i am not sure what you are trying to say. are you saying that evolution cannot happen because of the hundreds of animals that has to die each epoch to keep evolution going?

if so then you are way wrong. just read the origin of species by charles darwin and you will understand. you dont even need to read all of it. just the first four or so chapters.

besides. whole species have died out. we have the skeletal remains to prove it.

and lastly god may not be malicious but he is as merciless as mother nature. look in the old testament how he sanctioned the whole scale extermination of not only families but also whole nations. and he said to include the women and children too.

on a more positive note. i like your quote. i have been applying the principle in my own life for quite some time now. but ironically enough mostly against people who say that evolution is wrong without understanding an inch of what evolution is about. not that all religious people are fools. but some of them are really deliberate. they argue something like this:
i dont know what you are talking about. i did not have biology as a subject at school. i dont have the time, inclination, intelligence etc to understand evolution. but i know that you are wrong and nothing can make me even look at anything other than the bible.

kinds of reminds of the church refusing to ...

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i have finished coding a c# program and it is fully debugged. but what is the next step?

the program has to be installed on my manager's computer but i little idea how to proceed.

i know that i can publish the program to some location on my hard disk. and i have tested another program and i know that once it is published then i can cut it from that one location and paste it on some other location and it works.

but what if i cut and paste it on another computer? the project uses various classes and forms. some of the forms have been developed in other projects and i added them to this current project. if i publish it to my harddrive and i copy and paste it on my md's computer would it still run or will it tell me that it needs this class and that form is missing or something?

and what other software is needed? i know that i need the dot net framework on my md's pc. but what else is needed? do i need to install c# or anything else on my md's pc?

i would really appreciate it if someone could help me on this. and oh yes i almost forgot. i use visual c# express edition. i dont know if this fact is important.

ravenous wolf


dont calculate and display in a text box in one move. first calculate to a variable.
g8 = (g1 + g2 + g3...... + g7) / 7.0;


now you can use g8 in a series of selection structures structure


string s1;

if ( g8 > 3.7 && g8 <= 4.0 )
s1 = "A";

if ( g8 > 3.3 && g8 <= 3.7 )
s1 = "B";
and so on until each grade is checked for. now you display the value of g8 in a textbox and the of s1, which is the grade, as well.

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@ josch

you seems to think that might is right and that the mighty america can very well do as they please. the words beat them fair and square denotes just what a sick and ethnocentric person you really are. i hope not all americans are like you for if even a quater is half as demented as you then one can understand all the anti-american sentiment going on around the world. i suppose the very first american migrants(by the way were they legal or illegal. and if legal by whose laws? on second thought dont answer that.) also stole the north american continent fair and square. there was this preacher who if i remember correctly distributed blankets amongst the native americans. blankets infected with some disease. and when challenged he said that god gave him the right or duty to clear the new land for the white man. and almost everything you say about migrant legal or illegal is false. they are not criminals, lazy or what you wish to call them. illiterate yes. but very little else. migrants are amongst the hardest working people i have ever seen in my whole life. even in south africa they do the jobs no one wants for far less money. and if i understand correctly the americans are ten times as uptight as we are so migrants in america would probably work twenty times harder then the average american citizen. you problem is you think you or your country is ...
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is it any different from christians praying for a safe journey? or any other form of praying in times of need.

Neat title for the thread Salem!

yeah. salem does have a way with words!