Hello again dear Daniwebians,

I am asking for some ehlp again. I wrote a littel cript as part of my assigment. My script does what it is suppose to do, but when I run it, it does not end on its own, I have to stop it by "killing" the process by striking the ctrl-d set of keys. I check for my output and it is all there. Can some one tell me why it is doing (optional) and how do I stop it from hanging?

here the script:


echo 'Exercise 1.a' >> assn3a.output
whoami >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.b' >> assn3a.output
date >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.c' >> assn3a.output
who >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.d' >> assn3a.output
pwd >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.e' >> assn3a.output
mount >> temp1
cat temp1 >> assn3a.output 
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.f' >> assn3a.output
ps >> temp2
grep 'd$' temp2 >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.g' >> assn3a.output
grep /etc/host >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

echo 'Exercise 1.h' >>assn3a.output
grep 'marvin' /etc/passwd >> assn3a.output
echo $'\n' >> assn3a.output

Hello all,

my name is Marvin. I am working on obtaining my linux system administrator certificat. I created a file with a few sentences. The only task that I am having problems with is to delete word "and" using the vi last-line mode. I know hot do delet a word with out using the last-line mode by just moving to the word and typing 'x' until the word is gone. But this is not how I am supposed to do it. I have read the entire chapter on the vi section and I cannot find an example or the command to do it. The closes thing I found was to do: :5,$s/(and) and ()/\2 and \1/
but this last command deletes all the "and." I have tried googling for a vi command and all I find is the 'x' option. Please help!


Hello world!
I was gone for a about a year or two, but now I am back. I am glad to be part of this community. I just wanted to drop a line. I can see that a lot has changed since I was gone. I depend heavily on linux (Ubuntu) at work, so I will be asking lots of questions.


Here is a little about me.

Name - Marvin
Nickname - none
Height - 5' 6"
Weight - 150
Hair - black
Eyes - 2 of 'em, brown
Location - Santa Cruz, CA
Age - 26

Hobbies - (other than computers) Soccer, snowboarding, some surfing and relaxing at home

Relationship Status - working on it.

Fav Music - Mostly rock.

Education - Electrical Engineering (still working on it), but thinking about programming.

Favorite Movies - The Shawshank Redemption, Godfather (all 3), Scarface, Casino, etc.

Favorite TV Shows - Don't really watch much T.V

Favorite Computer Games - Not into computer games.

Stuff I Dislike - obnoxious people, teachers who can't teach for their lives, and snobby people