first question. (using multiple database.)

I admit that 1 db is good like websites. is more easier to manage.

how do intranet works? my problem right now is how to access it without using the internet. . by the ways each branch distance more or less 1 city far. im still confuse with your answer. sorry for that mr debasisdas.

back to my 3rd question
[QUOTE]hmm... Im using mysql for my db. can you give sample link on how to apply this.? im well interested[/QUOTE]

how can i use the intranet for my project.

hope you can give me some detailed tips/information.

thank always for replying..

hmm... Im using mysql for my db. can you give sample link on how to apply this.? im well interested.

thanks ..

the problem for a single db/online db is when i have no internet the transaction will automatically stop. Im avoiding this procedure.
hmmm.. it will be easy if i have only 1 db for all the branches but the net connection is required. other suggestion and idea guys...

by the way thanks for the reply debasisdas

Hi everyone, goodday.

Right now im planing to setup 5databases for each store(5 loan branch). Each branch encode customer and loan account. Also hold each db for the branch inventory. For single branch the database works perfectly (encode transaction and produce reports).

Now my problem is.. I want to centralize my database. for example. My Loan record is in the Branch A. now im in the Branch B. I want to pay/down some cash for my account without going to Branch A. what is the best flow for this? could somebody share some idea. how can i manage this upgrade using the [B]5db[/B]?

any flow chart or presentation for this well truly appreciated.

Best Regard,

I just got a sample code here.

By the way thx AndreRet for the reply.
Im thinking that to make a server connection first. where to save all my attachment file and transfer it the server folder.

^_^ thx and happy coding.....

hi sorry for the late reply..

by the way thanks AndreRet for the reply.
your sample code really help me. but it doest not support my exact needs.

right now, temporary i stored by save file (doc,jpg,xls etc) to my app path. and open it using AndreRet code. but my problem is when im in the network computer and save some attachment file. it save to the workstation exe location.

my problem is, i want to save it in the database. or what ever flow. that i can manage easily my files. and have a secured stored location/drive.

right now, im open to anybody idea to cover up this problem.

thx for the follow up. ^_^

hello coder, could anybody can share an idea on making attachment files.

on my cms software. i wanted to have an attachment portion. where my doc,jpg,xls files can be attach. im planing to stored it on my app.path by copying the files. but my problem is when opening on the network computer. im also planning to save it on the database. but the big question is HOW? hmmmm..

sample code or little idea will be appreciated.


[QUOTE]1) You can take backup using mysql command on your database server which will take backup of your database in sql file or any format you prefer. [/QUOTE]

how can i do this .. can u give me a procedure?

perfect codes, for what i looking for.

thxx a lot manoshailu.

Hi guys .. i wanted to open some of my files. like mswords that save in any of my folders. also wanted to open .txt, .jpg, html etc files.

any code for this..

i have an idea using

shell "location of exe"

but it open exe files only. i wanted to open/preview some of my documents.. any help will be much appreciated.

Hi guys.. i wanted to make a report that can be design it own field location during runtime. Im using crystal report 8.5 and do u think this software is capable for this.? Any idea that can be share will be much appreciated.


HI.. i have same problem.

I wanted to create/layout a design in crytal report that will print my data in a thermal printer. Each transaction number have multiple items but other have only 3 items or less. my problem is each time i print the report. it generate a letter paper size. and take so much space on it.

i have also customize a paper but it has only a fix no of item.

im using epson TM-u220. and also installed the complete driver of it.
for printing I use the generic txt.

hope u understand it guys..

thx in advance

hi guys...

im using flexgrid for viewing and encoding of data for my project.
i wanted,to have a automatic computation for the column i have for example :

once i input number in col1 and col2 the sum will show up automatically in col3.

col1[ col2 col3
5 3 (automatic sum)

any idea ?
kindly help.
thx in advance

hi guys im using crystal report 8.5. but i wanted to print some report in the network by using some share printer.

it is possible ?

please kindly share some idea on how it take.
thx in advance.

hi guyzz im so sorry but already got it.. i would like to share it for other developer..

i use the running total field in the report.. the make a formula to subtract each running field...

thxx and more power

hi guyzz im using crystal report for my application...
i have problem in making formula in details parts of my report..

i access two tables in making the details, but my problem is to display the amount by subtracting or adding the details amount.(for getting the running balance.)

plss see my attchment. for my sample.

hi.. thx for ur reply guyzzz... i solved my problem..

i access only 1 table so i did..

i declare only one recordset to query the table and make the normal computation. without using function.

thxx and hope this thread will help also to other.

thx guyzz

here my code and i thnk it nothing happen in loading..

Call LockWindowUpdate(ListView2.hwnd)
Call LockWindowUpdate(0&)


any idea SCBWV

how to use the ADODB.RecordSet.GetRows () /??

hi guyzz... i have more than 1000 datas in my tables i loaded it in the listview using function..

but i have problem in loading it.. it consume almost 9 second to load all in the listview...

i think it is in my coding.. i would like to minimize it. here my code.

[ICODE]Private Sub userPriceList1()
Set rsFltUser = Nothing
Set rsFltUser = OpenRS("Select branchcode,branchname,item_Number,item_name,balance_unitcost,balance_unit from itemlist order by item_name")

With rsFltUser
If .RecordCount <> 0 Then
Do While Not .EOF
Set lstitems = frmPOS.ListView2.ListItems.Add(1, , !branchcode & " - " & !branchname)
lstitems.SubItems(1) = IIf(IsNull(!item_Number), "", (!item_Number))
lstitems.SubItems(2) = IIf(IsNull(!item_name), 0, !item_name)
lstitems.SubItems(3) = FipoMethod(lstitems.SubItems(1), IIf(IsNull(!balance_unitcost), 0, !balance_unitcost))
End If
End With
End Sub

Private Function FipoMethod(itmNO As String, Optional SCost As Currency) As Currency
Dim rs2 As ADODB.Recordset
Set rs2 = Nothing
Set rs2 = OpenRS("select item_number,srp_value,srp_setup from itemlist where item_number = '" & itmNO & "'")

With rs2
If .RecordCount <> 0 Then
If IsNull(!srp_value) = True Then !srp_value = 0
Select Case !srp_setup
Case 0
FipoMethod = Format(IIf(IsNull(!srp_value), 0, !srp_value), "standard")
Case 1
FipoMethod = Format(SCost + (CCur(SCost) * ("." & Val(!srp_value))), "standard")
Case 2
FipoMethod = Format(CCur(SCost) + CCur(!srp_value), "standard")
End Select
End If
End With
Set rs2 = Nothing
End Function

i tried already the byref and byval...

any suggestion wil be appreciated.

thx in advance

hi im using mysql...

in making installer... i setup all the ocx and dll to be install to the system32 folder. is their any conflict/problem to my project that not installed in application path?

  1. how can i know the exact destination of each dll to be installed.
  2. what folder "WinSysPathSysFile"

your syntax was written in .net. hahahah....
do u have any vb code to share?

please support this thread even it 2 year old posted. ^_^

hi ... im using the microsoft form 2.0 component for my combo box.

i loadded the data in my combo box with 2 column.
using the listindex of each Combo box i got auto complete searching,

here my code.

===combobox1(event change)===
if cbo1.listindex <> -1 then cbo2.text = cbo1.list(cbo1.listindex,1)

===combobox2(event change)===
if cbo2.listindex <> -1 then cbo1.text = cbo2.list(cbo2.listindex,1)

in my computer it works perfect.. and also in other installed computer. but their some cases out of 5 installed computer 1 to 2 computer did not work fine.

any follow ups for this ...

hi guyzz... is their a third party software were can i install/register all the vb dll files need in my visual basic project.

im having hard time in my installer setup. im using setup factory. and before im making the setup up factory wizard, im using the Package & Deployment Wizard of vb.

i have a lot of error. including the auto complete in combo box.

when im in my computer the autofill of data working fine, but in other computer i have a problem in auto complete. (dll files not included in vb.)

i thinking that if there is a third party software for all the list of vb dll, that can i download.

any one can help me.

thxx in advance

hi guyzz.. in my report i have a paper size of 3 x 5 inches. how can i customized my designer to fit my requirement.. ?

i need a driver for this layout?

if ever.. can u share this driver for me...

thx in advance.

try to remove the :

With BooK_Details
end with

and check the listview column you have.. by right click on the listview then goto properties and insert column as number of your fields loaded in the listview.