What exactly do you mean by "NaN.jpg"? I am unsure what you are asking.

When was the last time you cleaned the dust out of the cooling system? As your CPU usage increases, the temp will increase as well. When the temp increases, the fan turns on and if the heatsink if full of dust, it will not properly cool the CPU, thus making the machine feel very hot and the temp of the CPU stay high.

A can of compressed air will be the easiest way to clean it out. Direct the jet of air into the vents on the machine (while it is off). I find that blowing in the opposite way of the normal air flow will get a lot more out. This will rule out a cooling-related issue.

Good luck and hope you figure out your problem!

It is possible that the CPU heatsink and fan is clogged up with dust and therefore not cooling it properly. A can of compressed air can easily clean your heatsink and fan. Direct the air jet into the vents (blowing opposite the normal air flow will remove a lot of dust). Use short bursts and keep the can upright. Do this only when the machine is off. Repeat this until no more dust is blown out, then turn the machine back on. This should restore most of the functionality of the cooling system! Hope this helps.

Try booting into safe mode by hitting the F8 key right before the XP loading screen shows up (right after the BIOS POST). This will bring up a menu, select SafeMode. If your video works fine in safe mode, it is a display driver issue in Windows. If that doesn't fix it, it is something wrong with your monitor, possibly a bad backlight inverter.

Try the safemode thing and let me know how it goes. Goodluck.

I agree with the G15! I got the rev. 2 which doesn't have as many G keys and is shorter, which is perfect for me. I love the orange backlight and the stationary LCD display. Keys have just enough pressure required so you can tell what you are pushing. Love the gaming switch!

I also like my Eee PC's keyboard the more I use it. Being so tiny, I wasn't sure if I would like it but the keys are just the right size and is surprisingly easy to type on!


Check for a piece of hair or similar in the lazer receptor. Sometimes something gets stuck in there and causes erratic movement.

What version of windows are you using? XP and Vista both have recovery options (Vista more specifically targeted at startup issues). You should be able to boot off the OS CD's to gain access to these options.

If you remove the PC's internal primary hard drive, you will no longer have a bootable drive. Basically, Windows will not be there to load as it is stored on the primary hard drive.

If the drive is still OK, you can purchase an external HDD enclosure for it that is USB 2.0. That way, you can continue to use it as an external drive.

Otherwise, you will have to set the drive as slave and connect it to the slave connector on the primary IDE channel cable. I would suggest going the external enclosure route though.

You MAY be able to find a normal ATX to DELL PSU adapter cable... MAY being the key word.

Is the system dusty? Is the CPU heatsink free of blockage and dust? Use some compressed air and clean out the fans, the PSU, and the CPU heatsink. It is possible the PSU or CPU is just overheating and nothing is wrong at all. Give it a shot... if it works you save yourself some time and money.

[QUOTE=paulscode;524859]Hey, turns out the CPU was the problem. Thanks, man, you saved me a lot of time. I should have looked at that socket closer, and I would have seen the lock/unlock icon on there, lol.[/QUOTE]

Excellent! Glad to hear it is up and running again! Glad to be of help.

Hello, I have an Inspiron 1150 as well and have had the same issue with the power connector. I was able to use the existing jack but use a small jumper wire to re-connect the ground to the motherboard. I have a feeling that one of the connections on your new jack isn't tight or soldered well. Re-check them all and try it again. It is also possible that there is a cracked trace on your motherboard. Some detective work may reveal this.

As for the CPU, I do not recall seeing space, but I have never looked close enough. The socket is a ZIF socket actuated by a small flat head screw that turns with a small screwdriver. You can re-seat the cpu while it is still on the heatsink. Just use a screwdriver, unlatch the socket, lightly press down on the cpu, and re-lock it. I don't think it will be an issue though.

These dells have very poorly designed power plugs. They are very very easy to break or bump into. A right-angle cord end would only make sense, right?

Let me know what you think... and we will go from there.

I am doing a follow-up review on the Freezer 64 PRO from Arctic cooling. This cooler is based on a 6 heatpipe design (3 used double sided), all copper base, and an array of aluminum fins.


In the picture below, you can see the bottom three fins are turned downwards slightly. This unique design is for cooling of the voltage regulators located right behind the socket. They indeed do their job and blow air at the converters!


The fan is a low speed 92mm fan using AC's ceramic bearing and open side design. It is mounted on four rubber mounts designed to reduce the normal vibrations of fans. The mounting bracket fits sockets 754, 939, 940, and AM2.


The base comes with AC's MX-1 paste pre-applied so you don't have to worry about messing with the paste yourself!


The cooler was very easy to install. It uses the stock AMD retention bracket, so no modifications to your board need to be done. It is as simple as attaching the stock cooler! This is a large cooler, make sure you have room! It is very light though, around 525g. This is because most of the cooler is aluminum fin.



Not only is this cooler inexpensive (around $25), it really takes the heat, literally. It was in and running within five min, which included removal of the old cooler and cleaning of the CPU's heat spreader. The PWM fan is extremely quiet at lower temperatures and ...

What company makes it? What size power supply? If it BSOD's, what is the error code and does it specify a file or driver? If so, what file / driver?

So true! Someone after my own thoughts... only if I could get my friends to think like this.

Have you tried to rule out possible bad ram sticks? Depending on how much RAM you have installed, you could have one or two sticks. Try removing one (if you have two) and vice versa, each time trying to turn it on. RAM chips are VERY VERY sensitive, as well as the motherboard and RAM sockets. Remove the battery and power adapter before attempting to do any work on your machine.

Also, when you say lights come on, do any of them flash in any specific pattern? Let me know.

Excellent post forumdude123!

I do beg to differ on one note... memory size. All 32 bit operating systems can only use about 3 to 3.5 GB of memory, so installing 4 or more will not help. 64 bit OS's can take advantage of over 4 GB, but drivers are limited and it requires 64bit hardware. I personally run 2GB of DDR2 6400 in my system with Vista Business. It uses about 40% of it when idle with a few programs open. I regularly game and heavily edit video and large picture files and have never maxed out 2GB.

You have a valid point about not going below 1GB. I ran vista under 1GB and it was still not up to par.

[QUOTE=scru;523430]How does that graphics card only get a 5.6/5.9?[/QUOTE]

Not sure, should it be higher? It was only like $100 after a rebate, it isn't the best, but it isn't mainstream. Handles Company of Heroes, Half Life 2, and Unreal Tournament 2004 just fine. I am sure I could get the 5.6 up a little with some OCing, but I am happy with what it does... better than my old 6600LE which got like a 3.

[QUOTE=Michael_Knight;520115]Its nothing to do with Microsoft, and that's a pretty childish attitude.

If your having problems installing Java for Firefox, go here: [url]https://cds.sun.com/is-bin/INTERSHOP.enfinity/WFS/CDS-CDS_Developer-Site/en_US/-/USD/ViewProductDetail-Start?ProductRef=jre-6u4-b-oth-JPR@CDS-CDS_Developer[/url] and download it manually. Close all browsers and install, then reboot.

Java should work now in Firefox.[/QUOTE]

I just successfully did this on my friends Vista notebook. It works!

Base score: 5.5

Processor: 5.5
RAM: 5.9
Graphics w/ Aero: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 5.6
HDD transfer: 5.5

Specs in sig!

It was temporary... I now have the AC Freezer installed and it works great.

According to the info you posted in the first post, you have an AGP slot. This slot will accept most newer AGP cards with 256MB of memory.

Do you plan on gaming heavily on this machine? If so, you will need a faster video card. I would be very weary of a video card what is $30 on ebay. What is the link to the auction?

I do as most here do and just blow it out with a compressor every month. I also have a small paint brush that I use to clean off the blades of case and CPU cooling fans as dust sticks to them in more humid weather. I used to have a copper cooler on my old AMD A64 that had tons of thin fins packed very close together. It cooled like a dream but clogged up very very easily. My current cooler has larger fins spaced apart farther with a bigger fan and I have no clog issues. I also took off all of the fan grills in the front and back (yea, I know its dangerous), which allows the air to flow freer and the dust won't build up on them.

Another little tip that I have learned of from experience is that a case on the floor will collect much more dust than one on a desk or on a shelf. The intake vents are in the front on the very bottom of the case. When on the floor, it will suck up just about any passing by dust or hairball that is within reach. At desk level, only ambient, free-floating dust can be sucked up and there is a lot less ambient dust than there is on the floor most of the time.

Anyone? I am needing to make a move very very soon.

Die hard PC gamer here...

I play:

Unreal Tournament 2004 (Invasion and deathmatch)
Half Life 2 Deathmatch
Company Of Heroes (once I install it LOL)

I found this card: [url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815116625[/url]

Anyone running this card? Ideas, thoughts?

Hello, I am looking for a good TV Tuner card. I am going off to college and instead of bringing a TV, I am going to get a tuner card for my PC. This will be cheaper and save space! It needs to:

  1. Be Vista compatable
  2. Be PCI
  3. Have hardware encoding
  4. Have good picture quality
  5. good software to view and record (or a good free one)

And it would be nice to have:

  1. Aux video inputs
  2. FM tuner (not as much as AUX though)
  3. remote

I have looked here and there and searched google and have no idea what I am looking at. I have never shopped for a tuner card before and have absolutely NO experience with them at all. What are some ups and down of certain cards VS. others? Suggestions and opinions would be excellent and greatly appreciated!


Hello, I am looking for some insight on this CPU cooler. I have read many many reviews on the web as well as a lot of customer reviews on Newegg.com for this product. Most of them say it is a top-notch product while some tell horror stories of broken retaining clips and terrible installation. I don't know what to believe here and am wondering if anyone here uses this cooler or has any experience with it. I am running an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Black Edition @ 3.1GHZ (up from 2.6). At stock speed, this CPU puts out 65w of thermal power. Overclocked, still at its stock voltage (using unlocked multiplier) it pushes only around 80w max. This is very low compared to some CPU's, but the stock cooler from my 3800+ just isn't cutting it.

This cooler is inexpensive at $20.00 with free shipping. I am just worried about the few negative ratings it got. My general thought is that it is a good product, I just like to hear from others! Here is the link to it on newegg:


Thanks, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Hello everyone, I am mb523 and am new to this forum, but not to the forum scene. I am part of a popular golf cart forum (custom mods and general repairs) and am an admin at a small-scale computer forum. I have visited here a few times in search of some help on C++ work I was doing with great success, so I joined! I build my own computers and work for a local repair shop. I am big into first person shooters, LAN parties, and digital video editing.

I just want to say that this is the best tech forum that I have seen by far! Keep up the good work!

That did it, [B]vmanes[/B]! Thank you, I would have never caught that small error.

Only one thing... it isn't keeping it from working, but it is a little annoying. After entering the text into the program, I hit enter and it takes the blinking curser to the next line and does nothing. I have to hit enter a 2nd time to get it to continue with the program. The rest of it executes perfectly.

Thank you all again, this is an awesome forum... I will be visiting more often to join in the fun! I love working on computers and build all my own.


Thanks for the help so far guys!

I apologize, I meant write it to the array, not a file :$

niek_e, I understand what you mean. I tried to change it to [CODE]array[index-1] = '\0';[/CODE] and it pushed the word one letter back. Here is the entire code:

[CODE]#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

//global constants
const int MAX = 20;

//fuction prototypes

void getSent(char array[MAX]);
bool palindrome(const char array[MAX]);

int main()
char array[MAX];


cout << array; //displays array for testing only

cout<< endl;
if (palindrome(array))
cout << "\nThe phrase you entered is a palindrome!";
cout << "\nNOT";

cout << endl;

return 0;



void getSent(char array[MAX])
char ch;
int index=0;

cout << "Enter the palindrome: ";

while ((ch = cin.get() != '\n') && (index < MAX-1))
    array[index] = ch;
    index ++;

array[index] = '\0';
cin.ignore (1000, '\n');



bool palindrome (const char array[MAX])
int end=0, start=0;

for (end=0; array[end] != '\0'; end++);

for (start=0; start < end;)
if (array[start] != array[end])
return false;

start ++;
end --;


return true;