Cflocation wins that round. You might to do the alert(''); window.location combo using javascript. that's what I do

You should have a form submit to a page, do some cfif's and then do a cflocation based on whatever. Maybe try that route?

[QUOTE=nameunknown;1702940]start with easy lessions from easycfm. [url][/url] that will get you started with the basics[/QUOTE]

That's where I learned a lot of my CF skills. Great site.

So I know coldfusion, so I'll post it like this...

Whats the best example of this coldfusion code?

[CODE]<cfset mylist="red,blue,yellow,green">

<cfloop list="#mylist#" index="i">
<cfoutput>#i#</cfoutput> <BR>

I can't find this example anywhere on the web. Thanks guys!

if you're using CSS, try {font-family: Arial;}... the is a wildcard and will change all of your elements to use that font. Make that the last line in your style sheet for it to take effect.

looks like you forgot an element...

navMenu ul li a:hover maybe???

I dont know that i'd put it in the application file. Maybe the index.cfm page, but the application.cfm will be called for every page in that directory and if its in the root of your website, you'll get a TON of emails. That's just my 2 cents though. :)

Wrap the whole page, query and all, in the cfdocument tag. It should be the first line and last lines of the whole page. Make sure your variables that are passed are scoped with the url/cookie/session. I create dynamic pdf's all the time and this problem the first time I tried it.

What is the DSN name you're trying to create? does it start with a number?

That actually isn't right. there's too many ##'s.

It should look like this:

[CODE]<cfoutput>#dateformat(now(),"dddd, mmmm dd, yyyy")#</cfoutput>[/CODE]

thats what you get when you spam from durka-durkastan. :)

I think that was a spam post... or someone is really high and trolling daniweb lol

No problem. :)

actually i saw the ajax part after I wrote that, but its all good. Maybe a newbie will want what I posted. :) I dont think this will help you too much as far as what you're looking for right this in this thread.

Once I started developing in coldfusion I told myself I was never going to bother learning asp, php or perl for that very reason. To me, its like you can either drive across the state in a porche (coldfusion), or you can walk across the state (everything else) lol

I think I know what you're asking and to relay the answer to you is the trick. :)

<!-- lets say you have a table for car types with the columns, car_id, body_type, make, model -->

<!-- Select your body_types, you'll need these first -->
<cfquery datasource="#datasource#" name="qCars">
select body_type from cars

<!-- Then your form to output your car body_types. -->

<form action="thispage.cfm" method="post">
<select name="body_type">
<cfoutput query="qcars" group="body_type">
<input type="submit" Value="Submit">

<cfif isdefined('form.body_type')>
<cfquery datasource="#datasource#" name="qgetcars">
select *
from cars
where body_type='#form.body_type#'
order by make,model

<h3><cfoutput>#qgetcars.recordcount#</cfoutput> results for <cfoutput>#form.body_type#</cfoutput></h3>

<!-- OUTPUT your query into a table -->
<table align="center" width="100%">

<!-- This is for your top row -->
<!-- here are the rows returned for your filter of body_type -->
<cfoutput query="qgetcars">


Hope this helps. Its just an example, but this is how you would filter results from something already in your database. if you need more help, just write back on here, or contact me from my info in my profile.

If you want to see a list of other avaiable cgi options, do this code [code]<cfdump var="#cgi#">[/code] That will show you all kinds of stuff about what the server is storing for you.

I see an error in line 20. It should be [code]response.write[/code]

That's why I like coldfusion better than any other web coding language. Adobe made it easy :)

check out There's a link on there for free coldfusion hosting.

check for a good example. There's a lot of tutorials in there for a lot of different stuff too.

I know that Gmail uses SSL for their smtp so try port 995. I'm not sure what the code syntax is for it, but its probably a cfmailparam or something.

If you're talking about the width, you could say [code]<style>
body{margin: 0px, 5%, 0px, 5%;}
</style>[/code]... is that what you're talking about?

Wouldn't you want to say [code]<cfparam name="nTax" default=".05"><cfparam name="nPrice" default="5.95">[/code] instead? Also, I'd wrap the <cfoutput> tags only around the variables [code]Price: <cfoutput>#dollarformat(nPrice)#</cfoutput>[/code] (also put the dollar numbers in dollar format on all of them. :)

<!--- CFPARAM will set and store temp variables in memory. I did this just for the sake of making it work here. --->
<cfparam name="amount" default="0">
<cfparam name="quantity
" default="0">

<!--- The variable Amount is set. This will accept url.amount as well. --->
<!--- When You set variables from other variables, dont put them in quotes. Store "hard data" in quote though. --->
<cfset tempAmount = amount_ + "1">

<!--- The variable Amount is set. This will accept url.quantity as well. --->
<cfset tempQuantity = quantity_ + "1">

<!--- no need for pound signs in the CFIF statement --->
<cfif tempAmount EQ "1">
Yes -
No -
<!--- Added for looks on the page --->

  <!--- here's your final result, which should be "Yes - 1 1 " --->

<cfoutput>#tempAmount# #tempQuantity#</cfoutput>


theres a lot of different things you can do in coldfusion, so decide what it is and start looking at documentation from I'll help you out, but I need to know what you know and what you want your website to do.

Try this, I found it on and this one has been around for awhile... [URL="

Try for tutorials. Check the documentation at and other places. Do a search in Google and see what you find.

Here's your answer: [URL="

What version of CF Server are you (or your host) running? With CFMX 7 and up you can wrap your html in the tag [code]<cfdocument format="pdf">(CF and html code)</cfdocument>[/code].

If its prior to those versions, I'm not sure about it.