Actually you are looking something like storing user preferences, see this article:

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the way you are using clearInterval is not correct.
its should be something like this:
var t;
//to start
//to stop

for more information in this, just see:

Don't look for code here. Spoonfeeding is strictly avoided here. Let us know what you have done so far.

In this scenario binary search will not do the job, simple go for linear search. Here is algorithm:

  1. take pattern as patternString.
  2. take one string from string array as strToCompare
  3. If patternString and strToCompare are matching then print strToCompare.
  4. go for next string in array and go to step 2.

[QUOTE]In short I want to implement a feature used by gmail where one user can expire or log out all other users on different machines using same user id's.[/QUOTE]

you can do this by having a table(say login_detail) in server with column:
UserId, ClientSessionValue

When ever user login, store unique cookie(ClientSessionValue) in browser as well as in login_detail table. so if user is going to login from 3 machine, store his id 3 times against the 3 different ClientSessionValue in data base table.

So when ever user want to logout from a machine, delete one row from login_detail of corresponding ClientSessionValue.

When ever any request will come from client it will come with ClientSessionValue cookie. so if this value is not present against that user means, that user is logged out of that machine.

Now, if user want to expire or log out all other login from different machines, just delete all rows except one row from where delete request has come.

By PDF form, do you mean .pdf or some thing? are you creating them using HTML?
[QUOTE]For example: If someone chooses an item from a list on the first page. I want their selection to show up in a field on the following pages so they don't have to keep reselecting.
when you will go to second form, values of fields of first form will be submitted at server, then you can fill these values in the appropriate fields in second form.

[QUOTE]Do you think this "comet programming" is what helped created Project APE? [url][/url][/QUOTE]
Yes, it seems they have created a nice API, you should explore this also.

[QUOTE]Basically exactly what I am trying to achieve; to be able to have me do something (or say something) on one browser, and have everyone else with the browser open view it in as close to real-time as possible![/QUOTE]

This is where comet will be useful :)


You don't need to master it, just try to know how it works, then you can go to silver light. As you face problem in silver light come back and know more. :)

Your problem is having two part:

  1. Upload the image and its detail.
  2. Search the image.
    Take one part at a time and solve it, please do post the problem you face.

Try [URL="

What exception it is throwing?
How do you know its not working?

So what really you want from us??

Do you expect us to write complete code for you?

Yes it is possible !!!

[QUOTE]Are you sure this method doesn't support ico files? I haven't seen that claim anywhere until now. Sure would be helpful to know for sure.[/QUOTE]
Even i have not seen such claim, but i tried and was talking about result.

It seems this method doesn't support ico file. I tried with .bmp files, its working fine.

during changing password you dont have to send user name and password to client, instead just ask current password and new password to the user, take those password to server and validate the current password, if current password is matching, reset the new password.

You can go for image buttons, and represent a button by two images. First image will be for normal state of button and second image will be for push state. you can search more about it in google.

Now regarding second problem: when you push a button just set the input text box value with its value.

If by saying forum you mean forum and if you need to develop a forum ( like daniweb etc.), then you have to store data some where, and in present era data base is the best option, so you need data base.
Similarly you need some sort of processing at server side, so you need a server side language, like PHP, ASP etc.

Based on what information you want to add child nodes?
Can you explain more about why you want to do this, this will help us to provide better solution.

Can you post your working code?
Any ideas?it is so stanger thet nobody has any ansewer for this,one of microsoft bugs?[/QUOTE]
I don't think its a bug, may be there are some other way to do so and we are not aware of it. Or may be there is another explanation for the problem you are facing.
One thing you would have noticed, once you export the excel, image is not inside any cell, basically its floating above excel sheet. so it seems its an object floating over sheet.

then how you are going to store data?
what kind of forum it will be?

Try [URL="

Can you elaborate your question?
Don't you want to use ASP or any server side language?

you can go for PHP as server side language and MySQL as Database.

could you please tell, what you have configured and which user you have added?

Its is security related problem.
You need to give com permission to user who is trying to access your page.
For this go to:

  1. Control Panel->Administrative Tool -> Component Services. (click here, 'component services' window will open)
  2. In component services window, in left side tree goto: Console Root -> Component services ->Computers -> My Computer -> DECOM Config.(click here)
  3. Now in right side in list of components search for 'Microsoft Excel Application'
  4. Right click on it and go to properties.
  5. It will open property window.
  6. In property window go to security tab.
  7. Change the launch and activation setting, and add the user.
  8. Change the Access Permission, and add the user.

In above both the cases you will be adding user: Internet Guest Account.

this is not the correct forum for this question.

are you asking about how to send user name and password to server with security ?

did you try putting table inside table cell ?