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I lost the state/design view in NetBeans 6.9 my project now only shows in the edit/source view. How can I get back the States/Design view that existed when I created the project as a JavaFX Business Desktop Application?

You need to make sure that the directory that contains javac.exe is on your Classpath. Check the procject properties. My recommendation would be to download NetBeans with the JDK this way you won't have to worry about point your project to where you installed the JDK.

I just struggeled all day how can I build JavaFX Application made with visual composer plugin in Nebeans. Every other application worked but this doesn't. When I build it says can't find [I]javac[/I]. Of course, javac .exe is not located in the JRE...
Cannot run program "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javac.exe": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
C:.....\My Documents\NetBeansProjects\FXComposerMobile\nbproject\build-impl.xml:143: exec returned: -1
BUILD FAILED (total time: 0 seconds)


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I am not a new member, but I want to introduce myself anyway. I am a programmer analyst working with a major Oracle Forms/ Oracle Application. From time to time I do some Pro C programming and PL/SQL, but the majority of my work centers around production of reports using a third party tool. My interests outside of computers is Music particularly playing the guitar Jazz to be specific.

I found an easier solution using command substitution and looping.

[B]Here is the shell script I am trying to run in bash[/B]

if [ $# -neq 1 ];
echo "Usage: "
exit 1

echo "$findstr"

find . -name 'm1_jrAPS*_output.log' -exec grep \'"$findstr"\' {} \; -print

[B]In the above script I want to take the string from the command line and put it in the find command in the shell script I have a hard time getting the shell to expand it in single quotes like in the regular command[/B]

Thanks I will check out these sites

replace the line count = count + 1
with $count = $count + 1

Thanks I will do that do you know any Linux servers I can get access to on the net to try this.?

user enters the number of times he wants to run the program

echo "enter a number or amount of times you want the program to run: "
read $number

if [ $number -lt 1 ];
echo "error : number must be positive"
exit 1

count = 1

while [ $count -le $number ];

# check if output file exist and has information if [ -s output.txt ]; then mv output.txt $count.txt else echo "file: was not written $count.txt" fi count = count + 1 done [B]Here is another suggestion[/B]

The shell script could do this

if [ -a output1.txt ]; then mv output1.txt 1.txt else echo "file: was not written" fi if [ -a output2.txt ]; then mv output2.txt 2.txt else echo "file: was not written" fi . . . . [B]When your are finished save the script as a .sh then at the command line do chmod +x .sh[/B] You can then run the shell script from the command line
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I recently ran the following command from the command line and it worked
find . -name 'jrAPS_ouput.log' -exec grep '' {}\; -print

I put it in a shell script like this and it did not work
find . -name \'jrAPS_output.log\' -exec grep \'\' {} \\; -print

the result was find: incomplete statement why?