[QUOTE=gortonsfi]Did you make sure the other user doesn't have admin privileges?[/QUOTE]

uh, you mean in system preferences:accounts?


[QUOTE=yellow]Is "Ignore Ownership" turned on or off?

Maybe this will help:


ignore ownership is deactivated (not checked)

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i have an external firewire drive. i would log in as "admin" and set the permission that i = admin is the owner with read and write rights, group has only read rights and others has only read rights (or no access).

once i log in as a different user, the owner suddenly becomes this! user (and not as admin as previously configured).

any good unix experts here?


are you trying to import original cds? maybe you have these copy protected discs?


FIRE "burned" my old g4 powermac. nevertheless, i heard that it works, but because of that experience, i personally would never install fire again.

there is this hax that it does not have to be a firewire cam to mac iCat AV work. but i really never tried to find out how that works. maybe someone who already has read it can give me a link.



HP makes a nice laser printer; so does Apple. If you went color, I would suggest Epson inkjets. I like them more.

I would be looking for Postscript printing, and if possible, get a network printer (either via jet direct, or some other solutions) so that more than once computer can print to the printer at a time. Of course, this will add a bit of cost, but you might like that functionality. The two printers you mention have these features.

Here is what HP has to say about it:

[font=Arial, san-serif, Verdana, Helvetica][size=2][color=#000000][font=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][size=2][color=#000000]The HP LaserJet 5000n printer is a 16 ppm laser printer that comes standard with a 100-sheet multi-purpose Tray 1, a 250-sheet Tray 2, a 500-sheet Tray 3, 8 MB of memory, and an HP Jetdirect print server card (J4169A) for connecting to a network. It is designed for network users and can print on paper sizes up to A3 and 11 x 17 inches.

It says that it has a Mac Serial adapter. If you were thinking of doing this, it will be ungodly slow. Plan on hooking it up to a network via a Jet direct (the N implies it is internal) and configuring the use there.

So, it looks like you could be adding a small network to your house. That will work well with a cablemodem type hub that manages high speed internet, and also allows you to plug in a few things locally.

Let us know if you ...


if possible, i would suggest editing photos in Photoshop (or similar program).


i would like to add to the "deleting process". after deleting the application's folder (not the APPLICATION FOLDER), empty the trash. then do a "search" for the deleted software. there might be some preference files that may be stored somewhere.


what version is your iTunes? ever tried updating?


you have to import the video to your mac first, then you could burn it on a dvd. in my experience, iMovie (then iDVD) can only burn a video length of 1 hour, otherwise the quality would be poorer.



[QUOTE=beth0711]I tried to post this earlier; no go.
I am very new to the Mac world. Purchased airport extreme card online, tried to install it myself. When I tried to power up my iBook, nothing. Black screen. Had to remove the airport extreme card to make my mac operational again. Please help, I am just a rookie. Thanks.

ever tried this? [url][/url]