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[QUOTE=jbennet;519291]What country are you basedf in and can you ship to the UK?

by the way, a copy of PocketPC wont work on just any device.[/QUOTE]
I'm in the US. Can probably ship to the UK without problems. The PocketPC is the HP Jornada.

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On the contrary... the products can be used beyond getting your files moved that one time.

You'll probably install and uninstall products over the life of your system, Your Uninstaller is good for that. And partitioning hard drives, as well as deframenting and all the other hard drive maintenance is something that needs to be a part of on going maintenance. PC mover, beyond the initial move, is a good tool to take applications off your system to install again when you want complete with all the settings you want.

[QUOTE=hughv;519085]I'd hesitate to spend $80.00 for software that is only used once and is completely
unnecessary. A clean install sounds much better to me.[/QUOTE]

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visit [url][/url]

Great partitioning tool there.

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visit [url][/url]

There's a great deal on 3 products that will get the job done for you. Plus the products will help keep Visat and/or XP running smooth.

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Hi Tim,

What kinds of applications have you worked on?

[QUOTE=_tim;511070]Hi All -

I'm a new guy here, and I'm hoping perhaps you can expand my knowledge a bit when it comes to our industry. I've been developing .NET and SQL since the inception of .NET 1.0 when it was released in beta. SQL-wise, I've been developing both Oracle and SQL apps for about 15 years.

Here's the thing - I feel that it's time to focus more on growing my career the way I want to. Part of that is having location independence. So - if any of you might have a clue as how I best establish myself as a telecommuter, what to look out for, what to expect, etc., I'd be very appreciative.

I look forward to your responses!


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Wow! That's a tall order. Have you found anyone to help you yet? If not, email me and let's discuss your company. I'll see if I can help.

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I have lots of hardware for sale, all working, and in excellent condition. Here's a partial list:

iMac G3, original Bondi Blue. 168 MB ram, running OS X, with Office X
Mac G3 biege, CD rom, zip, drive, A/V panel, 384 MB ram, 2 hardrives, Firewire
A couple of PCs
Graphics cards
Hard drives
Cables, cords, etc.
Pocket PC 2003 edition complete
Psion S5 handheld, with extras
Zarus handheld, with extras
Canon digital camera, 2.1 mp (Great pictures. Ask to see samples)
USB zip drive w/disks
Wireless router
Small hub

Sun X2100 server. 2years old. With Solaris 10.

Misc 35mm camera equipment

This is a quick list. I'm still taking stock of what I have. Email if interested in any of the items and I'll send detailed information.