Thanks for the ideas,
I have checked the cpu, seems to be running at a reasonable temp, i was concerned about that because when i replaced the mboard i never put new thermal gel on the cpu, but that doenst seem to be causing the problem (the other 3 were put back together the same way and work fine)

How would a ram slot go bad all of the sudden? if i put a stick of ram in improperly, it wouldnt work right off the bat, right? this ran for a few weeks then crapped out.. I guess my next move is to take the ram out of this machine and put it in another and see what happens. If it works in the other machine i will have to then try taking out the supposed bad mboard and swap it and see if that works. then its time to get a new board.. any more thoughts are welcome.

And no, i am not an acer fan at all.

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Im running an Acer Power1000 small form factor, well 9 of them. within a week 4 motherboards fried, just 1 month out of warranty. I happened to find a company which deals with acer parts and replaced the mboards for 150 ea. vs 500 which is what acer wanted...

I digress. 3 are running fine now. the fourth was running fine then all the sudden stopped. it took me a day to get the hdd to spin. then it would freeze during boot up. I have cleared the cmos, reconfigured the data in setup. Now i can finally get into windows. i can only complete maybe 3 tasks then it freezes again. Upon restart.. freezes. I have been able to run a memtest which came back fine, check disk, unplugged drives, swapped PSUs.. nothing has worked thus far.
And i am certain it is not virus related.

Any ideas what to try next? My final thoughts are that the mboard could be faulty or bad RAM bays? wouldnt that return errors on a memtest tho?

Did you ever find out what was causing this problem, i have also reset cmos and have all the same symptoms. Cant get through a memtest... How did you solve this ?

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Having a problem with my (med bussiness) network after downgrading 2 PCs (vista to xp). Cant seem to aquire an ip address automatically. DHCP is enabled and working, plenty of seats left, no problems when i go to manually address it. When i try to have it automatically assigned it gives me the APIPA (169.254.x.x). Drivers - fine, tried all the ipconfig release/renew.. bla bla. winsock / reg editing.. nothing. my quesiton is if anyone has heard of this? 2 pcs 2 downgrades, every other one works fine..

Download and extract the Autoruns program by Sysinternals to C:\Autoruns


Reboot into Safe Mode so that the malware is not started when you are doing these steps. Many malware monitor the keys that allow them to start and if they notice they have been removed, will automatically replace that startup key. For this reason booting into safe mode allows us to get past that defense in most cases.

Navigate to the C:\Autoruns folder you created in Step 1 and double-click on autoruns.exe.

When the program starts, click on the Options menu and enable the following options by clicking on them. This will place a checkmark next to each of these options.

Include empty locations

Verify Code Signatures

Hide Signed Microsoft Entries

Then press the F5 key on your keyboard to refresh the startups list using these new settings.

The program shows information about your startup entries in 8 different tabs. For the most part, the filename you are looking for will be found under the Logon or the Services tabs, but you should check all the other tabs to make sure they are not loading elsewhere as well. Click on each tab and look through the list for the filename that you want to remove. The filename will be found under the Image Path column. There may be more than one entry associated with the same file as it is common for malware to create multiple startup entries. It is important to note that many malware programs disguise themselves ...

this works w 07 not sure about 03

search for scanpst.exe
run it till it stops returning errors.
should fix your pst file, and allow it to send.

i mean i can convert a doc to pdf and all hyperlinks work fine, but when i try to convert with links to network files (or directory files) they will not show. i have to then go and relink all within acrobat.

few questions..
what did you do right before this started happening? download something..delete something... drop the machine....
Do you know what exactly you deleted.. you said "hmk" but different viruses that get in your registry and startup usually use names that are similar to something that already exists.. just off by a digit or uppercase letter.
Can you get to your harddrive files?

if you have no AV software and you can get online, try housecall by trendmicro (online free scan) if that turns up nothing that will help, start backing up and formatting.. (unless anyone has any other ideas.) sorry.....


you may be able to identify it here and then take appropriate action.
good luck

sorry correction...
old .pst file (obviously not new)

your probably going to have to call it something else too like Outlook2.pst unless your only looking to use that one.

if i understand correctly you have saved your old .pst file and want to reinstate it into your new account? if so goto data file management then data files tab. then add your new .pst file in the new account and make it your default.

Probably not the correct way, but if you drag the pic to your desktop and drop it there it will ask you to save it before you add it to your active desktop. select yes, save it then it will ask you if you would like to add it now, select no and your set. Im sure there is a better way, but this works fine.

Try turning off your firewall in XP, possibly vista.

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Im trying to convert a word (2007) doc to a pdf (acrobat version 8) and have pathed directory links but sthey wont show up in the pdf. Is there anyway to convert a doc to a pdf with these links in tact?

It does.

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I am getting a line that starts my emails off that reads
" Clean DocumentEmail false false false "

Now, I understand that this is an XML error where a tag is most likely
missing, but

  1. i do not know what that tag is
  2. i dont even know how to find the XML text

this problem is occuring when i send a reply message and it is received by a
blackberry device.
Its not happening every time though.

I understand replying in Plain Text format is possibly one way of stopping
this message from occuring, (opposed to rich text or HTML) but i would really like to know
if there is another way to fix this aside from reinstalling (which i dont
even think will help.)