See if these help you:

(I need to read that myself, as I'm just starting in on python.)

I watched all four hours of the guy below, and thought it was very clear for beginners:

I agree completely with the other two replies that you do have to put the work in.
It's very easy to find how to create your first html file on internet. I suspect that many people give up at this point because they see they've only learned how to display "Hello World".
The following may not be obvious if you're really starting from zero:
Paste the "Hello World" or whatever into a text file on your computer and (assuming Windows) save it under "all files" with its name followed by the extension .html, not .txt. Then mess around with it as much as you like, adding other stuff that you've read about. See what it looks like in your browser. Make other files, then, quite a bit later, google "learn css" and "free html editor".

This won't help you much in the short term, but if you go here:
you'll see an enormous number of errors in your experiment page. Theres's no alternative to getting rid of them. When I looked at the page in a couple of browsers, the dropdown lists disappeared on first mouseover. You could maybe make the nav text a bit darker. I couldn't see it at first. There are a couple of letters 'fi' which appear over the slideshow, but that's a detail and I guess you noticed. With html5 you can use 'header' instead of 'div id="header". You'll definitely have to find a workaround for old ie browsers.

All the advice above is positive. I'm guessing you haven't gone very far into security, and as I've had a wordpress site hacked three times, it's obvious that I haven't either. First thing is that whether human or bot the bad guys may stay one step ahead of you, and we do what we can. Things on my 'to do' or 'doing' list which may help:
limit the number of login attempts
or something similar
password protect directories
modify .htaccess
delete the default admin account
hide the wordpress version - I'm sorry if I missed someone saying that before.
Plugins are definitely a weakness. In my case, I suspect a file in a google map plugin.
If the part beyond the links doesn't make sense, go with installing the plugins in the links. If you google 'wordpress security' you'll find lots more. Stay with the funny content, rather than slowness to see what's really happened. If you are with a commercial host and have, for example, cpanel, you might be able to see where it's come from by looking in the log. You can block specific IPs.
Just typing 'wordpress security' in google will bring up a ton of stuff.
For you and anybody else, if we start a new thread it could help people.

When I posted yesterday, I didn't mean to ignore
It had already been mentioned. I've gone back there recently to check basic points. Another site I found useful as a beginner a while back is:
I started out with
Everything has moved on. The site now seems to start with an intro to html 5.
There's also

Here's what I did a long time ago. I hope it helps, and I can expand on it if necessary. Download a free html editor, mess around with it, create and delete html files as you want, look at the source code to see whether the output is what you thought it would be. A little further along, get a free wordpress blog, and work in the html mode as opposed to visual. It's all free and you learn a lot. You'll need to learn css at the same time. Changing background colors just with html is fun, but not the way to go. html is not, in itself, hard to learn, although there's plenty of stuff around it.

I agree with suhaildawood. With the html I'd try it out, but I can't visualise it from this. Is the #navMenu inside or outside #Banner in the html? You don't have a wrapper/container div in the html? Where is #BlackText? If you post the html, it will be clearer.

Can you explain the effect you want, and maybe post the rest of the css? Your text is white, the visited link is white, so the only change you want is for a visited link to be centered?

If you look at the validator now, you'll see immediately that 'Pure Caos' shouldn't be in the doctype. If you declare the body background as black in your css, then you'll at least have the colour you want even if your image doesn't load. Your buttons actually work as you want them in Firefox 5. It's best to test on as many modern browsers as possible, starting with Firefox, and using [URL=""]Firebug[/URL] to help you.
Hope that helps a bit.

As stilts says, can you post the html too? Your problem isn't likely to be the [B]organization[/B] of the css. The path to the body background image and its name are OK? Can you explain "It is either the background, the buttons, or I recieve an old version of my code." a bit more? What is the vertical dashbar? It's an unordered list but doesn't have any dimensions or anything styled inside it.