[QUOTE=Nemesis]I have installed RH9 on a box at home and I am really new to this OS. I was wondering if anyone can help me with installing a package manager. I am not really sure what I am doing. Once I figure out how to install this I should be able to continue with installing other applications.
Any help would be nice.
Oh and I was wondering how do I change GUI desktops from GNOME to KDE?[/QUOTE]

Use Fink from sourceforge to install OSS

[QUOTE=waterprincess]accidently clicked a button twice, resulting in MAC read the command as in download the file.

forced to quit the process, but the file is now on desktop, can not be moved nor deleted, the message says the file is currently used by another task right now, such as moving, copying etc.

how do i delete this file ? please help :cry:

please email solution to [email]usagiprincess@hotmail.com[/email]


Try repairing permission using the disk utility, then reboot, if the file is still being used after reboot, i would think it is being read by an item in your startup items. Check you startup items in you 'accounts' preferneces.

[QUOTE=Greg]OS 9.2 and OSX.O - Somehow I have an icon on my desk that says
.DS_store -I have no idea where it came from but it has multiplied into everything on my desktop and in the hard drive. When I try to send it to the Trash, I get a notice that says it it invisible and cannot be moved. It has also brought along a few friends and I have tried to download norton antivirus and could not load it. Iam now at my wits end. If anyone can help me, I would be most appreciated.[/QUOTE]

These are files used by the system and are usally hidden, any file precede by a "." will be hidden. some how your system is displaying hidden files. Download SterMachine from version tracker, to deal with this.

[QUOTE=teddybear]I followed the directions for burning a CD, but when I attempt to open the CD nothing happens. I"m not sure I am doing this correctly. I just got this new Mac and I am lost.[/QUOTE]

The CD will burn when you "eject" it - strange but true

[QUOTE=Jemstar]does anyone know what is causing or how to fix this problem? every web page text which isn't embedded comes out as fractions, meaning i cant read a thing. any tips? thanks[/QUOTE]

I also had this problem, I removed the helvetica fractions font from my system, and all was right again. I think some escape character may tell safari and mail to display fractions.