if your modem and router are fine, then check your network driver. go to my computer, properties, hardware tab, and click on device manager.. check if you see a yellow exclamation mark besides your network card ... if so you get to find your driver and install it.. try another network card if you have any....

i think first of all you should check if the school server is on the same subnet you are on. simply do a ping to the server and ipconfig and compare the network bits. however you said you could see the login screen that means your pc is at lease seeing the server and firewall or any checkpoint software aren't blocking it. if it is the case that you just can't login to the school server, then it is authentication thing. you need to ask the school network admin about it. There are certain share folders are for school admin only.

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sure i can. it was actually easier than I thought. To do that I had to register for a domain name, and set my domain name to the static ip representing my server. (I configured my router earlier to give a static ip to this specific box every time it reboots) Then everything follows, all i had to do to try this out is to open up my ssh or telnet, and enter the domain name , username, password and then login.

one more thing is you might need to open up ssh , telnet, and ftp ports so remote pc can come in the server through the specific port.

hope that helps ppl trying to learn like me ==*

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hi, i had a few unix questions that I am not sure about the answers. if anybody can give a try... that would be great.

  1. In sed, when you do pattern matching, the largest pattern is always matched first, left to right. True or False

  2. The command tr 'a-z' 'A-Z' | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'
    after the command is run, case of the input stream will be swapped. True or False

    i tried, the output is a bit weird....
  3. File substitution always happens on variable assignment. True or False

  4. In the command
    echo "hello world" >&2 2>outfile
    both standard output and standard error are sent to outfile True or False

  5. Which statement best describes when filename generation (expansion) can occur?
    a. inside of single quote
    b. ......... double quote
    c. ........... backquote
    d. B & C
    e. A and B and C

  6. The command
    rm "-foobar"
    will correctly delete a file named, -foobar
    True or False

  7. The program 'ls' is a UNIX filter
    True or False