That is a common Presario 700 fault. The fitting of the screen isn't what it should be.

The Presario 700 has a number of faults eg the heatsink.

Some are not affected but 70% of them are. Unfortunatly for anyone who has the presario 700 the warrenty is more than likely run out.

Ive replaced memory and still the same fault. I think the motherboard is stuffed, getting a new one

I can't boot off a floppy to get into dos or anything

This error comes up when booting. the message 'SDRam at DIMM # : 1,2' comes up, i cannot restart using ctrl alt del and cannot bye pass this.

I can get into the bias and thats about it. Any ideas??

Steve Bruce Newbie Poster

I got this fault, It looks a bit obvious it's a memory fault, but I want to know if anyone has ever had this fault and what causes this fault and would replacing the memory fix the problem??



Thats the exact problem I am having BlakeZombie. I have changed the Memory and graphics card and my computer still freezes. I have also got a new heatsink to make sure it wasnt a heat problem