and just in case you didnt quite get that - NO you cannot hense the different names!

you dont need to be messing with the registry to achieve this - you just need to carryout custom/expert installations and direct the installation to your secondary drive.

A better option might be to relocate youe Documents onto the second partition - as long as the partition is large enough -

Firstly you will need to open EXPLORER - select the C: - right click on Documents and settings and select PROPERTIES. Tge screen that pops up will show you the size of the folder ( you may need to wait a couple of minute until the full size of the folder) - then check you have sufficient space available on the second partition.

if you have follow the instructions here:

  1. Right click on the My Documents
  2. Left click on Properties
  3. Choose a different location(Target) for the My Documents Folder - this is where you select the second partition. The transfer will take a while to complete.
  4. Defragment both partitions
  5. It may be worth considering defraging the second partition first, moving the Pagefile, defraging in the primary partition, returning the Pagefile to the first partition. There are arguable benefits to this but it is by no means mandatory and the machine would run perfectly well without carrying out this step.

I hope this helps


Right - for all of you out there with HP issues around the DV6000 and I also think the 9000 range is affected.

The issue is beyond your control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The situation is generally due to a faulty NVidia chip which HP is well aware of and there is currently a "Class Action" being persued in the "states" regarding this issue.

You still need to ring HP Technical Services on this issue EVEN IF YOUR WARRANTY HAS EXPIRED.

Certain machines within these ranges have had extended manufacturers warranties applied so even after your normal 1 year warranty or even your extended warranty (if purchased) has expired you COULD still have cover

Possible SHORT TERM solutions have included - taking off the battery, disconnecting from the mains and pressing the power button for anything upto 1 minute - to "discharge the capacitors" within the machine.

Oh and resetting the BIOS.

These solutions have ONLY worked in the very short term from my experience.

The machine requires a NEW MOTHERBOARD - DO NOT PAY FOR IT OUT OF YOUR OWN POCKET - HP need to sort it!!

I hope this helps you all out, we have had 4 machines successfuly repaired and 2 refused - so give it a go

There you are it is the licensing! Are you on OEM, Volume or open licensing? Prices can be different and not always cheaper from Microsoft. MSG me back if you would like me to look into pricing

Are you fully patched? and do you have enough licenses?