It seems to be a permission issue with profile folder. Grant access to everyone on these folders temporarily.

Post this issue on Web Design/HTML and CSS forum. I think div align="center" is deprecated. [ICODE]margin:0 auto;[/ICODE] before margin-top should work.

Ok, you can use sessions. Before redirection, use [ICODE]session.setAttribute("logout", true)[/ICODE]. Then, into the login page you can place [ICODE]if(session.getAttribute( "logout" ).equals(true)){ ... }[/ICODE] with the invalidation session code.

Have you tried [ICODE]if(saw == "")[/ICODE]?

The code performs a redirection after log out?

Are you using JSP or a Servlet to logout?

There is a class named Apache Commons Lang that provides a method to check is String:

[URL=""]API documentation[/URL]


Create a JAR file, it is executable in almost all brand new computers with Java Runtime Environment installed.

What data type is associated with name and city?

Is it a PS3 file?

It's viable to use several panels (could be three) and use e.g. setLocation(130,10) to change the position of the panels. Setting a different background with setBackground(Color.white) and setSize(width,height) could help too in the positioning.

Remove the static modifiers in your Book class. Also you need to pass a new Book object on each iteration, e.g. [ICODE]mybooks.add(new Book(a_title, a_author,a_publisher, a_isbn));[/ICODE] if you have a constructor to initialize these variables.

Try with getResourceAsStream(). I think that class can access inside JAR files.

In editData.jsp the textboxes appears before calling request.getParameter() for each variable. For that reason every textbox is empty. Try to move the block of get parameters above, next to variable declarations.

Have you tried to do drag&drop these files into src/ of the Project Explorer (Eclipse) and then select "copy"?

It is not possible, the kind of action of the link is to redirect to another page.

I found some errors in your code:

import java.awt.BorderLayout;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;

import javax.swing.JButton;
import javax.swing.JComboBox;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JLabel;
import javax.swing.JPanel;
import javax.swing.JTextField;

The Main class creates the GUI for the Dorm and
Meal charges.
public class Main extends JFrame
private JPanel dormPanel;
private JComboBox dormBox;
private JPanel mealPanel;
private JComboBox mealBox;
private JPanel totalChargesPanel;
private JPanel selectedMealPanel;
private JPanel buttonPanel;
private JButton calcButton;
private JLabel label1;
private JTextField totalCharges;

private String[] dorm = { "Allen Hall: $1,500 per semester", 
        "Pike Hall: $1,600 per semester", 
        "Farthing Hall: $1,200 per semester", 
"University Suites: $1,800 per semester"};

private String[] meal = { "7 meals per week: $650 per semester", 
        "14 meals per week: $1,095 per semester", 
"Unlimited meals: $1,500 per semester"};

public Main()
    super("Dormitory and Meal Plan");

    // Specify an action for the close button.

    // Create a BorderLayout manager.
    setLayout(new BorderLayout());

    // Create the dorm and meal panel.      

    // Add the components to the content pane.   
    add(dormPanel, BorderLayout.WEST);
    add(mealPanel, BorderLayout.EAST);
    add(totalChargesPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH);
    add(buttonPanel, BorderLayout.NORTH);

    // Pack the contents of the window and display it.    

// The buildDormPanel method builds the dorm panel. 
private void buildDormPanel()
    // Create the dorm panel.      
    dormPanel = new JPanel();
    dormBox = new JComboBox(dorm);

    // Register the action listener.      
    dormBox.addActionListener(new ComboBoxListener());

    // Add the dorm panel to the panel.

// The buildMealPanel method builds the meal panel. 
private void buildMealPanel()
    // Create the meal panel. ...

On the land page (JSP) when a user performs logout.

e.g. if the user goes to home, would be nice to get an attribute and put the destroy code inside a condition.

So, first use request.setAttribute on the logout servlet to set a property to the land page.

Then, get that property from the land page and if that property isn't null execute the destroy code.

I'm thinking a better method:

HttpSession s = request.getSession(false);

Destroying the session directly.

Create a new method in SessionCounter, let's say discount():

public static void discount() {
if(activeSessions > 0)

Then, call discount() from wherever you do logout, preferable from the servlet:

import com.stardeveloper.web.listener.SessionCounter;

. . .;

If the method sessionDestroyed() is declared static it's possible to access it from the logout method using [ICODE]SessionCounter.sessionDestroyed()[/ICODE].

Post the issue in a separate thread. Post the code and we'll try to fix it.

This can be solved using a trim function from client-side, Javascript.

Maybe, I'm using different application server and browser. Use trim() to remove leading/trailing spaces in ContactServlet:

[CODE]request.setAttribute("emailState", email.trim());[/CODE]

I can't reproduce the error. Any other hint you could give me?

Go to the folder $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/conf/ and open jboss-service.xml into an editor. Where it says "org.jboss.web.WebService" go to the attribute Port. Delete the line "" and put instead 8085, leaving in this way the line as:

<mbean code="org.jboss.web.WebService"

. . .


. . .


Try to restart the application server. If the error appears again, you can leave the line as was before.

Do you have insert privileges into that database?

Use length() with strings. The library [URL=""]Apache Commons Lang[/URL] provides isNumeric() to check strings. I'll give you an example, don't forget to download and add this external jar into your project:

import org.apache.commons.lang.StringUtils;

public class StringTest {

public static void main(String[] args) {
    String s = "12345";

    if(StringUtils.isNumeric(s)) System.out.println("The string is numeric");;


Appears to be something related with encoding... There is missing two parenthesis at the end. Some array exceeded the length. I did correct indentation with Eclipse, looks better now.

An extremely complex filter maybe could perform a domain check and a smtp validation but that can be slow... and that could take time to develop.