Hello again dear Daniwebians,

I am asking for some ehlp again. I wrote a littel cript as part of my assigment. My script does what it is suppose to do, but when I run it, it does not end on its own, I have to stop it by "killing" the process by striking the ctrl-d set of keys. I check for my output and it is all there. Can some one tell me why it is doing (optional) and how do I stop it from hanging?

here the script:


echo 'Exercise 1.a' >> assn3a.output
whoami >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.b' >> assn3a.output
date >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.c' >> assn3a.output
who >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.d' >> assn3a.output
pwd >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.e' >> assn3a.output
mount >> temp1
cat temp1 >> assn3a.output 
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.f' >> assn3a.output
ps >> temp2
grep 'd$' temp2 >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.g' >> assn3a.output
grep /etc/host >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.h' >>assn3a.output
grep 'marvin' /etc/passwd >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

Thanks everyone! That really helped. I can see I was somewaht close. I will keep bringing questions in the near future.

Hello all,

my name is Marvin. I am working on obtaining my linux system administrator certificat. I created a file with a few sentences. The only task that I am having problems with is to delete word "and" using the vi last-line mode. I know hot do delet a word with out using the last-line mode by just moving to the word and typing 'x' until the word is gone. But this is not how I am supposed to do it. I have read the entire chapter on the vi section and I cannot find an example or the command to do it. The closes thing I found was to do: :5,$s/(and) and ()/\2 and \1/
but this last command deletes all the "and." I have tried googling for a vi command and all I find is the 'x' option. Please help!

can you get in to the BIOS?

Do you have more info other than the OS you are running that could help us help you?

This looks like a very practical solution for a very common problem.

Hello world!
I was gone for a about a year or two, but now I am back. I am glad to be part of this community. I just wanted to drop a line. I can see that a lot has changed since I was gone. I depend heavily on linux (Ubuntu) at work, so I will be asking lots of questions.

I have a Sony Vaio PCG-7f1L laptop, and I cannot get it to start. I am prompted with a BIOS password and I never set a BIOS password. I was wondering if any one knows how to get passed that.


Here is a little about me.

Name - Marvin
Nickname - none
Height - 5' 6"
Weight - 150
Hair - black
Eyes - 2 of 'em, brown
Location - Santa Cruz, CA
Age - 26

Hobbies - (other than computers) Soccer, snowboarding, some surfing and relaxing at home

Relationship Status - working on it.

Fav Music - Mostly rock.

Education - Electrical Engineering (still working on it), but thinking about programming.

Favorite Movies - The Shawshank Redemption, Godfather (all 3), Scarface, Casino, etc.

Favorite TV Shows - Don't really watch much T.V

Favorite Computer Games - Not into computer games.

Stuff I Dislike - obnoxious people, teachers who can't teach for their lives, and snobby people