Thanks, I`ll keep this as the last option (just before suicide ;o), but it is essential to me to recover my stuff.

Now, can you please tell me if the roboot requires the very same Windows XP CD, or can I use another, more handy one?
And just inserting it ahould do it?

Thousand thanks for your time,


I`m turning to you in despair, please kindly help me as I am technologically impared .
Briefly, I have a [B]Dell 800 laptop with Windows XP[/B], which now gives me the same dead-end message on a black screen: error loading OS.

Indices: This has happened after [B]I have tried connecting an external hard-drive to my laptop[/B], which didnt even workout, as it didnt show up in MY Computer. So I guess this turned my OS upside-down.
Also,what I dubiously did before was that I deleted a Local Documents folder, namedwith many numbers and letters, which I had never seen there before, but I obviouslydid not believe it had any vital functions.

The problem is that I am working abroad and l[B]eft my installation CD at home[/B].
I have read many solution blogs since,checked all the BIOS, did the check_ups and all the tests, even the hard_drive, passed.

... help...