what is ur current pc??

i hate dell, they are too overpriced, and the cheaper ones are buggy. u could get an hp with the same features of any dell for less than 1/2 the price!!

I am [I]considering[/I] jailbreaking my iPod touch. I have some questions before going any further:

  1. Can I restore in case of failure or if I hate the jailbreak?
  2. What are the risks associated with jailbreaking?
  3. Should I experienced problems will I be able to fix it under my warranty
  4. Will I experience slowdowns or major battery life reductions?
  5. What's the best method of jailbreaking?
  6. Would you recommend jailbreaking?

Btw I have a second generation 8gb iPod touch.

For a pentium d, 55C to 60C is the preferred load temperature. If you go higher (60C-75C) the fans will spin up to higher speeds. Anything above 70-75C is unsafe and may cause problems and shorten the life of your processor.

GPU= video card
core= processor core temps
local= case temps (i think)

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how about not opening it up and saving your self an electrical shock

Plug in an external monitor and see if it'll output anything. If the new monitor works, your laptop's screen is dead. If the external monitor doesn't work, well, ur screwed (video card or other major hardware issue)

According to the specs:

If you have the integrated video card version, you can't take advantage of the full resolution of the 22inch.

If you have the one with the discrete video card (ati), you can easily use the new monitor!

55C is not normal for startup temps of the video card, so that's why it's speeding up. As long as you can play games without hitting 85-95C you'll be fine. Spray the computer with compressed air to make sure that dust isn't accumulating in the fans of your processor and video card.

Normally, higher temps= auto increase in fan speed.

You could manually set the fan speed, that wouldn't be recommend it though.

88C is extremely hot!! You should not be going past 75C on a desktop cpu, preferably not higher than 60*C.

Something is wrong with the liquid cooling system. The temperatures are going really high then the system shuts down to prevent your processor from overheating. I recommend replacing the liquid cooling system with another LCS or a decent air cooler.

It could be that the power supply is dying and not supplying enough power to the lcs, but i doubt it.

If this windows install has been active for over a year I think it's time for a windows reinstall. You could try restoring to a previous system restore point

Ok, so i was a dumbass and decided to do a system recovery. i backed it all up, saved important files to an external disk, and did the recovery. After the recovery, it restarted a couple of times as software was being installed, then it hung for 1 hour. I manually shut it down, and upon restart, i get an error that says "windows cannot complete the installation. to install windows on this pc, please reinstall". I tried running recovery again, but it wouldn't run, until the 5th try. Now, it is in the middle of a recovery. Here are questions i would like to have answered. i will post back if it boots properly.

  1. Why the f*ck won't it boot after a recovery with the provided disks!!

  2. What is this error message, first time i've ever seen it.

  3. I got the vista product key via jelleybean something program. if the recovery fails, can i use a vista install disk to reinstall vista and use the notebook's product key? again, that's the laptop's original product key, not the one on the vista disk.

  4. If none of it works, should i replace the hard drive or take it to best buy to check it out?

I have a gigabyte ga-ep35-ds3l motherboard, and it comes with an express recovery feature that can backup an image of the drive and restore it in the future (just like system recovery on the oem pcs such as hp and toshiba). The program's name is Xpress Recovery 2 [url]http://drivers.softpedia.com/g...ery2-101070817.shtml[/url]. I have a few questions about it:

  1. Will it compress the data like acronis or ghost (meaning backing up 20gb of data would fit into an 8gb space).

  2. How is it compared to acronis?

  3. Is it worth the trouble, or is drive image xml better?

Thanks for your support.

My friend has a dell inspiron 8200 laptop that is very screwed up right now. My friend has no operating system or restore disks, but i have ubuntu 6.06 disk with me that i want to use. Are there drivers for the dell inspiron 8200 notebook that will work on ubuntu? Thanks for your help.

P.S. I only need the critical ones, like video, network, etc. I will try my copy of xp that i bought 5 years ago first to see if it'll work.

I have the following system configuration:

[]Ultra aluminus midtower case
]Ultra X-Pro 600watt APFC psu (80 PLUS certified)
[]Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3L Motherboard with F4 BIOS
]Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 with [B]stock cooler[/B]
[]PNY 2gb ddr2-800 ram
]120gb hard drive
[]HIS Radeon HD2600PRO Ice-Q 512MB Video Card
]Single 120mm rear exhaust fan (soon to be better exhaust fan and 120mm intake fan)
So my question is, is there a way to overclock my e7200 [B][I][I]without:
raising my temps much
requiring an after market cpu cooler
needing voltage/vcore changes
needing any ram overclocking

It currently is running at stock 2.53ghz speed. I want to get a little more speed out of it, while meeting the conditions above. Is it possible. Thanks for your help.

My pc boots fine, but there is a black screen that comes after the post screen that says" verifying DMI pool data, with a lot of information above it. It lasts for 5 seconds, then it continues to boot normally. Can anyone tell me what this screen means, and if there is a way to disable it to speed up my boot time (currently 40 seconds). Nothing is wrong with my pc though. Thanks for your help.

I have an HIS Radeon HD2600PRO ICE-Q Video Card with a factory overclocked memory clock and core clock (650 core / 1050 "effective" memory clock). While digging through the ATI Catylist control center, i found ati overdrive over clocking utility. When i went in there, it gave me a warning that over clocking the video card may mess up my pc. So here's the question:

Can I overclock the card without messing up my pc? I have one 120mm rear exhaust fan, and the video card has the ice-q cooler on it ([url]http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161098)[/url]. I also have the stock cpu cooler on my e7200, and no other air flow. With this config, is it recommended to over clock the video card? Thanks for your suggestions.

I recently heard that comcast is limiting bandwidth usage to 250gb/month and other isp's could go as low as 5gb/month. I was looking online for bandwidth usage monitors, to see how much internet bandwidth i was using, but all of them are complicated and not what i was looking for. Is there a simple bandwidth monitor that I can use that'll tell me how much bandwidth i use every day (or month). Better yet, one that can go in my router and see how much bandwidth is used by all pc's combined. Thanks in advance for your help.

I was looking for a free alternative to acronis true image, and i stumbled upon drive image xml. I have a few questions about it that the FAQ did not answer:

  1. Can i backup a full volume and restore it back to the same drive after i reinstall vista?

  2. Can i just clone the whole volume from lets say, a 120gb drive to a 750gb drive, and be done?

  3. Is it as good as acronis true image; is it a reliable backup utility

Thanks for your help.

you're welcome gambino00

great advice

yeah, i know that caperjack. i had the same issue with vista, and the automated activation via phone worked great!! i just wanted vista. xp is bs.

i recently bought 2gb pny ddr2-800 pc2-6400 dual channel ram for only $39.99 at [url]http://www.newegg.com[/url]

pny, kingston, corsair, crucial, hp, dell, g.skill, samsung, and other known brands are great. never buy cheap @$$ ram, it will give you cheap @$$ performance and cheap @$$ quality lol :)

data recovery may help

long story short... your screwed


upgrade to:



Core 2 duo E7300 (if 45nm is supported)

and you'll beat the $#!+ out of most games.

as the person above me said, those are your options, [I]but[/I], a bios update may be necessary. if it fails, ur pc is screwed. i don't personally recommend upgrading an oem pc, but if u can do it, congrats.

cpu-z is great, [url]http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/[/url] is also great, it can monitor your temperatures.

fresh install=best option
move and repair=next best thing, retains [I]most[/I] data. backup no matter what you choose to do.

i recently moved a hard drive to a pc with everything else new (case, mobo, ram, cpu, video card, etc) and had no problems booting up. but i needed to activate, and it probably wouldn't b/c it was an oem copy. so, i installed vista. lived happily ever after