sorry i am only 17 year's old and don'tknow how to speak in english fluently.....



any conclusion for that/////?

it is lkie a code A=B, then B=A meaning of my word is C++ = 1 sem and VB = C++ meaning VB = 1 sem

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YES...... CAN I KNOW WHere should i go to work that.....?

do you stop thinking a while>??


sorry about that but it is true that my teacher me hir in phlippines in just a semester and all of that language is only one semester but is just a basic

WHAT are u talking about.......

pay???? is that right/...? but why....... and ur right but how about a simple code to debug us

what is that site and how can i use it step by step plzzzzzzzz


do you have a job to offer.>?

search a converter

[QUOTE=niek_e;586923]I've been programming for 3 years. Mostly C (for uControllers), but also C++ and a little bit of & PHP.
Made my first program 15 years ago on a Commodore 64.
10 print "Hello!"
20 goto 10

Technogeek's posts rarely do ;)[/QUOTE]
and Y do u say it so...?

ok tnx again....... who can help me

he's right but why don't try to try the one to do that and share it hir in this forum coz we haven't any idea of that so i or we will learn

C++ = more basic in 1 semester.....
C lang = C++
qbasic = C++

all of language i know is BASIC........

[B][U][COLOR="Green"]by d way i want to publish this site would you help to publish it[/COLOR][/U][/B] i will attach it by d way what is your email address i will attach it


[QUOTE=jbennet;585295]i know your IP. Im a moderator so i can see it. You give it to this site whenever you view it (you request the page, and it is sent to your ip for viewing)[/QUOTE]
how can i see it.....? and how to get an ip address of any site or computer... step by step

hello can anyone here that can help me were i can find a site where i can upload my site and run it for free...?

[QUOTE=jbennet;583702]depends on the scenario, more details please technogeek[/QUOTE]

ok how to determine the IP address of an computer and what is that IP address...?

y do u say that...? how to determine the ip add of a computer

sorry about that i don't know that... bcoz i know that this forum is started alone sorry..... question: what should we use to enhance this project? what code or what compiler

i say that to and try to convert as soon as you want to that.. Or try to watch it in your computer if you don't want that....

but how to create a worm......?

THEIR IS A SAMPLE VIDEO of csgal say but it not good coz it uses for the purpose of trojan try to look at in [url][/url] then type what is your looking for

where should we start from......

try to delete or open that or why don't try to delete it via command prompt.... or worst why don't you reformat that

ok but what is the good one to make my anti-porn to self run...? and i think making a worm is not illegal coz their is no law for i ryt

what is worm? and how to make that and i want to run an anti-porn to my work group via worm
and my work group or computer shop is to large bcoz im running a 100hundred PC