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Can anyone explain to me,
1) how to use XML schema in future
2) any kind of specific purpose

please take a look at the link here Propel

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Group information is stored in /etc/group

I think that I missed this one.. thanks for the help...

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thank you for your response...
I am able to aceess files, but here is the thing....
I have one pc that is running Debian.
I have second pc that is for restoring first one.

I installed Debian on second machine and copies all data from the first one and I can access them.

So the problem is, when I installed Debian on second machine I also created new root user and I have +4 account that have user-generated content.

Also I can acceess all data and simulate users by adding new users and setting up their passwords.

But the problem is that if I want to acccess PC with the Desktop on Second machine.
I got erros and the Linux Desktop on second machine is frozen.

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I have Debian 6.0.6

can you suggest me what is the best way to recover user accounts?

I have a full copy of all data and I having problems recovering it.

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I understood your anwer that these things are still theroy that didn't found use in the real world. :)

Thanks for letting me know.

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does someone knows, where is the use of VARBINARY in MySQL database?




I want to use this code1
[CODE]#include <windows.h>

include <tchar.h>

include <stdio.h>

TCHAR* envVarStrings[] =
TEXT("OS = %OS%"),

define ENV_VAR_STRING_COUNT (sizeof(envVarStrings)/sizeof(TCHAR*))

define INFO_BUFFER_SIZE 32767

void printError( TCHAR* msg );

void main( )

// Get and display the name of the computer.
bufCharCount = INFO_BUFFER_SIZE;
if( !GetComputerName( infoBuf, &bufCharCount ) )
printError( TEXT("GetComputerName") );
_tprintf( TEXT("\nComputer name: %s"), infoBuf );

// Get and display the user name.
bufCharCount = INFO_BUFFER_SIZE;
if( !GetUserName( infoBuf, &bufCharCount ) )
printError( TEXT("GetUserName") );
_tprintf( TEXT("\nUser name: %s"), infoBuf );

// Get and display the system directory.
if( !GetSystemDirectory( infoBuf, INFO_BUFFER_SIZE ) )
printError( TEXT("GetSystemDirectory") );
_tprintf( TEXT("\nSystem Directory: %s"), infoBuf );

// Get and display the Windows directory.
if( !GetWindowsDirectory( infoBuf, INFO_BUFFER_SIZE ) )
printError( TEXT("GetWindowsDirectory") );
_tprintf( TEXT("\nWindows Directory: %s"), infoBuf );

// Expand and display a few environment variables.
_tprintf( TEXT("\n\nSmall selection of Environment Variables:") );
for( i = 0; i < ENV_VAR_STRING_COUNT; ++i )
bufCharCount = ExpandEnvironmentStrings(envVarStrings[i], infoBuf,
if( bufCharCount > INFO_BUFFER_SIZE )
_tprintf( TEXT("\n\t(Buffer too small to expand: \"%s\")"),
envVarStrings[i] );
else if( !bufCharCount )
printError( TEXT("ExpandEnvironmentStrings") );
_tprintf( TEXT("\n %s"), infoBuf );
_tprintf( TEXT("\n\n"));

void printError( TCHAR msg )
TCHAR sysMsg[256];

eNum = GetLastError( );
NULL, eNum,
sysMsg, 256, NULL );

// Trim the end of the line and terminate it with ...


I am really new to Java/Oracle.
I am having NetBean 6.8 IDE for development.

Where do I start?

THANKS advance!!!!!


How can I make this kind of images?
I see that this image use some math structure.


Thanks very much ,

I installed net libraries for mysql.

And is there some instruction how to use it in VB.net ?

Thanks advance .

Hi all

I wanna use MySQL with VB.net
I used before MySQL with PHP.

I am not sure how to use it with VB.net
Some instruction will be helpful.

Thanks advance.

Thanks for replaying.
Change DB to MySQL :).
Or Never keep Excel opened. LOL

I hope that you understand what I mean.

Hi all

I made a program who open excel for adding files in excel.

I am asking you can for example 15 users uploading that single file ?

Thanks advance

ok, but I did't said anything about attacking . :)

every syntax or C or any other language could be use in wrong purpose .
So ,do not be a smart ass niek_e.
You won't get moderators attention just because of this . :)
Now you know why you are not moderator .

thanks for Idea but I had a some wrong syntax and that cause a failure , but now I just enter how many email I want to send and it is done . :) I am ready for bombarding .

Nick Evan commented: "I am ready for bombarding" .... :( -1

i try system("sample.bat");

because I send some e-mails and I am not receive it .

Hi all,
I have a sample.bat file .

I want to execute that file 10 times .

I dunno command that executes bat files .

Thanks for answering , i solved with shutdown/startup script from gpedit.msc

Hi all,
I just want when I press my shutdown button to show me some message on every shutdown .
So how can I do that ?

Thank you .

Hi all

I am using Dev-C++ .
I want , when I press Tab to skip a 3 blank places instead 6 .

Thank you for your effort of reading .

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