hi can anybody know where can i find the update kernel for bayanihan linux?? A pinoy version of LINUX???

[QUOTE=George Page;291362]I've tried that a hundred times. It won't download. It gets as far as 4 items remaining to download then freezes. Now I have another problem. I downloaded a new browser, Firefox, and flash works but I trashed Safari and now I can't download Safari. Very frustrating.[/QUOTE]

What OS u r using???

is this ur code what seem to be the problem

problem solved!!

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can you show me a sample of that????

their is plenty of errors

try to test all device in other to PC including all caperjack says especially the motherboard their will be fried fish i mean fried capacitors and etc within your unit.......... or just let technicians do to that.......

[QUOTE=barney789;884465]need more information such as which operating system are you using.[/QUOTE]

barney was right you should discuss or say to us what computer... ethernet and OS are you using......

Their are different types and we couldn't help you because of lack information.......

You should try to make a 3 partition to the HDD i suggest install XP first then boot the XP and install Casper XP and partition to desktop i mean you should try to partition it in the XP desktop.........

What LINUX you will use??? you Should try bayanihan Linux.......


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ok i think this forum must end coz microsoft and LInux are in different OS... and it may coz head aches to others


jbennet commented: "i think this forum must end coz microsoft and LInux are in different OS... and it may coz head aches to others " - wtf are you speaking about -6

i think their is....

your link cant answer my question for the link but i want the pattern which is
WIN NT = what linux OS
WIN Xp = linux What


can everyone help me what should i install to my pentium II of IBM computer which it uses only uses WIN nt and 95...>..>>> what linux should I use........


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Go for goal Linux

i can't understand ure question but try this

  1. go to toolbox then select shockwave flash object
    2.click and drag
    3.go to the properties of that flash object that is named movie
  2. enter the directory of that .swf object

hi who can help how to find a easiest way to learn dast with asp.net

ok where can i find that answer???


do you think we should to eat vegetable that to eat to meat??

hi can is ask what is that white hat hacking??? can u teach me how to do it just a simple one


hi can i ask how can you diff. the php and asp by your own word and what is the easiest to use

that's ok and y not create a green software a sort of all themes are for nature

hi to all who can help just a buddy to teach me how to work with asp.net and i would like to know everyone is their any differnce between asp.net and php???? and what is that........ and can i ask where can i find some script that may help me as a begginer for this language... or web tools tnx

i think you should think a simple software or script that may help your school, college, friends, relatives, NGOs, businessmen, traders, dealers in your area, etc.

why don't you try to make a program that will encourage all people to be good with nature....

what's that software you would like to make can u describe that and will you please share e for that when you finish doing that.... tnx

i don't have any idea for that sorry

cracking???? what is the difference between cracking and debugging?

ok sorry........ i have a problem with my game engine how can i published it for free in the WorldWideWeb


do you want to relax

and Y?

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ok..... so hacking is bad....... is their any law that stop that?


do you love running>?

SORRY can any one close this thread now.....