There are lots of factors to calculate the pagerank and one of the major factor is the backlink.

Try to gather links in a normal manner. I mean not to buy links. If you want your keywords to have a decent rank then you must build backlinks in proper way. Much better if you can get high pr backlinks at this could also increase your site pr.

You can also try to use the statcounter.

[QUOTE=Flower;880710][B]Title Tags[/B] - This show what is the page related with. You can use your targeted keyword here.
[B]Description Tags[/B] - This explain it in 2 sentences about the services provided by the web page.[/QUOTE]

In addition with this, you should also put the keywords. Just like this:

<meta content='keyword1, keyword2,.....' name='KEYWORDS'/>

[QUOTE=mokmok69;878825]I think last day Google update their page rank.[/QUOTE]

When? Did you really know when was the last day of updating pagerank?

Hidden links are still counted as backlinks as long as it's live but you should also aware that it's not a good practice.

You can you a software for partition just like the one that you said but you can also use the built-in partition program of XP and it is associated in your XP installer.

[QUOTE=JG42122;871847]Could anyone tell me exactly what a 301 redirect is? Is it beneficial?
I had a company tell me my home page had a 301 redirect issue I needed corrected . Thanks[/QUOTE]

301 redirect is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for webpage redirection. It's not that hard to implement and it should preserve your search engine rankings for that particular page. If you have to change file names or move pages around, it's the safest option. The code "301" is interpreted as "moved permanently".


Very well said on your first post. Yes. RSS is used not only for blog but also for other kind of site.


Read this first. This can clear you out what is [URL="

Then that would be a good move to minimize spamming.

[QUOTE=edwardes111;873826]Hi , i am bit confused to read the posts coz some says bidvertiser is good some says bad. I want to ask , if i use bidvertiser for my blog will it be ok ?[/QUOTE]

Well, it depends on the experienced of the publisher. Some says it's good because he can earn quiet good but based on the comments I've read from different forums, more of the publishers are claiming that bidvertiser give low earnings.

The important thing if you want to hire SEO company to optimize your site is to check their background first. Lots of SEO company offers such services but in the end, they can't give the customers' expectation.

[QUOTE=FirstD11;877995]Hi every body, I have question :
It is good or not if the title tag and the meta description tags have the same meaning or description.. for example :
<TITLE> Learning about SEO <TITLE>
and my description tags
<META NAME="description" content="learning about SEO">
Is any body can explain to me..? Thank you .[/QUOTE]

I think it's better that you provide unique keywords for title and description. In this technique, you can give way to other keywords to be place in your site. I mean you need also to put the other keywords so that if the spider will crawl and index your site, all of your keywords have a high chances that will also rank.

Hmmnn...Pagerank update? I checked my site and still there is no changes in pr. To get high pr, you must also get quality backlinks and of course it's better if the backlinks are coming from high pr sites.

Age of a domain matters. You can use your old domain and put them a keywords on metas as well as on your content.

I think there's no need to submit your site to huge list of search engines. Submitting to top 3 SE's which are Google, Yahoo and MSN are enough. Just focus on building backlinks so that you site will gain popularity.

SEO is good if you want an organic visitor that you need in a long run. PPC can boost your sales but the traffic is temporary only.

I agree on you Flower. It can boost your sales if you properly analyze the keywords to use.

Try to get more backlinks with high pr. Of course don't forget to check the site wether it's a dofollow or not so that it can pass pr link juice.

[QUOTE=alicebstn9;873810]hearing about this site for the first time.
u haven't mentioned what this site is all about??[/QUOTE]

It's just like network. Their primary product is to sell a domain. You can also get commission once you can recruit new member as your downline.

[QUOTE=ArvindSharma;870621]will you please share the "rule with us"[/QUOTE]

You can find the DMOZ policy in submitting a site [URL="

[QUOTE=ashcares;874953]Can anyone help please?

I currently have a client who wants me to create multiple html pages for each city listing that he services and link it to his current website. This needs to be done just for the sole purpose of submitting to a search engine. Therefore, if somebody were to search for service in that area, his business will be the first to pop up in Google.

Given, that his current website shows up on the first page of Google when searching for TORONTO COMPUTER REPAIR. I thought by duplicating that page and swapping all the words containing TORONTO with another city like VAUGHAN and saving it for example as vaughan-computer-repair.htm I may be able to see it on Google when I search for VAUGHAN COMPUTER REPAIR. However, it does not seem to be found anywhere on the first 20 pages that I have searched on Google.

Any suggestions?


It's a duplicate content. If you copy the original page then put the new keywords in metas it would still a duplicate content. If you also change the content and the design remains the same , then it becomes more safer than the copying the page as is.

Try to use Awstat. It is also a good tool for tracking your visitor.

It's better if you join to other forum even if not so related on your site. Putting your site on your signature is just like advertising your product. You should also include some catchy words in your signature if you can just to catch their attention and make them curious on what really the content of your site. But it's always better if you join forums that is related to your site.

[QUOTE=edwardes111;873841]Till now i have not a got a good revenue even from adsense in 3 weeks just 0.12 $ . One thing is possible if ur users clicks on ur ads then u can get advantage , and u can even cross $ 1000 , but all u need is good traffic , and as well as all clicking on the ads. But remember about the unique IP.

Three weeks is not enough to get a decent earnigns in adsense. You still need to promote your site so that it will gain more traffic which is the key to have a better earnigns.

[QUOTE=colinabc;855098]I am submitting my sites to various directories (paid and free).I wanted to know willmit help my site to generate traffic in long run. If I stop these submissions will it generate the same traffic as it is generating now?[/QUOTE]

Submitting your site to directory can help you in getting backlinks. But it's good if the link is dofollow and have pr already. Submitting to directory is more on backlinks although you can still get traffic.

[QUOTE=Flower;872810]I prefer manually checking of rankings in search engine through targeted keywords but some tools are very helpful from seo point of view.[/QUOTE]

Yes, although I used tools in checking my site SERP but I didn't also forget the manual method which is more accurate. I only use the tool when I want to check bulk number of keywords.

[QUOTE=witty4u;857118]why Google update PR so frequently ? is there any reasons behind it ?[/QUOTE]

No one knows what's the reason behind it but it's google algorithm. All of us didn't know why they keep of updating backlinks and pr.

[QUOTE=Robdale;874186]ok, agree with all, Traffic is the key to success without it you can't make money or cannot increase your sales, etc... But, could anyone tell some effective methods to drive massive traffic to a website. I have heard about the Squidoo lens. It is free to create pages, you can also publish the pages but to get featured by the site you need to get the premium membership. Still your created pages will get indexed by google and you will get traffic via it. I have just started to create squidoo lens. I will let you guys know my results soon.[/QUOTE]

Yes, squidoo can give you a bunch of traffic your post rank also. But if you really want a huge traffic that can increase sales also, try to use ppc.